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Dosage Norms of Bach Flower Remedies or Bach Essences :

F.A.Q. Dosage Norms Duration of Treatment Why Flowers? Rate of Success  

Many people prefer to take the flower remedies directly, by putting them on to the tip of their tongue with the help of dropper. Usually, they take 4-9 (or as advised) drops, 3 to 4 times a day. Putting remedies directly on a tongue may be harmful sometimes and it may cause irritating sensation too, if there is an injury or mouth ulcers or the inside mouth skin has already become a hypersensitive due to habit of spicy eating, chewing tobacco or substance. Therefore, we advise our clients to take those remedies added in a glass of a water.

Even though there are no known side effects of Bach floral remedies, still it is better to take them under the guidance of professional practitioner. Please do not experience Bach Flower Therapy under the guidance of novice or inexperienced therapist; perhaps it may reverse your overall attitude towards this innovative therapy! Millions of permutations and combinations are feasible with different Bach essences, however selection of accurate remedies followed by efficacious combinations - suitable to individual's psyche- can make a difference between successful results and failure of therapy. Today, you will find many online resources that offer 'quick fix' method of assessment on their site itself, where you look for the symptoms of a particular "state" or condition and can order the products directly! We know the difference of what we're doing compared to those other sites, still we have high regards for all those "professionals", however you must know the basic that "Bach essence combinations" are extremely personalized and they are advised on studying the sufferer's overall nature and their attitude towards life. It is indeed not easy to evaluate a true nature of person with the help of a software program or by asking them few shoddy questions. Unless we could gather a definite information about his/her nature, we could not set up a proper course of Bach remedies for them. Obviously each person is handled differently in this therapy. In other words, even for the same ill-health condition every person may be measured differently with different "essence combinations" OR an "essence combination" suitable for a person in lessening paranoid tendencies may be useful to another in alleviating absentmindedness!. Secondly, while dealing with emotional health concerns, it's always better not to go at it alone and spare some more time with the help of professional, for the sake of your health. Healing is a combination of helping yourself and letting others help you! Comfort and support, information and advice, and professional recommendation are all forms of help. 

Availability of Flower Essences:

Bach Flower essences or Bach Remedies are easily available throughout the world. They are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature. Check their availability at your nearby health food store, mall or a homeopathic pharmacy. All Homeopathic pharmacies maintain the stock of Bach Remedies, as they are frequently demanded by homeopaths. Although general audience may not be that much aware about Bach Flower essences, but  many leading homoeopaths' are successfully administering Bach remedies in their practice, since 1930. It is advisable not to buy the flower essences in loose and unsealed form at the homeo pharmacy, unless their source of origin is verified.

Normally we recommend our clients to purchase essences created by Julian and Martine Barnard, FES or Nelson Bach known worldwide for their high quality.

What is the "Cost of Essences" involved?
Buying Bach essences across the counter at homeopathic pharmacy or a health food store can save a lot of money. Earlier our services were inclusive of dosage kit, however selling essence kits online is found to be a costly affair  for various reasons: Bach essences -like homeopathy medicines- are preserved in alcohol, which is volatile in nature. Many times, due to shippers' mishandling or negligence, essences evaporate during transit. Apart, handling delicate items like small glass bottles, their droppers, check them for leakages, shipping them carefully, handling frequent refunds, returns, charge-backs, frauds is somewhat cumbersome. Returned essence kit -customized for a specific person- cannot be used again for another person. That's why online prices of Bach essences are pretty high (almost double or more). For example, Nelson Bach charges $14.45 for 20ml and a dealer of Julian and Martin Barnard sales 30ML at $10.80 and 7.5ML at $6.60 online. Cost of shipping seems excluded in most of the cases. The usual minimum UPS charge is around $8.00 for standard ground delivery. Obviously, the online deal would be indeed prohibitive. Apart, some shippers run those floral essence packages through the x-ray scanner, which may diminish their healing effect. So it is always advisable not to purchase them online, unless no other option has left. 

Homeopathic pharmacy is the best place where you will find fairly low rates. A best deal can be found at your nearby homeo pharmacy, since pharmacies offer products to homeopaths at competitive rates. (B-to-B model of business!) Big homeopathic pharmacies offer floral essences at very low rates, as their volume of business is big; normally wholesaler charges a 30ml (one ounce) essence bottle for $4.99 to $6.25 and retailers' sale them across the counter at $5.99 to $10.80. Similarly a 20ML essence bottle costs (-in wholesale) just $3.99 to $5.50 and you can have it at $4.50 to $6.50 across the retail counter. 

Obviously, buying Bach essences across the counter at homeopathic pharmacy is recommended.

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General Instructions:

Flower essences come as a liquid, preserved in brandy. Put few drops (-as directed) of each essence into a glass of mineral or bottled water and sip that water gradually or you may directly put the drops of essences onto your tongue.

If you are directly putting the essence drops at the tip of your tongue in that event, be careful to tilt your head well back, open your mouth wide, and do not bring the dropper too close to the mouth. If the dropper touches inside your mouth or to body parts, possibility of bacteria contamination, cannot be ignored. If you do it, then run plain water over the dropper before placing it back into the bottle. 

Bach remedies contain very dilute form of floral essence dissolved in an ethyl alcohol. A slightest unhygienic handling such as fingers smelling tobacco, cigarettes etc. may diminish the entire healing effect of the remedy. If the essence container/ bottle is leftover opened for a longer period of time, the floral vibrations may evaporate, leaving ethyl alcohol alone. Thus, utmost care shall be taken while handling flower remedies at every stage. 

Bach flower remedies contain alcohol, at times, it may cause nausea or vomiting if taken with metronidazole (Flagyl) or disulfiram (Antabuse). Apart alcohol may also cause drowsiness. Driving or operating heavy machinery may be inadvisable if using Bach therapies with high alcohol concentrations. Alcohol intake should also be limited in pregnant or breast-feeding women. 

People allergic to certain plants or flowers may be sensitive to Bach flower remedies, although only a tiny amount of the plant abstract may exist in an essence. However, it is possible for anyone to be allergic or react to anything at anytime. Treatment with Bach remedies should not delay consultation with a health care provider for a potentially severe illness. 

The tongue should be clean and free from undesirable flavors or odors e.g. whiff of spices or condiments like pungent odor of onion, garlic etc, flavor of tobacco, artificially flavored tobacco, cigarettes, menthol, mint, coffee, chocolate, coca-drinks, sauce and pickles etc. 

No intake (even smoking) is allowed 15 minutes prior and later of taking the doses. However, it is advisable to have a mouthwash of plain water, just a before taking the remedies. 

The effect is more visual if the essences are taken with empty stomach. 

The Bach flower therapy can be continued with your ongoing treatment in any branch of medicine or treatment modality. But in no case, Bach remedies to be mixed with those medicines and there should be at least 15 minutes time lag between 2 doses i.e. the dosages of essences and that of other ongoing treatment. 

The quantity of dosages is same for children and adult. 

Although there is no known side effects due to overdose, it is advisable not to take more doses / more essences quantity than what advised. 

After taking the essence don't keep the bottle open for a longer period. Close the lid tightly without removing the dropper fitted.

Keep the essences in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat. 

Keep them away from the reach of the children. 

Flower essences should never be kept reserved for a longer time. 

Never try to attempt these essences on 'homeopathic globules' as it may diminish the entire healing effect of floral essences, leaving just ethyl alcohol on globules. 

Don't take the essences soon after brushing tooth, as the flavor (say mint or other) may hinder the healing effect of floral essences.

In case, if you could not take the essences at the prescribed time, because of forgetfulness, emergency or unavoidable circumstances, you may ignore that particular dose and can continue the ongoing schedule of treatment by ignoring that missed dose.
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F.A.Q. Dosage Norms Duration of Treatment Why Flowers? Rate of Success  

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