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F.A.Q. Dosage Norms Duration of Treatment Why Flowers? Rate of Success  


Are the Bach Essences merely a placebo?

Many critics say that observed improvements (-if any) following the use of Bach essences may be examples of the placebo effect, means a change that results is simply because of the patient's strong believing (-faith) and positive attitude that an improvement will occur. However this is not true. Flower essences can be used very well for treating unaware and innocent entities like infants and animals. On the contrary, animals and children are found often receptive to the benefits of flower essences and normally experience faster results, possibly their mental make-up is least complicated, may be the reason behind. It shows that there is some healing equation associated with Bach essences. Apart, Bach essences are being widely used among homeopaths and psychotherapist since many years to gain effects like modern mood elevators, anti-depressive, anti-hypertensives, tranquilizers and other psychosomatic drugs. Medical science too agrees that suppressed emotions is a major factor contributing to many ailments and ill-health conditions. Even though, no scientific research work is available on how the essences work actually, still few practitioners assume that essences may act upon neurotransmitters in the brain, while other believes that flower essence's vibrational healing pattern mends imbalances in the human energy field, but their results are indisputable. Bach Flower Essences are complement to all other healing modalities and therapies. Being colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature, they even seem to help other modalities work better in a catalytic way. The probable reason behind this is that, Bach Flower Essences are suggested to a person based on their inherent nature and attitude towards life rather than the physical symptoms of ailment or ill-health condition however the other modalities are being prescribed to relieve physical symptoms or problems and while prescribing medicines, inherent nature and attitude towards life or mental make-up of a person are never taken into consideration. 

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What is the average rate of success in the use of Bach Flower Essences?

Relying on the experiences of worldwide practitioners , the average success rate can be summarized as: 

Part I : Issues dealing with emotions.

Various Phases Rate of Success in % Average Duration
Issues directly related to behavioral traits and mental make-up of an individual. 87% to 95% 2 to 3 months
Negative attitude / deviant behavior  60% to 95% 6 to 12 months
Fear / Phobia 90% to 100% 1 to 2 months
General personality development  60% to 95% 3 to 6 months
Indecisiveness' tendencies 80% to 95% 1 to 3 months
Reaction to Stressful situations 80% to 95% 3 to 6 months
Feeling of Exhaustion at body and mind level  70% to 95% 1 to 3 months
Performance at work 70% to 80% 1 to 3 months
Self confidence 80% to 95% 1 to 3 months
Relationship with people 80% to 95% 3 to 6 months
Quality of sleep 60% to 85% 3 to 6 months
Lessening of bad habits in behavior, like drinking or smoking 50% to 80% 6 to 18 months

Part II : Treatment of diseases / ailment / conditions etc.

NOTE: Bach therapy is recommended as a supplementary (side-by-side) aid with ongoing mode of treatment in any branch of medicine. Please note that, Bach Flower Therapy cannot be substituted or replace your ongoing mode of treatment while treating any diseases, ailment or conditions.
Various Phases Probability of improvement in % Average Duration
Acute diseases / conditions 70% to 95% 3 to 6 months
Chronic diseases / conditions 15% to 50% 6 to 12 months
Sub-Acute diseases / conditions 60% to 85% 6 to 9 months
Terminal illnesses

60% to 85%

9 to 18 months

It is needless to say that fractures, accidents or emergencies are out of the scope of Bach essences; as Bach therapy has got its limitations too.

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What are the general reasons of failure of Bach Flower Therapy?

The crucial part of this homeopathy-based alternative therapy is to generate a perfect essence scheme, which should synchronize to individual's psyche since millions of permutations and combinations are feasible with different Bach essences, however selection of accurate remedies followed by efficacious combinations, suitable to individual's psyche can make a difference between successful results and failure of therapy. Sometimes even the best essence plan fails to award relief. In such cases the client should not get discouraged or loss faith in the efficacy of Bach essences. Probably the main causes can be summarized as:

Irregularity or fluctuations in routine dosage schedule.

Irregular diet habits, while we feel confident in the benefits that can be derived from our consultation; we must also recommend that by proper diet and adequate exercise even greater benefits may be experienced. If one continues to eat the junk food that is harmful to them, he or she is really creating roadblocks for the essences to conquer.

Client loses faith midway and stop taking essences. Certain mind or surrounding obstructions are so dominating that they compel to lose the faith in any treatment modality. As a result thereof, client stop taking essences midway. It is needless to say that certain conditions like severe headache can only be avoided by taking allopathic medicines. Here immediate relief is the top priority. However if condition persists every day, it is always better to go for Bach therapy for permanent relief in a long run. Bach essences act gradually on the mind and mold the psyche in a manner to dominate the ailment or ill-health condition. Also refer Bach Flower Therapy and Allopathy.

The sufferer does not want to get well, for fear that he loses the privilege of special attention (By way of diet, special importance, care or rest etc.) that they receive because of ailment. This often happens with psychic or neglected person in family like older adults, in laws, students or children to attract special attention towards them or deliberately want to avoid the responsibilities.

The sufferer wants instant relief like allopathic medicines. He does not have the patience to wait for permanent healing.

The person may have been forced to try for the Bach essences against their express will OR they did not remain faith in such a type treatment modalities.

If client is addressing only surface symptoms or passing feelings, they may not notice that much impact of flower essences. Therefore filling in the behavior questionnaire (survey) carefully is a very important factor. Client should always portray true sketch of their psyche. Perfect essence plan will help them to feel more alive and in touch with their goals, values, and creativity.

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F.A.Q. Dosage Norms Duration of Treatment Why Flowers? Rate of Success  

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