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How do I know Bach essences Therapy will work for me?

Initially most of the people remain very skeptical at the results of this therapy but soon they found this technique as a key to achieving happiness by way of eliminating behavioral negativities from the core of psyche. With Bach flower therapy, You will be able to tap your natural ability to let go of any behavioral negativity that have built up over time. Bach flower therapy is a simple, easy-to-implement yet an action-oriented form of healing modality. There is very reason to believe that it will work for you. (For more information in this regard, please refer the powerful concept of Bach Flower Therapy) We are here to help you to get the best and fastest results. Of course, it is you, who must maintain regularity in the routine dosage schedule. We can't do it for you. You must do that. It helps in awarding desired change in your life, so you will be motivated to maintain regularity in your daily schedule of essence taking.

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What can I expect to happen?

You can expect to feel much better than earlier, like start making better decisions, be in control of life, have better relationships and in general, have your life improve significantly. The specifics for each individual would be widely varied because each of us has our own unique experiences, goal and life circumstances. Once those accumulated negativities start liberating, your 'inner self' begins to blossom in many existing ways. Every individual with an unfulfilled dream or desire could attain "emotional equilibrium" through this therapy. Once you could attain that 'emotional equilibrium' by eliminating the excessive negative emotions, you would be able to purge those behavioral negativities that have been holding you back all your life. Obviously it would improve and nurture your personal, business as well as spiritual life. You could receive the benefits of this therapy throughout your entire life, many people start getting results in a week or two. This simple process of releasing negative emotions can make a profound impact on your life. Your whole life can be turn around from being depressed and sick, to being happy and in the radiant stage of health for all the time! 

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What will I gain?

You will gain a lot more than you ever imagined. Once you start over your dosages, that is "thrice a day", you will find your negativities like worries, tensions, fatigue or depressions are mending gradually means you will find yourself capable in making better decisions, you will find noticeable increment in your will-power, power or resistance, endurance, courage, faith and hope. You will be in control of life, have better relationships and in general you will observe a positive change in your overall nature.

It is a matter of minutes, to make your personalized doses. You can do it anywhere and while doing just about anything. It is nothing, but making a simple combination of selective essences in a glass of stale water and to sip that "essence water" gradually! Simply following the course of Bach essences will provide you new energy, spontaneity and fresh insights to eliminate the behavioral negativities and to seek out the best possible solution within your limits to handle all life situations with ease, celerity and effectiveness.

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What if I don't notice any changes at all?

Flower essences work on the principle of harmonious balance. Obviously they will be most effective and noticeable when they will tune perfectly to your inherent nature. If you are addressing only surface symptoms or passing feelings, you may not notice that much impact of the flower essences. Therefore, please carefully fill in the questionnaire (survey). Always portray true sketch of your basic nature and mental make-up. Perfect formula will help you to feel more alive and in touch with your goals, values, and creativity. However, the essences do not bring ecstasy, nor do they expel pain and clashes. They work by stimulating awareness of our clashes and challenges, and they strengthen our own ability to work through the obstacles to natural health and growth. At times, taking flower essences may stimulate some discomfort and awareness of pain or conflict. Occasionally the symptoms for which the person is taking the remedy can become more intense for a day or two. This is part of the healing process and in fact it is called as a 'healing crisis.' It is not a bad sign but it is an indicative symptom of the healing that will soon follow. This is a normal sign on the way of the journey towards wellness, and can lead to a complete state of health.

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What is the duration of treatment advised by the Charming

Bach Flower Therapy is a natural, logical, safe, quick and extremely effective method of eliminating negative emotions from the personality. It offers long lasting to permanent help, by relieving behavioral negativities from its roots. Flower Therapy does not relieve superficially by just spinning away the symptoms but handles the person by balancing body and soul as a single unit. Undoubtedly, Flower Therapy is the counsel of 21st century. 

The world is filled with unique personalities. In Bach flower therapy, each person is handled differently even for the same problem. The person -and not his ailment symptoms or ill-health condition- is dealt with as a special entity. Therefore, time may be required to normalize and the frequency of doses may be varying with person to person; however an optimistic and positive approach is the essential part of this healing modality in determining the duration of course. 

This criteria is first handled and the health follows. The more the person is sensitive by nature, the shorter will be the time that the person will take to see successful results. In acute cases, frequency of intake will of course be more for shorter duration. In chronic cases, frequency of intake will be less, but for longer period. If the course is started at the onset of a particular condition, before it entraps the entire body and psyche, indeed, the time will be less and vice-versa. Few people may respond to a single dose and others may need a few weeks too. Duration also depends upon the age of the person and how long the person is suffering from that behavioral negativity, ailment or ill-health condition. Treatment time increases at old age, since the life force for survival gets weakened. 

Apart, to certain extent the response also depends upon the optimistic outlook shown by the person like enthusiasm, liveliness, faith and hope. It is advisable to continue therapy with patience until complete wellness is achieved. Of course, with modern medicines, you can overcome the condition of sleeplessness by simply taking pills and will get the desired results immediately at the risk of toxifying your system. Flower Therapy will act gradually and in place of such instant results, it will go for the basic causes of insomnia that might be excessive anxiety or concern, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy, suspicion, fears, phobia, depression, frustration etc. By relieving negative emotions such as above, Flower therapy gradually addresses the causes, those are deeply rooted in the innate nature of that person, which in fact were the real causes of their ill-health condition i.e. insomnia. Flower Therapy addresses the sufferer's mental make-up and innate nature. The goal of Bach Floral Therapy is to conquer the root causes of accumulated behavioral negativities. 

In general, we advise clients to continue Bach Therapy for at least 3 months' period to have positive results in a definite direction. Of course, You must maintain regularity in your routine dosage schedule. You are well aware that Flower Therapy doesn't demand any diet and regimen - still it anticipates constancy and consistency in your routine dosage schedule!

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F.A.Q. Dosage Norms Duration of Treatment Why Flowers? Rate of Success  

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