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What are the Bach Flower Essences?

The term "Flower Essence" may bring in thoughts of sweet fragrances in mind, but Bach flower essences actually have no scent and should not be confused with "aromatherapy" or "essential oils." Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature. They are discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (1886 - 1936) -an allopathic doctor of British origin- between 1930-1936. Please see Bach Flower Therapy for more information in this regard. Flower essences -prepared by Dr. Bach- work on the lines of homeopathy and it is believed that, they contain the life-force energy released from flowers in the peak of their bloom. Bach Flower essences possess the power to elevate body vibrations, these positive vibrations tunes body and soul in harmony, which cleanses mind and body, and heals ultimately. As pains and pleasures are invisible through naked eyes -but they act at vibrational level- and we can realize their effects on our lives. Similarly Flower essences work at a vibrational level and improve our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status of being. Flower essences create an invisible, protection barrier or inwardly cleanse and heal our inherent nature. They are herbal tinctures that strengthen and balance us on the emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. Flower essences are natural compliments to our emotional imbalances. They are non-toxic and gentle in their effect. Many have defensive, therapeutic as well as healing applications.

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Where do I get the flower essences? Why should I purchase them separately? What is the cost involved?

The essences that we recommend through personalized consultation are Bach Flower essences or Bach Remedies, which are easily available throughout the world. Check their availability at your nearby health food store, mall or a homeo-pharmacy. All Homeopathic pharmacies maintain the stock of Bach Remedies, as they are frequently demanded by the homeopaths. Although general audience may not be that much aware about Bach Flower essences, but  many leading homoeopaths' are successfully administering Bach remedies in their practice, since 1930. Bach Flower Essences are approved by the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and listed in the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (approved by the FDA). There are no known side effects of Bach remedies. A 'prescription' of Registered Medical Practitioner is not required to buy them.

Regarding cost of essences:
Buying Bach essences across the counter at homeopathic pharmacy or a health food store can save a lot of money. Earlier our services were inclusive of dosage kit, however selling essence kits online is found to be a costly affair  for various reasons: Bach essences -like homeopathy medicines- are preserved in alcohol, which is volatile in nature. Many times, due to shippers' mishandling or negligence, essences evaporate during transit. Apart, handling delicate items like small glass bottles, their droppers, check them for leakages, shipping them carefully, handling frequent refunds, returns, charge-backs, frauds is somewhat cumbersome. Returned essence kit -customized for a specific person- cannot be used again for another person. That's why online prices of Bach essences are pretty high (almost double or more). For example, Nelson Bach charges $14.45 for 20ml and a dealer of Julian and Martin Barnard sales 30ML at $10.80 and 7.5ML at $6.60 online. Cost of shipping seems excluded in most of the cases. The usual minimum UPS charge is around $8.00 for standard ground delivery. Obviously, the online deal would be indeed prohibitive. Apart, some shippers run those floral essence packages through the x-ray scanner, which may diminish their healing effect. So it is always advisable not to purchase them online, unless no other option has left. 

Homeopathic pharmacy is the best place where you will find fairly low rates. A best deal can be found at your nearby homeo pharmacy, since pharmacies offer products to homeopaths at competitive rates. (B-to-B model of business!) Big homeopathic pharmacies offer floral essences at very low rates, as their volume of business is big; normally wholesaler charges a 30ml (one ounce) essence bottle for $4.99 to $6.25 and retailers' sale them across the counter at $5.99 to $10.80. Similarly a 20ML essence bottle costs (-in wholesale) just $3.99 to $5.50 and you can have it at $4.50 to $6.50 across the retail counter. 

Obviously, buying Bach essences across the counter at homeopathic pharmacy is recommended. 

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Mr. XYZ offers personalized essence bottle at just $24.99 on his site, what about you?

Well, in fact this is a two-tier transaction that includes consultation along with supply of personalized essence bottle.

As far as the consultation part is concerned, 
Please click here and refer this page, that contains a list of  our Competitors  where you will find several hand picked resources that offer free consultation facility on their site itself -- where buying their product is not mandatory -- means you can get your mental status evaluated on their site absolutely FREE --of course, it is with the help of their automated software on "No charge, No obligation" basis.

Regarding supply of personalized essence bottle at concessional rate: 

I am not aware of Mr. XYZ, who offers personalized essence bottle at just $24.99 on his site, still have a high regards for him. However, it is not a big secret in the market of homeo remedies or flower remedies --owing to their colorless, tasteless and odorless nature-- that many unscrupulous elements --misleadingly claiming themselves as wholesale distributors and pretend as to be direct importers or distributors of those Bach English remedies-- that they purchase those flower essences in bulk and dispense them in loose and assorted forms on local level. But this is not true in majority of the cases. The dispensed liquid could be merely alcohol rather than the remedy, as it happens in most of the cases, sold at peanut prices in the name of floral remedies! Usually, such people prefer to add 90% alcohol in 10% original remedy and as mentioned earlier, due to colorless, tasteless and odorless nature of essences, it is very difficult to ascertain their trueness easily. This is one of the prominent reasons owing to which,
stigma of placebo effect is often linked with the effectiveness of Bach essences. Therefore due care shall be taken and certificate of authenticity or genuineness of essences should be ascertained from the pharmacist. Only sealed essences packed by the company itself should be demanded at the counter of homeo pharmacy or Health food store. Barring few countries worldwide, it is advised not to purchase those flower essences in a loose, unsealed or repacked form at local homeo pharmacy or health food store. That is why, we always insist our clients to purchase essences created by Julian and Martine Barnard OR Nelson Bach; known worldwide for their high quality and genuineness, so as to get desired results. Please remember ---accurate consultation and genuine remedies are both the equally important factors to have successful results with Bach Flower Therapy.

How the flower essences are used?

We advise our clients to take those remedies added in a glass of a stale or mineral water. Put few drops of each essence into a glass of water and sip that "essence water" gradually. The tongue should be clean and free from undesirable flavors or odors and No intake (even smoking) is allowed 15 minutes prior and later of taking the doses. It is also advisable to have a mouthwash of plain water, just before taking the remedies. The effect is more visual if the essences are taken with empty stomach. Although there are no known side effects due to overdose, yet it is sensible not to take more doses / more essences quantity than what is advised in your course. After taking the essence, don't keep the bottle open for a longer period. Close the lid tightly without removing the dropper fitted. While using flower essences, due care should be taken that your fingers or body parts should not touch with the glass part of the dropper. If you do, simply run plain water over it before placing it back into the bottle. This maintains the vibrational purity of the essence. Please see Dosage Norms for more information in this regard.

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How can the Bach floral essences useful to a normal person?

Bach Flower essences are proven helpful for a normal person when he (or she) feels that they are physically, emotionally or spiritually "out of balance". This could be happen for any serious or trifle reason. Pleasant things in excess like over-enthusiasm, passions, elations or even certain forms of love can also make a person "out of balance". Apart, life situations like when he (or she) has undergone through long or grievous ailment or is emotionally shocked for a reason like 'end of relationship', divorce, sudden death of closed one etc. can make them "out of balance". Such life situations bring depression, numbness, persistent agony, melancholy and often make the people unable to cope with the future changes in their life. Bach flower essences can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, encourage self-esteem and creativity, and serve as tools for personal growth. However, if someone have a serious mental or emotional condition, or a known physical medical problem, he should seek the care or advice of a qualified health practitioner. We are sure that most of the practitioners will attest our opinion that being in emotionally balanced state of mind can only support whatever medical treatment you initiate and may signify the difference between success and failure. Many health practitioners now include the flower essences in their health programs, or work with other practitioners who do.

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What exactly is the nature of online consultation offered by Charming Health?

Our consultation program is especially designed in for the Internet users. Through this web-based consultation, we analyze a general behavior of person with the help of specially designed online survey and then recommend a proprietary essence plan -a course of natural homeopathic Bach remedies- suitable to their emotional-health concerns. This prescription-like essence plan consists of a list of selective remedies (-available worldwide) along with their efficacious combinations, especially addressed to the unique personality of that person. As every behavior is as unique as DNA, obviously every essence plan that we advice is unique and exclusive, created especially for that unique personality, based on their overall nature and attitude towards life. The person -for whom the course is recommended- has to buy the recommended remedies separately from the local homeopathic pharmacy or health food store and then to follow the course under our guidance. (Why do we not sale the essences?)

Offering such type of consultation service for net users is one of the most gratifying and motivating aspects of our work. At times, people experience immediate or dramatic changes while following the recommended essences plan. Others may have difficulty perceiving any changes. The most typical pattern is to find out the gradual effect of the essence program over the period. Flower essence is not a magic booty but rather catalysts acting at the vibrational level that stimulate our ability to respond, or take accountability for our gradual growth in a positive manner. Flower essences are proven most effective when used as part of a wholistic program of health enhancement. They support other therapies and health practices by stimulating greater awareness, and building a vital bridge between the realms of body, soul, and spirit. Flower essences will not interfere with other ongoing health programs or treatment modalities. They do not replace professional medical care if that is appropriate.

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From where to start while filling in the questionnaire (survey)? How do I decide which issues are most in need of assistance?

First take a leisure time and think a while about your common behavioral negativities that you think as hindrances to your general health and growth. List them priority-wise and then fill in the online survey carefully. Normally it takes around 20-25 minutes to fill in the survey.  Please remember, each ticklish question in the survey is linked with either of your peculiar behavioral traits, so do not reply hurriedly. Think a while before you proceed to answer. You may skip optional fields and can ignore those questions, unrelated to your overall nature.

While replying, always think of your most basic and obvious priorities -either emotional or physical. Don't forget to mention weak points of your behavior, perversions, and unusual or weird habits (if any). Write something about person(s) or situation(s) that may brings sudden change in your basic nature. Major incidents, ups and downs, accident or some memorable incidents that you think might have affected your psyche. Mention certain situations, where you find yourself petty and forlorn. In all try to enfold your emotional world in short.

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F.A.Q. Dosage Norms Duration of Treatment Why Flowers? Rate of Success  

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