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Holistic health therapy Testimonials: Bach Flower Therapy Clients' Testimonials: is now well established in the Internet community. It can be easily found anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of links, hundreds of awards, number of articles published in various e-zines and newsletters attest to our growing popularity.

We are online Wellness Center for correcting behavioral negativities. Every day hundreds of visitors worldwide stop at Charming; many of them are turning into clients. Our clientele is rapidly increasing our popularity with referrals to their family and friends. Every day we receive number of testimonials from our clients. We know these overwhelming responses are expressed by our clients from the bottom of their hearts and are filled with positive emotions, yet we humbly request our clients to see our guidelines in this regard:

All testimonials will be reviewed and may be subject to editing by the site owners.

Personal information will not be included when a testimonial is published.

Please specify whether you wish your testimonial published or not. Failure to so indicate will be assumed as consent to publish.

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The views and opinions found in these testimonials belong solely to the person who wrote them. It should not be assumed that these views and opinions are those of the management and staff of Charming or any of their partners, distributors, subsidiaries or assigns. Publication of these testimonials is merely for anecdotal purposes and is not to be construed as advice or recommendation for any person, similar ill-health condition, symptoms or situation.

I had fantastic success with your natural essence program. Thanks to Charming Health. I managed to get my teenager daughter almost substance free in just 3 months. These natural remedies are really awesome. Thank you very much -Satisfied Client

For years, I have had this peculiar problem, where I would experience incredible incidences of what I can only call extreme bad luck. Whenever I applied my intellectual skills; in return I got only failures. I was very much confused. Since I am using Bach Flower Therapy, I am now able to find out my drawbacks. Mind has become cool. Confidence is building in me and I am getting ready for another adventure. I am extremely happy. -James Bach Flower Essences

I have been under depression attack for over 2 years due to heavy losses incurred in business, I tried everything; something worked with limited success, but as soon as I was under stress, or had negative thinking, they broke down. In the same sequence I ordered Bach consultation and started Bach remedies on trial and error method, to my great surprise I found it works, now I have been sleeping peacefully, for the first time in over 2 years, I am not waking up with negative thoughts, my mind is at peace, I feel free, I don't feel like my mind can be penetrated any more with unwanted thoughts, I feel protected, and I look younger in my face, reigning negative emotions were draining all my energy and were aging me, I highly recommend Bach Flower to anyone, Charminghealth is very helpful and seems genuinely concerned for my well-being, thank you. Sincerely -Romell

Hi CharmingHealth.. I must say, I am quite amazed by the power of Bach herbal remedies! I did experiment to calm down my 16 years young daughter. She is very bully and makes her little brothers suffer a lot. I ordered the essence plan for both of them. I prepared doses of natural remedies according to your advice. I used Nelson Bach remedies. Within 3 weeks we found her cooled down a lot. Both of them are improving very fast more complaints! It really works.

I am Remo, and would like to tell you all that this program has helped me. I used to be a total alcoholic. Couldn't get through a day without about a 26 oz. of hard liquor. Now I find that after using the essence program, I am able to control myself to a few beers with the friends at night or a glass of wine with the girlfriend. Bach Flower Remedies

I mainly used Bach essence program to increase wit, confidence, memory, and assertiveness. Certainty is the opposite of doubt, jealousy and suspect. It works great with confidence. Thanks again. -Pauline Bach Flower Essences

What I can say is that, if you use proper flower essence combinations under experienced guidance anything is possible like to shift your view about something... Of course if you are taking floral essences regularly you can manifest the results much faster. -Oprah

I have had success in various projects I am working on including my love affair! I lost weight, and improved my intellectual abilities. And as far as my love project is concerned, I am sure that I am moving along confidently! Bach Flower Remedies

For about 15 years, I have suffered with back, neck and shoulder joint problems, B.P., anxiety and panic attacks. I was very nervous and had withdrawn and avoided social occasions since past 5 years. After switching over to complementary Bach Flower Therapy under the guidance of CharmingHealth I found lot of improvements in my health conditions..Many symptoms are in control.this holistic approach to radiant health is simple but unbelievable. -R.A.

CharmingHealth has helped me in re-defining and sharpening the focus of my career path. Essence program they advised has encouraged my confidence by replacing chaos in my mind while looking at the process of changing careers from the 'inside out', gradually starting with identifying my own attitudes, fears and relationship to work. Now, I feel that I am able to uncover my potential and have an increased sense of confidence. Apart I am able to clear away the mental debris what was important for me. -G.B. Bach Flower Essences

After that great setback, all miserable things appeared gradually.After taking countless antibiotics and trying no. of alternative therapies, I finally found CharmingHealth and Bach Remedies program. Before that, I had gradually become a lifeless, lethargic, miserable, irritable, irrational person; complaining all the time about constant constipation, poor concentration and chronic depression. I could hardly function as a career person, father and husband. I had been to three doctors last year, and I'd feel better for a while, then right back to the same thing. When I would return to the doctor, they would look confused. I really got no enjoyment out of life and was making those who I loved most just as miserable. I thought that the miserable state of mind was due to emotional imbalance or other things in my life. This was very startling. After two months of trying personalized Bach Remedies, I feel very much alive and myself again, and the people I work with and my family have all noticed. Thanks for a quality life again. All I can say is, "Thanks!" to CharmingHealth for helping me find my life again.

Nowadays, I know, when I start feeling irritating and depressed of something (when my thoughts start disturbing me) over trivial issues, I immediately resort to Gentian Remedy and another personal doses at different times. Thanks a lot CharmingHealth Floral Essences

It is really a great step forward for me to be working with CharmingHealth's essence plan. First of all, my energy level has greatly improved, otherwise I was feeling fully exhausted at all the time. Now I can do many of the things, including errands. My ability to do household chores has risen higher than it's ever been. I feel like I am starting to resume my share of the load again. I credit this to incredible Bach Formula, because before I started this program, I was feeling so much depleted that everything seems to be impossible in my life.-Nova

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