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How do the Health Obstructions can be prevented?

Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

Happiness is a positive expression of our personality, means real source of happiness lies in our own nature and attitude, and not within those health obstructions that in fact are considered to be the impediments in achieving the health and happiness. If our innate nature is "emotionally balanced", we shall be happy, regardless of our external conditions, but if we are emotionally imbalanced we shall never gain the health and happiness, no matter how much we try to change our external circumstances. 

Although happiness is inherent, still many of us remain unhappy for most of the time, since our "
behavioral negativities" (-like shame, guilt, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed etc.) block our happiness. Persistent accrual of "behavioral negativities" at the core of our psyche, over a long period of time makes us "emotionally imbalanced" and triggers a sequel  of various stress-related illnesses, symptoms or numerous ill-health conditions.

While dealing with behavioral negativities, most of us respond in either of the three ways. 
1)We react them, 
2)Repress them, or 
3)we try to run away from them!

Repressing negativities is the harsh way of handling them! we push them to the back of our mind, hold back them up, and ignore them. The problem with repression is that those negative feelings really never go away! They build up and fester deep inside -over accumulation- causing numerous disorders like hypertension or anxiety and eventually drive us towards such a behavior that either we don't like or we can't control! Many people drink or smoke at this stage.

OR, we vent our feelings. We often tend to relieve the pressure of accumulated negative feelings through strenuous physical actions, by exploding emotions (-getting violent), losing the temper (-uncontrolled anger), or engaging in destructive behavior (-abusing or bullying). We may feel relieved for a while, but subsequent feelings of guilt or grief erase the "gain". And, often expressing inner feelings in this way is unpleasant to others.

OR, we then try to run away from that unwanted situation and avoid confronting life situations that we come across. (-escapism tendencies) We turn the TV on, try to concentrate a book, go to the movies, smoke, play music, drink, etc. We resort to anything to get away from that unsettling feeling which is accumulated at the core of our psyche, but it doesn't's still debilitating the mind...although it obscures for a while, yet it may reoccur in different forms over the period of time, like causing an ailment symptoms or ill-health condition, -like learning disability or ADHD- even when we are not aware of it.

It is needless to reiterate that, overcoming "Behavioral negativities" implies restoration of "happiness" and to bring the happiness one must be able to achieve the 'peace of mind' first, however 'peace of mind' is a result of satisfaction and satisfaction is a widely relative term, which varies with person to person! Level of satisfaction in every individual is linked to his (or her) expectations. We often expect that things should always be happen as per our wish and when we find that things do not correspond to what we were expecting, we do not able to adjust ourselves to what life has brought and become unhappy, obviously the greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside. Deriving happiness -in fact- is an art of learning of, how to derive contentment within our limited available resources, whilst try for the better than that on our hand. When we feel contented on the inside, we can do our work better and take more pride in it. Apart, we can face life situations with patience. This is because, our tolerance capacity is directly proportional to our contentment and patience. Obviously, our tolerance capacity and patience are primarily responsible in determining our 'level of satisfaction'. This means that, satisfaction depends upon the tolerance capacity and patience in a person. The more the person is sensitive the lesser will be his tolerance capacity, patience and the 'level of satisfaction' and vice-versa. The tolerance capacity and patience in a person depend upon the innate nature and and mental make-up (-attitudes and personality traits) of that person. Accumulated behavioral negativities at the core of psyche (-such as fears and doubts, shame, guilt, ups and downs in life, previous sad and gloomy memorable incidents/accidents of life etc.) play important role in determining the level of tolerance capacity and patience in a person.

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Fear, Shame,
Guilt, Heredity,
Mental Make-up,
Previous Life 
Experiences etc.

 in a person

Level of




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Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

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