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How to control the emotional imbalance? (continue Part 2):

Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

Continued from the part-I, "How to prevent Health Obstructions?" >>>

How do we correct the "emotional imbalance" so as to restore the happiness?
Reigning "Negative Emotions" is the root cause of our "emotional Imbalance", which makes us unhappy, obviously the greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside. Deriving Happiness -in fact- is an art of learning of, how to derive contentment within our limited available resources, whilst try for the better than that on our hand. Many people have exhausted their fortunes and wasted many years of their lives trying to draw happiness in their lives by using numerous modalities. These things work, but the problem is that for most people they only work marginally or take a long time to get worthwhile results. This is for various reasons but main is that, their body and soul altogether, could never finely tune to that therapy or class, obviously it widens the gap between expectations and actual results that the person deserves out of that therapy. Naturally that person stuck with a situation that is either not satisfying or not living up to his or her expectations.

The root cause of all our sufferings lies in our innate nature means reshaping our behavior in a way to  face the life challenges, whilst eliminating the accumulated behavioral negativities should be our top priority in finding the peace of mind. While correcting "emotional imbalance" by any means, we must have an inner desire to remove the behavioral negativities from the core of our psyche. We must have a desire to tune our mind and body in a way to dominate the life situations. We must be able to handle every life situation so as to derive maximum work pleasure and ultimately happiness, out of it. We must pursue activities to release the inner sorrow. 

Our 'inner sorrow' implies nothing other than the accumulated negative emotions at the core of our psyche. Always try to find out the root causes of negative emotions and understand how they came about. Then forgive those, whom you have been blaming to be responsible for your hostile surrounding and finally assess your own nature and your overall attitude towards life. You will find your own nature, weird personality traits and attitude rather than other factors, are primarily responsible for your under-nurturing personality. Your self-destructive behavioral traits like selfishness, disdainful attitude, bad habits, ego, indecisiveness, sloth or shilly-shallying nature are major roadblocks on your way. So try to discard bad habits, resort to good things like yoga, meditation or exercise. A lot of effort must be expended to achieve all this, as it is a radical change.

There are numerous ways of deriving happiness, however all the modalities are centered at one principle: 'relieve the pain and bring the happiness'.

Pain can be relieved by either of the following ways:
A natural and god-gifted way of relieving pain and restoring to normal phase of life is 'Healthy grieving and Mourning'. Grief is the normal process of reacting to loss and grieving is our natural response that liberates psycho-spiritual attachments or bonds on losses and pain. Grieving is very essential for personal and family health, bonding, and growth. 
Please see an article 'Healthy grieving and Mourning'.

Apart ,we can purge the negative emotions and achieve happiness by either of the following techniques:

The first step in correcting 'emotional imbalance' is to reshape the basic nature and change the attitude towards life, in a manner to avoid the further accrual of negative emotions at the core of psyche. Gradually, it will make us relieved and will ultimately bring the happiness. This happiness while flooding through the entire body will bring the beautiful vibrations of immense satisfaction, obviously will bolster the healing power and will make our defense against negative emotions so strong that the unhealthy condition will be avoided, allowing the "vital force" for survival and happiness to shine. This will award good health and will eventually develop positive attitude towards life.

The real problem with happiness lies in being able to achieve a longer-term feeling of fulfillment and meaning. Usually happiness lasts for a while, it can cause great elation for a moment, this sense of overall well-being eventually returns to its previous level- whether they were happy or not!

Age, education, sex, ethnicity, caste or religion, income richness and even being good looking don't seem to make much difference to levels of happiness. Being happy seems to depend on two related things: having a feeling of purpose, and being connected to others. Contentedness can be derived even out of trifle things in everyday life. Contentedness comes from doing right and guides towards happiness as well as success. Helping others brings immense benefits and satisfaction, therefore happiness. So be optimistic, caring and love others and you will gain happiness! 

Your Emotional health can be bolstered if you:

See life in optimistic attitude and don't take yourself or life so seriously.

Realize that failure is not the end of the world.

Welcome new challenges and experiences.

Dream about new possibilities.

Believe in yourself.

Be generous in everyway including financially.

Be honest to yourself and others.

Work on your important goals.

Think on your past successes and not failures. Please note that negative thoughts are primarily responsible for emotional imbalance.

Try to find goodness in everything and put your focus on positive side.

Encourage and want others to succeed and help others in that direction.

Care about the happiness and success of others and offer them all the help and encouragement they need.

Always think of good health and prosperity. Over the period you will find this thinking will mold your psyche to have real happiness and prosperity.

Think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best.

Forget your past mistakes and focus on your successes encouraging yourself to greater achievements in the future.

Do not watch, listen or read negative or bitter things, it may develop negative thinking.

When you help someone, expect nothing in return -at few times expectance may bring repentance in reply.

Always remember, "People are happy by nature-and happy people are certainly successful."

Have you ever glanced at those other modalities of achieving happiness in life?

Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

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