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What is mean by Health Obstructions?:

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According to Bach Flower Therapy, often any ailment or ill-health condition --at most of the time and in majority of the cases-- is the result or expression of persistent "emotional imbalance" that takes place at the core of our psyche and persists over a period of time due to gradual accumulation of numerous Negative Emotions, those originates either from our mind itself or from our surrounding circumstances. As soon as our mental state improves, the physical trouble disappears. Therefore a person --which implies his overall nature, his general attitude towards life and his inimitable surrounding circumstances-- is more important than his disease or ill-health condition.

"Health obstructions" implies all those "negative emotions" that could trigger a sequence of various stress-related illnesses or numerous ill-health conditions. Reigning behavioral negativities, which accumulate at the core of our psyche over a duration of time --as in the form of "negative emotions"-- and incessantly makes us "emotionally imbalanced", is considered to be the root cause of all our sufferings. Naturally "Health obstructions" are the real impediments in achieving the health and happiness. They could adversely affect our innate nature and could persist self-destructive attitude. They make us "emotionally imbalanced" and if we are "emotionally imbalanced" we shall never gain the heath and happiness, no matter how much we try to change our external circumstances. 

As mentioned above,
all the health obstructions are classified under two broad categories.


Health obstructions that originate from the mind itself, and


Health obstructions originate out of hostile surrounding circumstances.

Let's take a glance at the flow-chart given below, showing few of the typical examples of each type of  health obstructions, we come across them at every stage while facing life situations:

Health Obstructions
(Often Originates from the mind itself )

Health Obstructions
(Triggers due to Surrounding environs )

Innate aloofness tendencies.

Avaricious tendency, Greediness.

Aroused or uncontrolled anger for no apparent reason thereof.

Being forced to do the unwanted work.
Being forced to do work at undesired place.

By birth eccentric or egoistic behavior.

Come across with a person you hate.

Depression, hopelessness for no reason.

Competition and comparison tendency.

Distress due to mental shock at the core of psyche.

Disdain towards situation or a person you hate.

Dread of doing some grisly act after losing mind control.

Tendency of getting depressed over trivial life incidents.

Fear or dread of non-existing and unknown things such as ghosts, psychic forces etc.

Domination of unwanted person in your work.

Feeling of weakness for no reason.

Fear or dread of known cause thereof.

persistent impatience OR irritability.

Frustration out of existing hostile circumstances.


Jealousy and envy for others.

Lack of confidence and interest in the present circumstances.

Overcautious and over calculating tendencies and anticipating everything in the terms of gains and losses.

Getting mentally-tortured due to unwanted persistent thoughts.

Rivalry with someone.

No faith and belief in anyone.

Suspicion for others and inferiority complex.

Self-egoism, arrogance and over enthusiasm.

Financial crunch or poverty for a longer period of time.

Uncertainty of mind.

Terror, panic or fear for - either a situation or a person.

Health Obstructions ( -originating either from your mind itself OR from surrounding Environs)

Unhappy Mind (emotional imbalance)

Brings disease or ill-health condition, symptoms

Researchers have also proven that accumulated negative emotions that built up in the mind, over the period of time, due to numerous health obstructions that we come across -while facing the life situations- is the number one cause of many ailments and ill-health conditions. "Emotional imbalance" often culminates into ailment symptoms or in ill-health conditions. "Emotional imbalance" travels via nerve paths to all parts of body or lodge in a certain organ to cause pain or damage; like depression may cause hyperacidity, which may convert into stomach ulcer in its later stage. Uncontrolled anger can raise blood pressure, remorsing past memories may lead to insomniac or melancholic tendencies etc. Many of them -may be trifle to serious- mental or physical health problems like -headache, piles, impotency (-often occurs due to aversion, terror, frustration etc.) OR absentmindedness, persistent nightmares, shilly-shallying tendencies etc.-are few of the typical indications of "emotional imbalance". Persistent emotional imbalance over longer duration of time may increase the severity of that ailment or ill-health condition. Often we remain unaware of our "emotional imbalance" and fall prey to it, which in fact was ensued due to blockages or interruptions, accumulated at the core of our psyche over the longer period of duration, owing to persistent negative emotions. 

All the health obstructions -that could trigger the emotional imbalance- are governed by two basic and opposite instincts i.e. pain and pleasure. According to the concept of Bach flower therapy, a person having moderate emotional-conflicts (-"emotionally balanced" state of mind) between his "inner-self" and "false self" represents a perfect tuning between his physical body and personality (mind) and promotes healthy personal decisions, however a person with emotional-conflicts in excess or dearth fosters negative emotions that ultimately leads to 'emotional imbalance', which on accretion, makes the immunity of body frail and the physical body becomes easily susceptible to disease symptoms or harmful conditions.

At the core of our psyche, both the basic instincts -pain and pleasure- are recurring and rotating like a cycle; pain followed by pleasure and vice-versa. This means that, to every reaction -expressed either in the pain or pleasure form- there is an opposite reaction that makes it exist and also opposes it.

For example, hunger and satiety are opposite states. As hunger is appeased by eating (-derivation of pleasure) still excessive eating may cause obesity to disgustful feeling or even aversion towards food (-indication of pain), which again is a form of instinctive pain followed by the instinctive pleasure. This pain-pleasure cycle expresses the dominance of nature that has kept everything in balance by the law of opposites. One thing checks another, for example, every animal is attacked and eaten by some other animal so as to maintain the survival equilibrium. Therefore, achieving 'emotional equilibrium' (-means moderate emotional-conflicts)  at the core of our psyche is the basic requirement for deriving health and happiness by whatever means. 

Our Emotions and the basic instincts' cycle at a glance: 
Pain Pleasure Result of pleasure in excess
Hunger Food "Food" in excess may lead to obesity as well as Disgustful feeling or aversion to food
Struggle Comfort "Comfort" in excess may lead to sloth/laziness
Exhaustion Sleep or rest "Sleep or rest" in excess may lead to sloth or drowsiness tendencies.
Financial crunch /poverty Money "Money" in excess may lead to Greediness
Fear Joy or Charm "Joy" in excess may lead to Carelessness.
Homeless Shelter This may lead to Acquisitive Tendency.
Insecurity Security Excessive "security" may lead to Negligence.
Celibacy  Sex "Sex" in excess may lead to Deviation or make that person a pervert.
Recession Prosperity "Prosperity" in excess may develops Arrogance or Recklessness tendencies.
Sorrow Joy "Joy" in excess may lead to Excitement or Elation
Weeping Laughter Excessive "laughter" may lead to Hysteria.
Hunger for anything Satiety Excessive "satiety" develops Weanedness or disinterestedness towards worldly things.
Anger Calmness Excessive "calmness" may develop Servile, Weak-willed behavior.
Silence Speak Excessive "talking" may transform the person in a Loquacious Prattler.
Hate  Love "Love" in excess may lead to Obsession.
Rend Sew Care in excess may lead to excessive concern, Anxiety, melancholy.
Mourn Dance Ecstasy in excess may lead to Hysteria.

During bad times, human tendency is inclined towards thinking bad and by cursing ourselves, cursing our existing hostile circumstances or by making unnecessary comparisons, we obliviously promote the self-destructive attitude, which In fact, is prejudiced and one-sided thinking because everything certainly comes to an end over a particular time phase, means over the period of time, one thing is replaced by its opposite, in turn. This means that the end of sorrow is joy, the end of weeping is laughter and if we have a good time today we may have a bad time tomorrow. When we become aware of the fact that all the life lies between opposites, we must realize that two opposite forces that tend to counterbalance each other to produce a balance in all things controls life. This means that, if our innate nature is "emotionally balanced" between the basic instincts i.e. pain and pleasure, we shall be happy, regardless of our external conditions, but if we are "emotionally imbalanced" we shall never gain the health and happiness, no matter how much we try to change our external circumstances. However, people expect that things should always be happen as per their wish and when they find that things do not correspond to what they were expecting, they did not able to adjust themselves to what life brings. Our inability to assimilate the opposite, to see things from an adverse point of view, to be conscious of both sides of the basic instincts, makes us very one-sided and inflexible with our view of life.

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Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

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