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How to prevent 'Health Obstructions' and restore Happiness for achieving radiant health and well being? Few of the self help healing modalities:

Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

Continued from the article," How to prevent "Negative Emotions" >>>

Reigning "Negative Emotions" at the core of our psyche is the root cause of our "emotional Imbalance" that makes us unhappy, obviously the greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside. If we are emotionally imbalanced due to reigning negative emotions, we shall never be happy, regardless of whatever materialistic pleasure is at our disposal. Obviously correcting "Emotional Imbalance" or preventing the negative thinking or negative attitude is the prime essence of any therapy or healing modality. The maintenance of good health primarily depends upon the level of happiness. Naturally prevention of '
health obstructions' implies nothing but the process of 'restoration of happiness' by way of eliminating 'Behavioral Negativities'. 

Following are few of those numerous modalities that could help us in preventing "emotional imbalance" to certain extent; so as to help us in achieving radiant health, well being and the happiness ultimately:

Your family doctor can effectively treat your " emotional imbalance", with the help of modern medicines such as tranquilizers, painkillers, mood elevators, anti-hypertensive, anti-depressants etc. Psychiatrists with the aid of psychosomatic medicines can effectively control your persistent negative phase of mind. However medications directly act on physical body and may change the biochemistry of mind and compel the nervous system to act accordingly. Even though relief is sought, but the possibility of habit forming and side effects cannot be ignored. This treatment aims directly at body and the medicines do not encourage the defense mechanism present within. Most of the drugs bring marginal benefits and numerous adverse effects.

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Homeopathic remedies act simultaneously on mind, emotions and body. The life force within us takes over the defense mechanism, if the remedy chosen is accurate then healing is speedy and miraculous, leaving healing effects at all the health platforms i.e. mind, body and emotions. However, in homeopathy there are thousands of medicines with different potencies. Obviously, selection of exact medicine with a specific potency that should synchronize to specific type of personality is very difficult task. It is very tedious and time-consuming process to search a particular remedy with particular potency, which synchronizes with the personality of particular nature. This art of pinpointing the exact classical remedy is very cumbersome, that's why the percentage of successful homoeopaths is very low. Apart, with some of homoeopathic medicines of higher potencies, a possibility of side effect cannot be overruled.

After trying all th
ose 'do-it-yourself' type techniques, and still there is no improvement, try and look for a counselor. The counselor must be chosen very carefully. At this instance, the counselor must be wise rather than intelligent. He must necessarily be experienced in the subject to be discussed. He must not be a smart aleck. Therefore to have such a wise guide, try a doctor who has time or a priest or monk with worldly experience, or finally a spiritual friend who has no axe to grind. The counselor must then possess wisdom, patience, compassion, time and empathy. He should not be a gossip. Seeing a proper caregiver definitely has its benefits. A caregiver can sometimes help you to identify the situations that have caused grief, which ultimately triggered negative emotions and can help you to change those thinking processes. But they can't always easily help eliminate the inner cause; apart, the process -at times- can be quite uncomfortable and challenging too.

Cognitive behavior therapy combines two kinds of psychotherapy - cognitive therapy and behavior therapy. Cognitive therapy teaches you how certain thinking patterns are responsible in triggering Negative Emotions - by giving you a distorted picture of what's going on in your life that is making you feel anxious, depressed or angry for no good reason, or provoking you into ill-chosen actions. Behavior therapy helps you
in weakening the connections between troublesome situations and your habitual reactions to them. Reactions such as fear, depression or rage, and self-defeating or self-damaging behavior. It also teaches you how to calm your mind and body, so you can feel better, think more clearly, and even can make better decisions. When combined into CBT, behavior therapy and cognitive therapy can provide you with tools for eliminating your behavioral negativities and getting your life on a more satisfying track, however This is often a long, costly and painful process that sometimes creates a dependent relationship with the therapist. --How to stop Unwanted Thoughts?--

Now days, support groups are getting
very popular in sharing and relieving life's stressors, accumulated stresses-strains, tensions or grief. Today, there are many online support groups. Online resources can be a helpful source of ideas, sharing thoughts. Even though the quality of information varies with source to source, yet each day, new groups are being formed for newcomers with new needs. Such community groups can aid people struggling with hardships such as the death of a loved one, end of relationship etc. By sharing information, ideas, and emotions, group participants can assist one another and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in experiencing difficult life situations. The staff of professionals oversees all their groups, so that no one's personal problem gets overlooked. They believe, though your loss may be similar to others, but each and every loss is unique. Attending a support group can be very supportive in breaking bad habits, stress management, behavioral management or grief consolation; but there are drawbacks too! Support groups often require you to follow very strict rules and regulations. They also require very long, sometimes lifelong, commitments to attendance and participation. In addition, many support groups are forced to operate in secrecy due to the stigma attached to attending them or you have to utter some mumbo-jumbo incantations or conduct some mysterious rituals. You have to adhere to rules of group or guru.

A meditative technique that has existed for 2500 years. It is considered to be the Buddha's original teaching on the way to end suffering
, by addressing the body and mind. Its strength lies in showing the relevance of our spiritual practice to our experience of wholeness and well-being. This is actually another approach to meditation, which involves the ability to focus completely on only one thing at a time. In other words, in Zen meditation or mindfulness the mind is full of whatever is happening right now. This can include walking, cooking, sweeping the floor, dancing, watching a bird, hearing the sound of a river, or any other focus you may choose. Whenever thoughts intrude, you simply return your attention back to the focus. This is often a long, costly and not a very easy process apart it may create a dependent relationship with the therapist.

This is one another common approach to eliciting the relaxation response. In this technique the body itself is used as the focus of attention. It may be done either lying down or sitting. The technique involves progressing through the body -one muscle group at a time- beginning with the feet, moving up the legs, and so on, spending approximately a minute in each area. For each muscle group, you hold or clench the muscles in the area for a count of ten and then release for a count of ten before moving on to the adjacent area. 

This involves using symbols to imagine that the changes you desire in your body are actually happening. For example, you might imagine that pain is melting away and dripping like a warm liquid out of your fingertips or you might develop an image of your immune cells actively subduing and preying on cancer cells or viruses, like birds of prey swooping down to engulf field mice in a meadow. This is a highly personalized technique and you would use images that are uniquely exciting and meaningful to you. Lot of practice is required to achieve results; there is also the knowledge that you are doing something to help yourself, channeling your energy into a healing activity. This in itself helps to improve emotional well-being and build a sense of self-efficacy or confidence.

This approach involves using a combination of autosuggestion and imagery. Phrases are used to describe to oneself what changes in the body are desired as if they are happening now. For example, "My legs are warm and heavy," "All the muscles of my back are softening and melting," "I am calm," and "Warm, peaceful relaxation is flowing throughout my body." These phrases are repeated while maintaining one's focus on those parts of the body being addressed. Whenever the mind wanders, the attention is gently and passively returned to the focus. 

A variety of breathing exercises can help one to release tension, anxiety, and pain. They can be used in conjunction with imagery or autosuggestion. They can also be used to encourage fuller breathing in general and give the body a greater supply of energy, which it can use for healing. It takes energy to fuel the body's self-repair mechanisms including the immune system. Since we take a thousand breaths every hour, each breath is an opportunity to contribute to a healing process. Some breath therapy techniques use the breath in a calm, peaceful way to induce relaxation, to release pain, or to prepare for imagery. Another variety is Evocative Breath Therapy (EBT), which uses stronger breathing, sometimes accompanied by music, to stimulate emotions and emotional release. 

A simple description of hypnosis is, a form of self-induced, focused attention that can make it easier for you to relax or learn to control your body's functions. It is the experience of extraordinary focus of attention that makes it possible to influence bodily states.

Biofeedback uses special instruments attached to the body to give the person information about what is happening in the body. The instruments serve to amplify the signals that the person may not otherwise be able to detect so they can then use this visual or auditory feedback to learn to regulate certain bodily functions. Many people find this form of assistance very helpful for learning to relax. 

.... Although there are numerous techniques that teach us how to prevent the accretion of  Negative emotions at the core of our psyche, still none of them is as simple as the Bach Flower Therapy is! Bach Flower Therapy is a simple yet result-oriented form of healing modality that directly addresses our innate nature, which is considered to be primarily responsible to develop the negative state of mind. It focuses on shaping an individual's inherent behavior in order to face every life situation wisely. The solution is simple, lasting and will certainly help you in permanent correct to overcome your behavioral Negativities from the core of your psyche. Most importantly, it is surely a cost effective solution than any other technique beneath the sun! Within four weeks you can see improvements. Just make the doses as advised, take them regularly and forget all your worries, tensions and sufferings! It's so simple..! and most importantly; it never creates a dependent relationship with therapist. Apart, Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.

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Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

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