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Investment Opportunities in Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Healthcare Venture:

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We are seeking united investor(s) or partner(s), preferably from marketing sector. If you feel inspired by our vision and would like to join us as our business partner, please contact us. We are seeking marketing partnership supported by a strong online customer base. Our marketing partner does not require any technical knowledge of the therapy we offer, as we propose to host and provide technical support for it. is privileged and proud to be associated with an outstanding group of advisors, who share our deep passion and commitment in the field of alternative healthcare. The level of expertise and credibility encompassed within this group assists us in our mission of promoting Bach Flower Therapy to new levels of public awareness. 

The innovative online consultation that we offer is a unique blend of Internet and Bach flower therapy. Due to scientific approach of Bach therapy, this 70+ years old therapy is now well established in the alternative healthcare community and is being used extensively to alleviate (minimal to serious) emotional imbalances. We can now reach out to anyone struggling with life's stressors in all age ranges -right from infants to older adults- including students, adolescents, women, singles, divorcee, sportsmen, executives' etc. 'Emotional imbalance' is the biggest challenge of 21st century and over 65% of total world population always face -trifle to serious- emotional idiosyncrasies at anytime!

Our Mission: is born out of a solid innovative concept of 'correcting behavioral negativities (-emotional imbalance) by eliminating negative emotions'.  This concept --of achieving health and happiness by eliminating 'behavioral negativities'-- is unique and is yet to be explored at large in our society. Although Bach flower essences are well known to worldwide community but till date, no other online source has succeeded in offering such a thorough and in-depth consultation like we do. Compare our service with our competitors. They are just selling the Bach remedies like other products. Today building credibility about Bach essences is not a big task; one may get millions of searches on "Bach Flower therapy" on Internet itself. The only thing which is yet to be happened with this therapy is to explore it to common masses and percolate its benefits to respective niches. It is a personalized therapy, wherein each person is handled differently with the different combinations of selective floral essences even for the same ailment or symptoms! Proper consultation is the core of this therapy and our basic purpose is proffering consultation rather than selling the remedies through the site, like what others are doing.

We are now well established in the Internet community. CharmingHealth.Com can be easily found anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of links, hundreds of awards, testimonials attest to our growing popularity. Every day, hundreds of visitors stop at; many of them are turning into clients. Our clientele is rapidly increasing our popularity with referrals to their family and friends. Our demographic shows that more than 75% of our visitors are from North America itself. 

Market Overview:
As the concept of, "Correcting Emotional Imbalance" is unique and is still untapped. We think, this e-business has got the potential of exponential growth, if promoted properly. We are sure that the right marketing partner could definitely bring exponential growth to this venture by increasing the number of marketing partnerships and by using highly selective marketing strategy to drive a lot of buyers to this online wellness center. The Internet has enabled us to offer this online consultation where one can deal with the entire world without physical interface. The CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) market is estimated to be in excess of $40 billion-according to Natural Business Communications. There is unlimited potential. 

What We Expect:
We propose to go for a joint venture and the partner may be charged some partnership cost initially (-depending on the circumstances), so as to maintain equity in the business. Our partner is supposed to look-after our marketing activities pertaining to their geographical location. The marketing partners will also be appointed as the exclusive representative of their country or region. 

Why do we are seeking Partnership in our online service based business?:

Basically we are not marketing folks; so we did not made any special promotional efforts to promote the site, since beginning. We are getting ever-increasing stream of visitors simply because the concept of alleviating negative emotions is Indeed Novel. We are sure some marketing guru will definitely succeed in driving a lot of prospective buyers to this site. 

Vision: has carved out a unique niche in the market place. By focusing solely on a brand new concept of 'Relieving Emotions', we think there is tremendous potential in this venture. This is a concept that could be rolled up. There are some features to this e-business that makes it very unique. Expansion possibilities are strong, as this business model is unique and quite different than conventional one.

One can check the potential studying various aspects of perfect online business, like ability of attracting the prospective buyers, content, uniqueness etc. The site has clearly established itself on those fronts with consistent traffic flow. Presently more than 65,000 sites are linking from around the Internet giving us significant link popularity and market domination. The domain name is perfectly relevant to the business.

Contact Us:
Interested parties may contact us along with their details of marketing potential or distribution arena, company details and history. 
Please mail us at:
Investors (at) Proposals are welcome!

About US Contact Us Investment Opportunities Code of Ethics Success Rate

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