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'Do-it-Yourself' type techniques: Self help, Self Empowerment Practices FOR Self Improvement & Personality Development

Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

Continued from the article," How to prevent "Health Obstructions"? >>>

Prevention of Negative Emotions:
Reigning "Negative Emotions" at the core of our psyche is the root cause of our "emotional Imbalance" that makes us unhappy, obviously the greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside. If we are emotionally imbalanced due to reigning negative emotions, we shall never be happy, regardless of whatever materialistic pleasure is at our disposal. Obviously correcting "Emotional Imbalance" or preventing the negative thinking and faulty and self-destructive attitude is the prime essence of any therapy or healing modality. The maintenance of good health primarily depends upon the level of happiness. Naturally prevention of 'health obstructions' implies nothing but the process of 'restoration of happiness' by way of eliminating 'Behavioral Negativities'. 

Here are some of the simple, self-help and 'do-it-yourself' type practices of self-empowerment, however those techniques could be very helpful in preventing the surge of negative emotions or unwanted thoughts. Principally they are all aimed to take control of your mind, in order to eliminate all the negative emotions, those were accumulated at the core of your psyche, whilst to explore your own innate power of mind, so as to achieve personality development and self-improvement. 

Some of those simple techniques include:

If you are well aware about the fact that negative emotions that originate either from your mind itself or from your surrounding circumstances are primarily responsible for your negative attitude, then you may block the severe attack of such mind obstructing factors before they attack and entrap your psyche wholly. The action of stopping this assault (-of negative emotions) must be quick or else those negativities would diffuse throughout the whole body and it would become very difficult problem to resolve afterwards. While facing negative situations, always try to concentrate on thoughts of goods times or successful events.

Meditation is intended to improve ourselves; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It should be done twice a day for at least 15-30 minutes duration. This practice would enhance our tolerance capacity and could also mold psyche gradually to deal with the negative emotions. There are hundreds of varieties of meditation. The process should take place in a quiet environment, a setting where one can be quiet, undisturbed and in a comfortable position for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Given this setting, there are only two essential steps: the silent repetition of a word, sound, phrase, or prayer and the passive return back to the repetition whenever intrusive thoughts intrude the psyche. It is believed that, meditation promotes some hormonal secretions that bring euphoric state of mind, which may help in improving mental status. However when you meditate with your eyes closed -- you have to withdraw from the world to get results; it often takes weeks, months, and even years to experience profound results. To derive better results; you have to sit in a certain position and sometimes to perform difficult physical exercises or yoga.

Either read motivating literature, listen to motivational tapes or repeat some inspiring quotes of successful personalities. Such encouraging literature or quotes are capable of boosting our tolerance capacity to face life situations. While reading books and other publications by people who have successfully managed adverse situations such as surviving cancer, conquered the poverty etc., you will find that you are not alone and many nearby people are facing or had been confronted, even more stressful situation than what you are coming across. Those stories can motivate readers to search a strategy that might work for them personally. Using affirmations, subliminal tapes do seem to work in helping you move in the direction of thinking more positively. However using positive thinking phrases requires a tremendous, continuous effort to force yourself to remember and repeat the same positive phrases over and over again. Normally they are aimed to call upon the (inner-self) almighty inner power within you to give a) grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, b) courage to change things which should be changed, and c) the intuitive vision to distinguish the one from the other, good from the bad. Such motivational tapes are great when you are regularly listening to them but the effect doesn't last. You are depending on an external source for your motivation. Listening to tapes may seem easy; just to plop in a subliminal tape and listen to the instructions, however it is not as easier as you think. First few sessions would spend in getting instructions, follow them and try to concentrate. This is a boring job; apart, this process really only layers your 'so called' "positive" OR "motivational" thinking on top of your existing nature and attitude, which only clogs your mind with a lot of unnecessary extra noise. do it yourself - self help

This type of meditation over the period of time is certainly capable of molding your psyche in a desired way. For instance, when one thinks of financial crunch and insecurity arises, this worry can be decoupled from the thought of the money over the phase. While repeating this process day after day, until financial worry may one day be replaced by money from any source that was never before in picture.

While meditating with awareness and discernment for years, until you can see clearly that the physical or emotional bodies altogether are not our true selves. After surrendering ego before the almighty inner power within you, you will realize the limits of your capabilities and will find that the innate soul will definitely and eternally destroy any vestige negativities. However it is indeed a tall order to be able to accomplish this self-realization in this incarnation.

Faith or belief in one's religion or philosophy implies nothing but the surrendering of your ego (or arrogance) before the almighty nature, so as to discover your true-self. This is just like an innocent child that surrenders before the parents when find himself (or herself) petty, inept and forlorn in acquiring those things, which he (or she) desired. Sheer thinking of security can boost your survival efforts to overcome nearby negative factors. A stable, nourishing spiritual faith in a trustworthy Higher Power, 'Nature', or 'the Universe' may relieve grief via prayer, reflection, and perhaps spiritual mentoring - regaining or growing a new, firm faith that their Higher Power, or 'Nature,' as trustworthy in ways that can't be humanly understood. It seems that people with firm positive spiritual faith can often reach acceptance of major losses more quickly than 'non-believers.' Do not switch faith or religion just because someone recommends it. Be a better Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim, if you are already one of these.

Always think positive and be optimistic towards every life situation, even positive attitude may help you in reducing the intensity of negative emotions to tolerable level. If pleasure or pain is associated with your memories, you can then imagine similar memories, but always associate pleasurable emotions with these imagined memories. This process must be repeated many times until pleasure is associated with the same memory spontaneously. Imagine that you have perfect health, and this must be repeated day after day until it is obtained. Self-assertions like, 'I am becoming perfect, I can control my mind and emotions and can stop negative thinking so I am harmonious, peaceful, happy and relaxed', may help you in achieving your goals on gradual reduction in the level of negative thoughts. You have to "think" in a certain way or "give up" anything in particular.

After spent over many years of self-help books, tapes, classes and other alternative therapies you will realize the fact that all these things promise to create change - but none of them work,
simply because they don't teach us how to mold our innate nature in accordance with our existing circumstances while facing the life challenges. Every person, his behavior and his existing circumstances forms a unique combination; obviously each person should be handled differently while working out the solution of their unique problem. Unless we learn to take control of our own mind and develop our own powers to eliminate those accumulated negative emotions from the core of our own psyche, all such programs would be futile. The root cause of all our sufferings lies in our innate nature means molding our innate nature in a way to lessen the surge of negative emotions should be our top priority in finding a peace of mind and happiness. 

You can surely achieve progress to the certain extent in this area through the use of such type of personality development techniques, still you finally want to experience an enormous improvement in your self-image; bolster your confidence and mold psyche in a manner to release negative emotions, behavioral negativities and broken bonds. Self-confidence, a sense of self-esteem and a positive self-image are all key ingredients to a happy and successful life. For achieving success with the help of those techniques, you need to feel calm down first and then to explore your true personality. Naturally, concentration of mind is the basic requirement to have some improvement through such techniques, however we resort to such techniques when we are out of balance. Often healthy people seldom seek solution in a way to continually improving their health. When you are already struggling with your own behavioral negativities and living in a world that is plagued by emotional trauma and unwanted intrusive feelings, how could you enter in the higher state of concentration and could bring your mind close to your
inner-self in order to control your mind to bring the peace and happiness ultimately? 

Compare these Do it yourself techniques with Consultation we offer:

Indeed, the first step in preventing 'behavioral negativities' is to gradually mold your innate nature, reshape your attitude towards life, in a manner to achieve peace of mind. It will gradually lessen the surge of negative emotions and make you calm down, which will bring the peace of mind and the peace of mind will ultimately bring the happiness. This happiness while flooding through the entire body will bring the beautiful vibrations of immense satisfaction, obviously will bolster the healing power within you and make your defense against negative emotions so strong that the unhealthy condition will be avoided, allowing your "vital life force" for survival and happiness to shine. This will award good health and develop positive attitude towards life. 

Even though you may be successfully employing either of the techniques described above, still you can take additional information about simple method, we offer for alleviating 'behavior negativities' from the core of your psyche.  See what is mean by
Negative Emotions'  and what is the 'the concept of radiant health'?

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Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

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