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Alternative Therapy: Clients' Testimonials: : Testimonials about Bach Flower Therapy-2 is now well established in the Internet community. It can be easily found anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of links, hundreds of awards, number of articles published in various e-zines and newsletters attest to our growing popularity.

We are online Wellness Center for correcting behavioral negativities. Every day hundreds of visitors worldwide stop at Charming; many of them are turning into clients. Our clientele is rapidly increasing our popularity with referrals to their family and friends. Every day we receive number of testimonials from our clients. We know these overwhelming responses are expressed by our clients from the bottom of their hearts and are filled with positive emotions, yet we humbly request our clients to see our guidelines in this regard:

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I had a dramatic improvement from agoraphobia (-avoidance of open or public places) using this program. I got better and stayed better, within a month. I am now 100% free of such attacks. It has also stopped my depression and constant anxiety. I have no idea how it works. For me, my brain felt supercharged and I felt normal again.

I have had anorexia for five years (-an eating disorder). It was treated as depression would be treated, but also did not work. After visiting Charming Health, I decided to try once like yet another unsuccessful attempt, but to my surprise I feel GREAT! I am improving and looking forward to shedding those extra pounds, which have accumulated over five years of sleep-eating disorder.

My son (-aged 4) had serious speech and language problems, was severely lagging behind in social and emotional development. He had shown some improvement with the use Bach Remedies combinations that were suggested by Charming Health's floral essence program for his emotional imbalances. Apart, his digestion was also poor and food allergy testing showed clear sensitivity to fish and some other food products. However with Bach Flower Therapy he improved steadily. He again started to take fish in diet, which is an integral part of our lives. Thanks to Charming Health!

Six months earlier, my wife had begun to hallucinate and become paranoid too. She was suffering visual hallucinations, but no longer hearing voices. I started consultation. One month later she was noticeably better. Within 3 months she gets well. Thanks to Bach floral essences.

Since past 2 years, I was seeing visual images and was unhinged from reality. I was hospitalized for a month and took a treatment. I felt like a zombie. I also went into bouts of cramps in my muscles. My speech was getting slurred and chaotic. One of my friend suggested me to try this Bach essence program. So I started with the consultation. I was amazed how well I felt in just two weeks. My energy returned, I had clear thinking, I believe I had better clarity of speech; my sleep patterns improved and all the panic attacks were gone. I returned to my job and returned to a completely normal life.

My nephew was diagnosed as having acute depression, paranoia and extreme mental confusion. He was also seeing and hearing things. He was put on the drug therapy which calmed him down, but he felt disoriented and couldn't go back to work or relate with friends and family in a normal way. He was living a isolated life, with his family. He then treated with floral essence program on my recommendation, within few days of starting the program he became almost symptom-free. He was able to stop taking other drugs and continue his job.

My son was hyperactive and worst one in his first grade class. The kindergarten teacher almost kept him over, owing to of his uncontrollable behavior. He hit new extremes by age six. The daycare center couldn't handle him any more. He would run out of the daycare center into the street in a split second. We were at the point where we felt we had nowhere to turn when a co-worker told me about the complementary, alternative Bach Flower Therapy. We began the course in January. Within 2 months, he has become so manageable in class that the teacher was able to move him up to the top reading group. He is also one of the first children to turn in his math papers and when he does, they are all correct. He is doing very well with this holistic alternative therapy and I too feel much better giving him Bach Remedies. I recommend this wonderful program to anyone who has a child with this problem!! Healing with floral essence

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