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Alternative Therapy: Clients' Testimonials: : Testimonials about Bach Flower Therapy is now well established in the Internet community. It can be easily found anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of links, hundreds of awards, number of articles published in various e-zines and newsletters attest to our growing popularity.

We are online Wellness Center for correcting behavioral negativities. Every day hundreds of visitors worldwide stop at Charming; many of them are turning into clients. Our clientele is rapidly increasing our popularity with referrals to their family and friends. Every day we receive number of testimonials from our clients. We know these overwhelming responses are expressed by our clients from the bottom of their hearts and are filled with positive emotions, yet we humbly request our clients to see our guidelines in this regard:

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Since past few years, my father's memory had started to decline. He had a difficult time finding keys, specs etc. Sometimes, he couldn't even remember our telephone number too. He was in a perpetual fog; confused, disoriented and became a crabby obnoxious jerk. I took a chance to taste complementary Bach Therapy for him -of course, side by side, without disturbing his routine drug schedule- which was continuing since many years. I am very excited to say that lot of improvement has observed like clarity of mind and memory are back. Then I tried this Therapy for me, later with my wife and even with children too, and results are absolutely fine. My advice for anyone with chronic disease or emotional disorders should take a chance to try this therapy, side by side. The comprehensive essence program is really good advice on Bach Flower Therapy. I personally recommended this program to many of my friends and to be honest, I don't know of one single person, who followed this program and did not get better. If CharmingHealth would have an affiliate program, then I would have earned a good commission!

Before starting the herbal Bach Essence program, I was extremely fatigued, listless and depressed. I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, forgetfulness, insomnia, and had an obsessive-compulsive personality. I was on different antidepressants, only to find they never worked. I resort to several treatments and alternatives but my symptoms got worse. This went on for eight years, until I found CharmingHealth. I started on Bach Flower Therapy under their guidance, within 4 months I felt better, had more energy. I now enjoy life. I am going to continuing their consultation because I found every time they have changed my formula.

After only three week of being on herbal essence program I had amazing results. I was suffering from depression, fatigue, anxiety and all my stress seems to go to legs and hand joints, that is why they remain constantly stiff! Within 2 weeks, I noticed the following improvements: my mind was more clear, I could focus better, my mood swings had almost gone away completely, I was better able to deal with stressful situations and look at things realistically, I had great energy than earlier- I felt like someone had given me a jump start, my anxiety disappeared, stiffness in my joints felt loose like lubrication is applied there..Thank you very much!

I'm the mother of 8-years-old boy having a history of hyperactivity and some behavioral problems. Although my son is normally a sweet and loving child, yet sometimes becomes uncontrollable, in that phase, he becomes so frustrated and angry that he starts kicking, hitting, biting, clawing, and screaming. This phase often lasts for few hours at a time, normally ends only when he becomes completely exhausted and cries himself to sleep. After switching over to Bach Flower Therapy, within 3 months the results were quiet amazing! When he becomes uncontrollable now, I get him to drink his specially created emergency dose includes 3 herbal floral essences, -Cherry Plum+ Chestnut Bud+ Scleranthus- and within 15 to 20 minutes, he becomes calm and controllable. There has not been a single instance when his behavior has not improved after he received his dose. Changes are noticeable. I'm extremely grateful to Charming Health for providing a really holistic alternative, with no harmful side effects.

I want to thank you again for your insight and expertise with my Child's ADHD and LD symptoms. I am using Bach herbal remedies for him since past 2 month. To my surprise results are fair and still improving over the time. I hope all goes well with the Bach natural remedies and I will surely refer those I can to your holistic health services.

My sister started suffering from depression at the age of 14. By the time she was 18, she had become extremely anxious, fearful and depressed and was hearing voices too. She was put on various drugs. The drugs somehow sedated her but she continued to suffer from extreme depression and anxiety and continued to hear voices in her head. She also had various alternative therapies but neither one of them, nor the drugs, made any real difference. When we tried Bach Flower therapy for her, within six months, she observed that she was no longer depressed and rarely heard voices or became anxious.

My wife strongly believed that she has been under attack of black magic. I decided to try your consultation. After getting the personalized formula, I begin to use the recommended Bach essences for my wife. After 2 weeks of use those natural herbal remedies, I find her somewhat confident. After one month, she improved a lot and now she keeps herself engaged in various allied activities. This change shows that previous thoughts of black magic have been evaporated from her mind. Really impressive.

I was beset with obvious digestion problems; painful cramping and irregularities making me feel puffy. I was no longer tolerant or calm. It seemed as though most of the time I was dealing with extreme anger with no apparent cause thereof, as well as frustration, anxiety and tears. After starting the holistic healing essence program -I can say- within 3 months my moods are much more consistent. I am no longer irregular, nor do I retain extreme amounts of fluids. There is no gaseous feeling in my intestines and stomach. It's pretty obvious to me that many of my symptoms were also due to emotional imbalance. My mood has also changed... no more excesses in my anger levels, I'm back to the old me... I feel better today than I have in years. My energy level has been the greatest reward. Thank you for making available such a great program of natural remedies on the net...

My daughter began having anxiety problems at eight. She had separation anxiety; apart She began having allergies. I began reading about anxieties on the Internet and found a page referring to Charming health. I found this alternative healing system (Bach Flower Therapy) of natural remedies as very interesting so decided to try the consultation. .Results are really amazing.Thanks to herbal essence program.

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