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Clients' Testimonials: Complementary Therapies' Bach Flower Therapy Testimonials is now well established in the Internet community. It can be easily found anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of links, hundreds of awards, number of articles published in various e-zines and newsletters attest to our growing popularity.

We are online Wellness Center for correcting behavioral negativities. Every day hundreds of visitors worldwide stop at Charming; many of them are turning into clients. Our clientele is rapidly increasing our popularity with referrals to their family and friends. Every day we receive number of testimonials from our clients. We know these overwhelming responses are expressed by our clients from the bottom of their hearts and are filled with positive emotions, yet we humbly request our clients to see our guidelines in this regard:

All testimonials will be reviewed and may be subject to editing by the site owners.

Personal information will not be included when a testimonial is published.

Please specify whether you wish your testimonial published or not. Failure to so indicate will be assumed as consent to publish.

Those who submit testimonials do so gratis and will not be paid or compensated in any way. 

The views and opinions found in these testimonials belong solely to the person who wrote them. It should not be assumed that these views and opinions are those of the management and staff of Charming or any of their partners, distributors, subsidiaries or assigns. Publication of these testimonials is merely for anecdotal purposes and is not to be construed as advice or recommendation for any person, similar ill-health condition, symptoms or situation.

I am working as a sales executive. My nature of job demands heavy touring. During my earlier period of service, I enjoyed it as an experience. But since last couple of days, I found that I was feeling very disgusted with the situations such as dirty toilets, stations, lodges etc. Many times, it was to be difficult in getting accompanied with outside water, food etc. lastly, it affected my health badly, both my employer and family were worried of my health. I always prefer homeo medicines, my homeo-consultant directed me to try for Bach natural remedies as the Bach remedies can directly act on the negative state of mind. I tried them through the complementary healing services of Charming Health and found that my health (mental and physical) has returned back on the normal track within a period of two months. -S. H.

I have my own travel agency and also work as a transport commission agent. My business is small but requires personal attention and presentation. After couple of years I realized, my health condition has not remained that much good. However, relevant medical checkups have shown nothing. Still I become restless for no reasons. My deteriorating health disturbed the smooth flow of my family as well as business. I was unable to concentrate. Moreover, new things such as habit of avoiding new assignments, forgetfulness, escapism have been rapidly developed in me. My father-in-law, suggested me to try the Bach remedies. Now I found to be cool and calm with myself. My health problems are totally reversed and turned into good health and my business is quite good as earlier, with my fullest concentration. Thanks to the alternative healing with flower therapy. -- S.J.

My daughter aged 2 years is very active, adamant, restless and demanding for whatever she wants. She also demands either of her parents nearby at all the time. Now with Bach natural essences -I tried them for just two months, she is behaving calm and normal. This Complementary healing system is awesome!

I am software engineering in a private company. I am suffering from a skin disorder, since birth. There were lot of injury marks on my skin, owing to them, a negative complex had slowly developed in my mind. So I used to avoid the company of everyone and always preferred to be remain aloof. Moreover, some sort of insecurity -regarding my job- developed in my mind, I was unable to make decisions even on the trivial issues. So, I preferred to be remain quiet and do not open up emotions even with my wife too! Due to my unstable mentality, the happiness in my family was slowly coming to end and it was also affecting my sincerity towards my services. Somehow, I found flower remedies therapy that has changed my life and I absolutely forget all my worries, tensions and sufferings. Though my by-birth skin disorder is still with me!

My son's (aged 3 years) bed wetting habit has been stopped by using Bach herbal remedies course, recommended by the wellness center. He is now got rid of that problem. Thanks.

My daughter aged 3 years, was irritating and obstinate by nature. She used to wake up at nights and was habitual to late night sleep. We were also worried about her under-weight. All the times, we used to think over her upbringing. Our neighborer suggested us to try the  natural Bach remedies, along with her ongoing treatment to overcome the negative phase within her mind. After the treatment of four months, she is found to be very much normal. Her activities are now more possessive and we are very happy with the existing results -G. A.

I am the father of a 13-year-old boy, who was very fearful and shy; probably he was the victim of bullying. As I am working in Air Force, I could not pay that much attention to him. Recently, I tried Bach Flower Therapy for him.Now I can say that my son is able to face the general adversities; those were impossible earlier and his nature has become more confident and comfortable. We are happy to say that we have enjoyed the positive healing effect of those miraculous natural Bach remedies.

Knowing bitterness between my mother and wife, I tried Bach herbal essence program for both of them. natural Bach remedies are colorless and tasteless with absolutely no problem. Few weeks of treatment showed noticeable improvements in their overall nature. Now the relations are getting normal...Really astounding..!

My son Bobby, aged 4 years is a calm and quiet boy. He has excellent memory. He is very much brilliant in studies. He is having a very good quality of drawing, with creativity. But owing to few of his behavioral negativities, he couldn't give best of his performance and found always to be below than expectations. My wife and I were very worried of those behavioral negativities. Moreover, my son started showing apathy towards studies. My father, who is a retired defense personnel guided us to try the Bach natural remedies to overcome the behavioral negativities and for boosting the god gifted creativity. So I enroll my son under the expert's hands and now after the course of around five months we concluded with pretty fantastic results. - G.K.

When I came to know that my niece aged 19 years, was having the fears of exams, used to getting blank during exams and was tend to anticipate failure, at all times. I consulted with the wellness center, now with the help of Bach herbal floral remedies, she is feeling very confident and her profile has improved remarkably. Thanks a lot.

My father, aged 68 years was having a bad habit of self-prating (prattle). I treated him with the natural Bach remedies. Remarkable changes have been noted so far and that habit of self-prattle has almost been stopped. M. V.

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