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Clients' Testimonials: Complementary Therapies' Bach Flower Therapy Testimonials. is now well established in the Internet community. It can be easily found anywhere on the Internet. Thousands of links, hundreds of awards, number of articles published in various e-zines and newsletters attest to our growing popularity.

We are online Wellness Center for correcting behavioral negativities. Every day hundreds of visitors worldwide stop at Charming; many of them are turning into clients. Our clientele is rapidly increasing our popularity with referrals to their family and friends. Every day we receive number of testimonials from our clients. We know these overwhelming responses are expressed by our clients from the bottom of their hearts and are filled with positive emotions, yet we humbly request our clients to see our guidelines in this regard:

All testimonials will be reviewed and may be subject to editing by the site owners.

Personal information will not be included when a testimonial is published.

Please specify whether you wish your testimonial published or not. Failure to so indicate will be assumed as consent to publish.

Those who submit testimonials do so gratis and will not be paid or compensated in any way. 

The views and opinions found in these testimonials belong solely to the person who wrote them. It should not be assumed that these views and opinions are those of the management and staff of Charming or any of their partners, distributors, subsidiaries or assigns. Publication of these testimonials is merely for anecdotal purposes and is not to be construed as advice or recommendation for any person, similar ill-health condition, symptoms or situation.

I was living in a world, laden with stress and over-commitments. Essence program helped me to release issues that had dogged me for many years. I do believe in a connection between body and the soul. Working with this program, I have learned how to work with our subconscious mind to make the dreams reality. I found if emotions are balanced, the mind is a powerful tool. So that, one can easily attain peak performance in every aspect of life. Over the period, I gave up a continuously self-damaging career and am now moving well in my new choice. I am much more patient and loving with my children and with my wife. I became much relaxed and re-energized for longer periods of time. I am more relaxed and confident than I can remember. My prosperity is growing. Honestly, I am amazed at the results, I created with this program. It has been good to do this online. I found it easier to discuss problems online. My mind is getting clearer. I have gone very deeply in the work. I am thriving with new insight into my relationship. Thank you so much for making it possible.

We have observed definite improvement in Susan's grades and her concentration level. We believe such great improvements definitely not because of any "wonder drug." even simple Bach herbal remedies can make big miracles.

I have found this natural healing program to be an immensely enriching addition to my life, in general. There are no. of unexpected benefit of this program, in addition to improving my ability to work with my superiors, colleagues and subordinates at a time, exploration and consideration of my role and the relationship with my organization, this alternative healing program is broad in scope and I found it to be a great addition to my lifestyle.

When I tried CharmingHealth for the first time, I was at an emotional crisis and I felt so lifeless and near death. I sometimes even felt suicidal. In three months' time, my energy level and ability to think clearly, sleep soundly and function well have improved very well. I now feel like a new person. My most of the symptoms have almost completely dissipated. CharmingHealth truly cares about their client's well being. Thank you again...

I was unfulfilled in my career, my future was filled with doubt, and I had no idea how to change things. 3 months later, with your guidance and support, I feel like I have the best job in the world! I am enjoying my work more than I can ever remember. thank you. -B.K.

I am ex-serviceman. Aged 51 years, presently working as a security in-charge with a big organization. Since last couple of months due to heavy workload and tension, often I felt that I am getting very exerted in short time of duration with time-being frustration also. Finally, I felt difficult to adjust with the circumstances. Many times for no reason, I feel that something is going wrong with me. After trying remedies for around three months, I feel comfortable and there is no uncertainty or any kind or unknown disturbance. And I am feeling as a normal person. -- J.P.

My self was a student of secondary exams last year. Though my studies were satisfactory, still I was facing the problem of non-concentration, sometimes over confidence, getting blank and feeling uneasy during exams etc. This phase of mine was recurring more and more when my exams were to come. This was the routing cycle for every year. In view of my important academic year, I decided to consult with my teacher. My teacher suggested me for the treatment with this complementary therapy. Prior to exam, my complementary therapy treatment was continued for three months. It is needless to say that, surprisingly for the first time without facing any anticipated difficulties in my mind, I have gone through my exams, with flying colors

My son aged 3 years old was not behaving normal like other children of his age group. He was reluctant in taking food. Apart, he used to be remain aloof and was rarely mixing with other children. I was very much worried with his weird attitude. One of our colleagues suggested us to try for the Bach Remedies. While surfing the net, I came across with charminghealth and found it to be very informative, so enrolled my child with them. Within 3 months of time, we observed lot of improvements in him like he is getting normal, his activities are to be more positive, taking routine meals and more important, he now prefers to mix up with his friends. Thanks a lot CharmingHealth!

I am professor aged 51 years, was suffering from migraine (Half Headache) since last 16 years, recurring on alternate days, in morning. As I am engaged in teaching profession, my problem was disturbing my smooth flow of work and I was compelled to lose my concentration over teaching. In addition, I was suffering from piles too. I have tried almost all kinds of concerned medications to overcome my condition. My friend suggested me to try the complementary flower remedies and I enrolled with Wellness Center. After on the essence program for more than five months, I can now say that, I am feeling quite normal, relaxed throughout the day. My migraine has slowly disappeared. I am very much pleased with the services offered by CharmingHealth.

I am 24 years old working as a receptionist. Since last 14 years -starting at the age of 10- I was suffering from a asthma type disorder and allergy, so I feared doubting that it will be always difficult for me to get adjust with any new circumstances. I always feel uncomfortable in public places, in friend circle as well as in my family gatherings also. So I always try to avoid such situations. I feel that some sort of negative complex was developing in me, feeling nervousness over trifle issues. Which ultimately resulted into bitterness in my relations with my family members, as well as with my office superiors. My friend suggested me to try for the natural Bach flower remedies on my disorder. Now, I found to be very much relaxed and comfortable with flower remedies in just two months time. I will always remain thankful to this holistic modality of alternative healing.

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