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Health Obstructions (Part - II):

Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

Continued from part -I of this article [Pain and Pleasure, its co-relation with Health]  >>>

We can perceive the effects of our " behavioral negativities" OR " emotional imbalance" on our lives in the form of pains or pleasures associated with them. Pain and pleasure are the two basic instincts of our innate nature and life is swinging in between them. Naturally Dr. Bach concentrated his efforts on identifying various prominent negative emotions and their prominent characteristics associated with each of the pain that debilitates our lives. Due to God given gift of intuition and creativity Dr. Edward Bach was able to co-relate the instinctive pains in human being to that of instinctive pleasures in flowers, means he wanted to restore the positive qualities within us by using instinctive pleasure character of flowers so as to release the corresponding behavioral negativity within us. Although pains and pleasures are invisible through naked eyes, still we can realize their effects on our lives, likewise in Bach Flower therapy, pleasure instinct in flowers replaces pain instinct in human being and molds our innate nature to deal with pain to move beyond it. Dr. Bach classified negative emotions is such a manner that every personality must fall within that classification.  

Out of his vast experience as a medical practitioner, he applied scientific approach to his work. He carried out methodological assays at various levels, like laboratory and outdoors. He administrated his essences in himself and in other healthy people. All participants voluntarily took part and help him in recording observations like how the particular 'Behavioral negativity' could be attributed to 'healing power' of the particular essence? Finally he arrived at 12 outstanding states of our innate nature, corresponding with 12 prominent negative emotions. These 12 negative emotions discovered by Dr. Bach are supposed to be milestone in his research work. They are as follows.


Fear and timidity. 




Mental tortures or anxiety.




Lack of interest in present situation, inattention, dreaminess or dullness.


Doubt of dissuasion.


Over-concern of welfare of others.


Weakness of willpower OR weak-willed, easily influenced by others.






Over enthusiasm, strain.


Pride of aloofness.

Flower essences, co-related to those 12 negative emotions are identified as 'Healer essences' and are considered to be panacea on majority of the health imbalances, including all such health imbalances, those were regarded as to be difficult to eliminate -like we say, "Old habits die hard"- now could be treated at ease with those healer essences. Over the number of years of extensive research and study, he identified 26 more behavioral negativities. Out of those 26 negativities, he formed a separate group of 8 negativities along with their correlated essences and termed those 8 essences as 'helper essences', especially addressing to those negative emotions that were never predominant earlier, but were accumulated in the psyche due to long-standing negative state of mind over the period of time, like loss in a business, failure in love affair, hatred, jealousy, envy etc. Following are the negative emotions, which are attributed to those "helpers essences":


Hopelessness (remains no faith in system).


Despondency from overwork (still never ceasing efforts!)


Self-centered, habit of excessive (prattle) talking.


Self-martyrdom, with urge to inspire others.


Lack of motivation and inducement hence dissatisfaction. 


Emotional, as well as physical fatigue, complete exhaustion.


Dominating, inflexible, dictator-type behavior.


Vexation and jealousy, envy, suspicion.

Both the healers and helpers  essences --in varied combinations-- can be advised for numerous chronic, as well as acute emotional imbalances that could ever occur in human behavior.

Remaining 18 negative emotions are co-related with either of the time-being phases (-temporary) that we come across during lifetime. Those are the negative emotions that triggers out of trivial or circumstantial life experiences. They do not represent any typical character traits-as above, but they are supplementary to the major behavioral negativities and could help in generating the ultra fine blend of essences, which could be catalytic in perfect synchronization of the dose to the unique health needs of an individual. Those 18 behavioral negativities are:


Fear of losing mental balance. 


Vague fears of unknown origin and apprehension.


Over-anxiety for others.


Mental weariness.


Remorsing past memories, nostalgia, homesickness. 


Apathetic resignation to monotonous lifestyle.


Useless self-mental arguments, persistent unwanted thoughts, physical actions.


Black gloomy depression of unknown cause, psyche gets absolutely bleak, dismal and desolate for time being. 


Immaturity of mind, frivolous, failure to learn from past mistakes. 


Easy malleability by dominating personalities or forceful circumstance. 


Shame or feelings of muckiness, disgust feeling, self-dislike.


Resentment and bitterness towards life, blames fate or others for failure.


After-effects of long persistent sadness, grief, shock.


Extreme despair and faithlessness and no redemption in the future.


Occasional feeling of inadequacy in very capable, efficient and intuitive personality.


Guilt feelings and self-blame, self-reproach. 


Lack of self-confidence, anticipation of failure.


Intolerance and criticism, habit of passing judgments, make quips,  unsympathetic and lacks humanity.

Dr. Bach felt that, all his 38 remedies --with innumerable permutations and combinations-- are sufficient to enfold the entire arena of "emotional imbalance" that a person may suffer during his lifespan. All the Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.

Dr. Edward Bach further bifurcated his 38 remedies into 7 different sub-groups, representing 7 major clusters of dominant negative emotions, owing to which emotional imbalance can occur.

Fear its 5 forms and corresponding 5 essences.

Indecisiveness or uncertainty, its 6 forms and corresponding 6 essences.

Lack of interest in present circumstances its 7 forms and 7essences.

Loneliness its 3 forms and related 3 essences.

Over sensitive to influences and ideas of others, its 4 forms and related 4 essences.

Despondency and despair its 8 forms and related 8 essences.

Over care for welfare of others, its 5 forms and related 5 essences.

In this way, 38 prominent behavioral negativities and their 38 co-related essences represent Bach Flower therapy in brief, to deal with every "emotional imbalance" that could ever occur.

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Prevention Some Modalities Techniques Uniqueness of BFT Rate of Success

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