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Applications of Bach Flower Therapy on numerous emotional imbalances:

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Please refer the 
links shown at the bottom of this page. Each link is associated with either of the typical behavioral negativities that could be found in human behavior. Negativity implies a negative state of mind, which in fact is an outcome of gradually accumulated negative emotions. You will find many of those common negativities are linked to your nature also.

All commonly reported negativities can be easily alleviated with the help of a course of Bach Flower essences that we recommend. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature. Bach Flower Therapy is simple, least-complicated, easy-to-employ and compatible to all other treatment modalities, in which accurate selection of remedies followed by proper essence combinations is a key to release negative emotions and achieve personal goals. We humbly request you to avoid Bach therapy under the guidance of novice or inexperienced therapist; perhaps it may reverse your overall opinion about this innovative therapy! Millions of permutations and combinations are feasible with different Bach essences, however selection of accurate remedies followed by efficacious combinations, suitable to individual's psyche can make a difference between successful results and failure of therapy. 

We believe, every mistake we have made in this field was a more knowledge gained. Behind each mistake that we made in suggesting erroneous essence combinations, there is always a lesson to be learnt. It is those lessons that have given us the insight to understand number of unique personalities thoroughly and inspired us to convert those individual observations into more perfect consultation next time. The result was to formulate a perfect foundation. You can now benefit from our expertise, by making use of this especially designed online program. 

Today, to have an experienced Bach Flower Therapist with ample experience is really a difficult thing in many parts of the world, it may cost up to $100 an hour. Usually practitioners dispense customized essence blends but never provide its composition formula (-essences included in that blend), like we do. They intend to keep it as a secret, however we provide you the list of
your personalized essence formulations, so that you may get a line of healing and can continue it throughout the life during tough times.
We also know that it can be difficult in trusting information on the Internet. However you can be assured about the essence plan generated by us, as our team is backed by expertise gained out of extensive practical experience. Simply compare our online survey -that we use to analyze your overall nature- with other websites'/resources' surveys to see the value we offer, you will agree. We openly challenge you to find out another online/offline resource in the Bach Flower Therapy consultation sector that will provide you with such in-depth information and quality service you have discovered on this site. Our skill and knowledge that we acquired through experience and training goes way beyond the information found in available books and other online resources. We do not work out the essence plan as quick as software output, it evolved out of our personal understanding of the essences and is based on a tremendous amount of research and constantly recording people's opinion and reactions. Since our launch (July 2000), we have literally advised to number of clients and many people are taking advantage of this unique service. Our counsel is clear and complete and most importantly it is very easy to follow. Just make the dosages as advised, take them regularly and note the changes in your overall nature. That's all! We are sure; our protocol works up to satisfaction of our clients. That's why; we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate and repeat usage. has been acknowledged as one of the most established and trustworthy online Bach Flower Therapy resource and consulting websites on the Internet.

We're so confident with the uniqueness of the service we're offering that we are listing several links of our competitors' websites for you to do some comparison of your own. Here are the top search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN; searched for the term Bach Flower Therapy consultation:

Part I) Websites that offer online consultation like we do; Top searches are:

Part II) FREE Consultation Websites: Apart there are few websites that offer 'quick fix' method of assessment on their site itself, where you look for the symptoms of a particular "state of mind" or "ill-health condition" and can order the products directly! (Consultation is Free!!) Here are the top searches:

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We encourage you to visit those websites and examine them as well --you may give them a try also-- so that, you could easily make the difference - however before proceed- you must know the basic that "Bach essence combinations" are extremely personalized and they are advised on studying the sufferer's overall nature and their attitude towards life. It is indeed not easy to evaluate a true nature of person with the help of a software program or by asking them few shoddy questions. Unless we could gather a definite information about his/her nature, we could not set up a proper course of Bach remedies for them. Obviously each person is handled differently in this therapy. In other words, even for the same ill-health condition every person may be measured differently with different "essence combinations" means an "essence combination" suitable for a person in lessening paranoid tendencies may be useful to another in alleviating absentmindedness!. Secondly, while dealing with emotional health concerns, it's always better not to go at it alone and spare some more time with the help of professional, for the sake of your health. Healing is a combination of helping yourself and letting others help you! You will find our way of evaluation as simple, satisfying and easy to understand, it evolved out of our personal understanding of the essences and is based on a tremendous amount of research and constantly recording people's opinion and reactions... that's why our clients say CharmingHealth's guidance means success!

Common Behavioral Negativities found in Human Nature

Addictions Bedwetting in Children Stress Management
Anxiety Disputes Between Husband and Wife Depression
Eating Disorders Personality Development After Shock Effects
Anger Management Financial  Worries and Management Aloofness Tendencies
Swinging Moods Social Detachment Attitude Unwanted Thoughts
Difficult Situations Impotency at emotional level Stress at Menopause
Premenstrual Stress Post Delivery Stress Stress While Conceiving
Stress in Pregnancy Negative Attitude Towards Life Emotional Conflicts at Adolescence
Violent Actions Inattentiveness Bitterness
Traumatic Life Events Low Grasping Tendencies Spiritual Abuse
Homesickness Excessive Health Concern Workaholism
Transition Phase Decision-making and indecisiveness Time Management
Apprehension Codependent Relationship End of a Relationship with closed one
Dejection Eccentric Behavior Envy
Delusions Exaggeration and pretentiousness Exhaustion
Fear Forgetfulness Frustration
Grudge Guilt Hallucination
Hate illusion Jealousy
Loneliness Narcissism Nightmares
Nostalgia Obsession Paranoia
Sadistic Nature Shame

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