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Site Map Outline: Various Applications of Bach Flower Therapy
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Applicability of Bach Flower Therapy
  Addiction   Bedwetting in Children
  Anxiety   Disputes Between Husband and Wife
Eating Disorders Personality Development
Inattentiveness Low Grasping Tendencies
Impotency at emotional level How to deal with traumatic Life Events
Anger Management Financial  Worries and Management
  Transition Phase   Decision-making and Indecisiveness
  Stress Management   Depression
After Shock effects Aloofness Tendencies
Codependent Relationship End of a Relationship with closed one
Time Management Apprehension
Stress at Menopause Premenstrual Stress
  Post Delivery Stress   Stress While Conceiving
  Stress After Pregnancy   Negative Attitude Towards Life
Violent Behavior Emotional Conflicts at Adolescence
Difficult Situations Unwanted Thoughts
Spiritual Abuse Social Detachment Attitude
Swinging Moods Excessive Health Concern
  Dejection   Delusions
  Eccentric Behavior   Envy
Exhaustion Exaggeration and pretentiousness
Fear Forgetfulness
Frustration Grudge
Guilt Hallucination
  Hate   Homesickness
  illusion   Bitterness
Workaholism Jealousy
Loneliness Narcissism
Nightmare Nostalgia
Obsession Paranoia
Sadistic Nature Shame

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