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About Us: Charming Health Online Bach Flower Therapy Consultation Center.

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Online since July 2000, is born out of an indeed novel concept of 'correcting behavioral negativities (-emotional imbalance) by eliminating negative emotions',  with a strong foundation and a lot of hard work and dedication behind it. is an alternative healthcare website, exclusively dedicated to online Bach Flower Therapy consultation that strives to continually provide the highest quality content and the best possible information, along with the latest changes and advances in our field, on the Internet for everyone involved: Visitors, clients and customers.

Charming is privileged and proud to be associated with an outstanding group of advisors, who share our deep passion and commitment to the field of alternative healthcare. The level of expertise and credibility encompassed within this group assists us in our mission, in promoting Bach Flower Therapy to new levels of public awareness. Virtually we reach to everyone via Internet.  

CharmingHealth. Com Team:

Dr. S. K. Patil alias SunnyKumar, B Tech, BBFR, MD (AM), Ph D, D Sc, FRSH:
Founder of CharmingHealth.Com. Dr. S K Patil alias SunnyKumar is regarded as internationally acclaimed Bach Flower Therapist. He is having tremendous practical experience in Bach Flower Therapy since past 18 years. Bach Flower Therapy has been a passion of sunny's since his undergraduate days.

Dr. Vivek Swamy, B Tech, MBA, BBFR, MD (AM), Ph D, D Sc, FRSH:
He is a graduate in engineering and also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration. This qualification, as usual took him towards the beaten path of his subject related job. He had a stint of few jobs in respective fields, however this stint did not drew his attention towards making it as his final destination. Read More...

Dr. Alka Karnik, B A (Nutrition) ND, MD (AM):
Dr. Alka Karnik, ND, MD (AM) is a practicing Naturopath. She provides individual consultations for those interested in using traditional herbs, Bach Flower remedies, dietary supplements, nutrition and other simple methods of wellness.

Dr. Seema S. Khaire, BHMS:
Dr. Seema S. Khaire, B H M S, is a practicing homeopath since 9 years. In her opinion, Bach Flower Therapy is a gentle and respectful approach as well as effective in reducing the influence of problems in your life and creating the space for you to begin building personal clarity and your life's direction.

Ajay Gokhale:
Ajay Gokhale is more of the technical guy. He wrote many scripts as per the therapists' requirements, and did all the original programming and related development. He designed special software under the guidance of Dr. SunnyKumar, to limit the scope of searching remedies and their efficacious combinations tailored to individual's needs.

Why Charming Health Online Wellness Center?
Our basic service is proffering online consultation for correcting 'emotional imbalance' based on the principles of Bach flower therapy. We are dedicated to enhancing emotional health for the benefit of complete personality development, so that clients can make intelligent, informed decisions, while facing varied life situations. Online consultation eliminates personal visits to the therapists; saves lot of time and money, too. Today every individual visit to therapist involves pre-scheduled appointment, fees of the consultant and incidental expenses etc. Normally, specialists charge anywhere between $40 to $100 per visit for an hour consultation. Online consultation saves both money and time. Apart, we never insist or advice our clients to purchase Bach essences from our recommended sources only. Clients can purchase them anywhere, as per their convenience. (-see our Code of Ethics)  Charming Health is an experiment of its own kind for lessening negative emotions from the core of psyche with complete privacy and confidentiality. The Internet has enabled us to offer this online consultation, where one can deal with the entire world without physical interface! This brand new concept bewitched the netizens and the site earned numerous appreciations and awards.

Bach Flower Therapy:
This novel therapy of eliminating 'behavioral negativities' is invented by a leading allopathic physician of British origin -Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) MBBS, MRCS, LRCP, DPH(Cam.). Here, It is to be noted that, Bach Flower therapy is a brainchild of an allopath, who abandoned his flourishing practice behind this novel invention. This therapy does not demand any information concerning anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc; rather it concentrates more on subtle behavioral traits and mental make-up of an individual. According to Bach Flower Therapy, often any ailment or ill-health condition --at most of the time and in majority of the cases-- is the result or expression of persistent "emotional imbalance" that takes place at the core of our psyche and persists over a period of time due to gradual accumulation of numerous Negative Emotions, those originates either from our mind itself or from our surrounding circumstances. As soon as our mental state improves, the physical trouble disappears. Therefore a person --which implies his overall nature, his general attitude towards life and his inimitable surrounding circumstances-- is more important than his disease or ill-health condition.

Charming is the first website that has explored this therapy on the internet in such a modern way. We can proudly say that we are the pioneers of online consultation in Bach Therapy and the best resource on the Internet, where this alternative therapy is explored in such a simple and lucid way. A layman ignorant of any type of alternative therapy was placed at the core of our consideration, while site was being developed, obviously all the content on this website is made very simple so that it shall be easily understandable to everyone. The theory and concept put fourth by Dr. Bach is well accepted around the world and after learning its principle anybody would surely endorse his (or her) belief in it. 

Today, there is no contender offering such a type of comprehensive, thorough and in-depth consultation in the Bach Flower Therapy sector. Compare our service with our competitors. We are extremely anxious to expand and spread the benefits of Bach Flower Therapy to every nook and corner of society. The motto behind launching this online specialty Wellness Center is to propagate the concept of Dr. Edward Bach that "There are no diseases or ill-health conditions but only sick (-emotionally imbalanced) People!" Simply correct those 'imbalances', and achieve the health and happiness. 

We have now decided to induce the panacea of Bach Flower Therapy to the Internet community. We wish to join with other institutes, amateur practitioners of Bach Flower Therapy worldwide. We also propose to organize seminars and group discussions for getting more perfect opinions and facilitating the access of this treasure to everyone. Our small network includes honorary advisors, amateur practitioners, partners and content contributors. We also appeal for your co-operation in popularizing Bach Flower Therapy to everyone you know! 

We solicit your opinions and comments.

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