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Rates & Shipping Policy of our Email Consultation Program:

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Cost of consultation is $49 USD.
Cost of Consultation - $49 Only. Order NOW!

We offer online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy. Through this consultation, we thoroughly analyze your overall nature, your general attitude towards life with the help of our specially-designed simple online survey and then recommend a proprietary plan of Bach flower essences -a course of natural homeopathic remedies- perfectly customized to your health needs. This prescription-like essence plan consists of a list of selective Bach remedies (-available worldwide) along with their efficacious combinations, especially customized to your unique health needs. This essence plan is sent you via e-mail. (compare our services with our competitors.)

Suggested  essences can be purchased at any homeopathic pharmacy or a health food store or mall of your choice; that sells Bach essences. Bach remedies -that we recommend- are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.  (Why Should I purchase the essences separately?)


Services of Charming Health are sold worldwide through Inc. (Ohio, USA). So your payment will be processed by You can also make payments through PayPal. All orders are processed on a 100% Secure Server. Following Credit cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB. All derivatives of these brands are also supported.

Although basic mode of payment is in USD, however 2CheckOut.Com users can make payment in below mentioned currencies. Please note that for non-US currency, payment options are limited to Visa and MasterCard only.

Australian Dollars Canadian Dollars Swiss Francs Danish Kroner Euros British Pounds Sterling Hong Kong Dollars Japanese Yen Norwegian Kroner New Zealand Dollars Swedish Kronor US Dollars 

Consultation charges must be paid in advance on the submission of survey (behavioral analysis questionnaire -survey). Unless payment is made, no feedback will be entertained.

For users multiple currency option -as above- is available now. You can pay in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pound Sterling , EURO, Swiss Francs, Danish Kroners, Hong Kong Dollars, Norwegian Kroners, New Zealand Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen. We are also working to enable people to buy in their local currencies soon. We apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

We reserve the right of delivery in all types of consultation(s) we offer.

We will not be held responsible for non-receipt of mail, if your email client/account is set to certain message rules or spam filters to avoid junk mails OR any such filter or program that may delete or do not accept any of our mail for various reason(s) like size, attachment, address not in your address book etc. in that case before proceed to order the consultation you must set your email client/account in a way that it could accept our future communication.

We do not send attachments, however if you receive any attachment from Charming Health at any time, you must get prior confirmation from Charming Health before proceed to open such correspondence, unless we replied you must not proceed to open such attachment(s). As you are well aware, viruses are being spread using familiar email addresses. Some viruses prey upon people's best intensions, appearing as an email that purports to be a health advice or program from Charming Health. Please never open such mail(s) unless our prior confirmation (or notification of that effect on the site homepage) in this regard. We never sent any executable attachment(s) with extension(s) like .exe, .dat, .scr or like that. In that case NO prior confirmation from Charming Health is needed, you may directly proceed to delete them.

Normal Schedule of delivery on the receipt of payment.
Registration to actual delivery: 1 Day (Approx. 24 Hours). 
Please Note: Weekend or National Holiday may extend delivery time.

Our Policy for email consultation:

Please allow us a day for accurate assessment of your personality profile. A comprehensive course of Bach flower remedies tailored to your specific needs will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours. It will consist of a list of selective essences with their common names, which will be helpful in purchasing the essences at your nearby homeopathic pharmacy or health food store. You can make your personalized doses as per our directions. After 4-6 weeks your feedback is solicited.

For consultation via email delivery is guaranteed as method of shipment is email (no shipping fee). Therefore orders placed once cannot be cancelled and no refund will be granted in any case.

It is our policy that any information you give us will be held in strictest confidence, NONE of your personal information, email address or mailing address will be sold or given to anyone, no exceptions! We do not collect and sell email addresses for junk mail senders!

Please remember that the payments are processed through USA and PayPal, by using 128-bit encryption means all orders are processed on a 100% Secure Server. (so your card number is not seen nor stored by anyone but your own card agency, which makes a payment safer than giving your data by phone or fax, or handing over your card in a restaurant or store).

If we make a mistake on your personality profile we will gladly redo it for free.

If you realized that you have made a mistake or something has been skipped while sending the information, then you can mail us within 12 hours before we start working on your personality profile, so that we can incorporate that info. into your original profile and there will be no redo charge. If we could not incorporate this supplementary info. due to late, in that case, this info. will be included in your follow-up course. All information will -of course- be treated as confidential.

Also if you actually receive the files (mail) into your inbox and they are not sent back or bounced to us via the email provider, not yourself, and/or you lose them for various reasons like account over quota or like that, then we may resend the same mail at your request. (This is not related to the attempt to get them to you and your email rejects them as per our guarantee).

Absolutely NO correspondence should be sent as an attachments.

To AOL email addresses: As AOL changes file names and in some cases files are garbled or disappear altogether. Therefore we cannot guarantee readability if you use AOL email service. (It is advised that you get a new email address like hotmail, gmail or yahoo that is free).

ONLY Non AOL recipients that have TRIED TO RECEIVE the consultation email(s) by email program and were unable to download due to technical problems beyond their control, (NOT including computer crashes and loss of your files from your hard drive), will be resend at different email address(es) at your request.

(If your email service is AOL or that DOES NOT ACCEPT attachments (Check with your provider) then you must get a free or other temporary one from somewhere else, please inform us like that, we may arrange to send or resend it at your new email address.

The content of the consultation email that we send you, containing general names of your personalized essences along with necessary instructions, is written in a plain English in our own words and style. All Email Interpretations are clear, concise and are handled in simple manners. While send email(s), normally we use default fonts like Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Times New Roman or MS Sans Serif. If your P.C. is unable to read those fonts then on your request we may resend the content using plain ASCII characters. This report is send electronically via email to the email address you supplied. 

You can order consultation on-line by filling in the repertory and can receive our counsel by email the next day, so you get it quickly and without spending any costs for telephone calls or shipping. You can purchase essences at any health food store or a homeopathic pharmacy of your choice at anytime. Bach essences that we recommend are natural remedies consisting of subtle traces of flowers, plants and bushes. There are no known side effects. A prescription of Registered Medical Practitioner is not required to buy them. Please inform us by email after you started taking the actual doses. Our counsel lets you to obtain a personal, unique and accurate Bach flower consultation at a much lower cost than a book recommended general formula, telephone, or face-to-face consultation.

Please Note: We do not ship to the following countries:

China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Nigeria, Russia and all other former Soviet states. This list is subject to change with or without notice. If we think an order is bad, or we are unable to fulfill it, we don't ship it. We reserve this right.

We make every effort for your satisfaction. Being purely personalized consultation your personality profile is the only criteria that we possess to determine the mode of counsel. This personality profile is evaluated by the team of experts' from various fields including modern medical sciences, if necessary. Their decisive recommendation is finalized and send to you by email.

Weekend or National Holiday may extend delivery time accordingly.

If you decide that you no longer want to be registered with this online Wellness Center, you can send us an email at register (at) and can cancel your account. 

For deriving best results out of the course we advice, we ask you to take every general precaution like, always purchase quality essences created by Julian and Martine Barnard, FES or Nelson Bach; do not purchase them online because shippers run the packages through x-ray scanner, which could diminish their healing effects, maintain good sanitary environment, store the essences in cool and dry place etc. Through this strategy we can guarantee you that fastest and best results are possible. Our in-depth analysis of psyche and suitable essence plan leads to efficacious results within a quantifiable environment, however we assumes no responsibility or liability for the results of misuse, misinterpretation or misrepresentation. We have no direct control on the quality and genuineness of the essences that you buy and the evaluation process used in determining the proper blend / dose of essences for an individual and therefore we should not be held liable for action involving the same. The nature of on-line counseling compels us to insert this disclaimer, although it appears contradictory to the noble service we offer.

Information on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. You should read carefully all the content of this site. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. You must use our services with due diligence and responsibility. Please see our terms of use (click the link below in footer).
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