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"Am I saving money or NOT, while ordering the CharmingHealth's consultation?" That's a question you may be asking. We're pleased to say the answer is: "Yes, you are!" How do we know?" You check. The crucial part of this healing modality is to generate a perfect essence plan, which should synchronize to your nature, since millions of permutations and combinations are feasible with different Bach essences, however selection of accurate remedies followed by efficacious combinations, suitable to individual's psyche can make a difference between successful results and failure of therapy. We believe, every mistake we have made in this field was a more knowledge gained. Behind each mistake that we made in suggesting erroneous essence combinations, there is always a lesson to be learnt. It is those lessons that have given us the insight to understand number of unique personalities thoroughly and inspired us to convert those individual observations into more perfect consultation next time. The result was to formulate a perfect foundation. You can now benefit from our expertise, by making use of this especially designed online program. 

Our expert consultation service includes a thorough analysis of your overall nature, your general attitude towards life with the help of our specially-designed simple online survey and then to recommend you, a proprietary plan of Bach flower essences, tailored to your specific health needs. This essence plan comprises of a list of selective personalized essences, their efficacious combinations, dosage schedule and some simple norms along with basic instructions, suggestions, guidelines and expertise; means everything that you need to know to get started, run and maintain your essence program. Bach remedies -that we recommend- are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.

Today, to have an experienced Bach Flower Therapist with ample experience is really a difficult thing in many parts of the world, it may cost up to $100 an hour. Usually practitioners dispense customized essence blends but never provide its composition formula (-essences included in that blend) like we do. They intend to keep it as a secret, however we provide you the list of your personalized essence formulations, so that you may get a line of healing and can continue it throughout the life during tough times.  At, you can be assured that you are getting quality service, perfectly suitable to your health needs at an affordable price. We have boiled down our proprietary expertise in this field and with our guidance you will get real-life mentoring from someone who cares about your health success. We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate and repeat usage. Apart, our online consultation eliminates personal visits to wellness-centers; saving lots of time and money, too. Today, every individual visit to such a center involves pre-scheduled appointment, fees of the consultant, incidental expenses like traveling, expenses incurred on other shopping etc. Normally a specialist charges anywhere between $40 to $100 per visit for an hour consultation.  Online consultation saves both money and time.

Our Course includes:  

Collecting and processing of the personality profile submitted by you.

Refer it to our special software for initial scrutiny.

After initial scrutiny, refer it to either of our expert member for further analysis.

Then we have a unanimous opinion about your course of essences by at least two or more members. 

On finalization, we dispatch you the essence plan.

Solicit your feedback after four-five weeks, and suggest necessary changes (-if any) on follow-up. All orders are processed on a 100% Secure Server.

We're committed to giving you the real value and our cost of service is certainly lower than those offering Bach Flower Therapy consultation on the Internet. compare our services with our competitors. We also understand that there's more to creating value than just price. Saving a trip to a caregiver without leaving comfort and privacy of your home or office; that is too with complete privacy and confidentiality is certainly a beginning of a "personalized consultation" era on the Internet more than just saving a time and money.

Our motto has always been, 'Promise the best..... and then deliver a little more!' Naturally we make every effort for your satisfaction, assuring you the best of our services.

....So we invite you to compare our services with our competitors. on price, convenience, and quality. When you do, we think you'll agree that Charming has added a new dimension to online counsel and also offers some pretty great services, too!

....By the way,
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