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We offer online Consultation for correcting Emotional Imbalance:
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Cost of consultation includes a FREE follow-up consultation;
at any time within 3 months --as per your convenience-- of the initial consultation.

Here is, How it works?

You fill out a Simple online survey (Behavioral analysis questionnaire), and pay for your consultation fee. All orders are processed on a 100% Secure Server. Check other resources and compare our service with our competitors.

On the basis of your exclusive information, we thoroughly analyze your overall nature, your general attitude toward life, subtle personality traits and then recommend a customized plan of Bach flower essences-A course of natural homeopathic remedies- suitable to your overall health needs --normally delivered within 24 hours, on submission of survey. 
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Your comprehensive essence plan comprises of everything that you need to know to get started, run and maintain the essence program, like it includes a list of selective personalized essences, recommended efficacious combinations, dosage schedule and some simple norms along with basic instructions, suggestions, guidelines and expertise.

Flower essences that we recommend are available worldwide at all homeo-pharmacies and leading health food stores. As they are non-prescription drugs, you can purchase them freely without having a prescription for it. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.
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Under our professional guidance, you can easily make your personalized doses. Simply make the doses as advised, take them regularly and forget all your worries, tensions and sufferings! It's so simple..!

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We don't just go away (unless you want us to :-)

Your FREE follow-up consultation

We are sure that our Essence Plan will help you achieve your goals, still we offer a FREE follow-up consultation after the initial course of 4-6 weeks, just to make sure that your essence plan is really working for you! This FREE follow up consultation allows you the opportunity to discuss the feedback of initial consultation and to review your future needs.

After the initial course of 4-6 weeks,
we solicit your feedback, so as to address the changes over period. Your basic essence plan can and do work magnificently -but it is unrealistic to expect a single course will resolve all your life issues. So as the initial issues are resolved, new insights or goals or issues might come up that you wish to work with. On the evaluation of your feedback, we may repeat several of the essences in the first program that were particularly helpful for you in our opinion. Explore new essences that were not in the first program and are attractive to you after assessment of your feedback. Seldom, we may take some "time off" between programs to evaluate your experiences on the first session. However, for more accurate evaluations, you should freely share your feelings with us. You should openly talk about your behavioral traits, perversions etc. You can write frankly like the essences are not working in the way I thought they should! Such statements may be helpful in suggesting the more perfect "Follow-Up" course.

How much is the consultation?

As an Internet special we are offering our consultation for just $49. All orders are processed on a 100% Secure Server.
For $49 you receive:

Our consultation, which includes your behavioral analysis by our experts' team and a customized Bach essence plan, addressed to your unique personality.
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An email that will have this recommended essence program.

and a FREE follow up consultation at anytime within 3 months of the initial consultation.

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Consultation Fee is $49 USD (See Rates & Shipping Policy)
You can make payment through or PayPal.

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