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Reigning Negative Emotions During Travel Time:

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Dominating Negative Emotions can also hamper traveler's psyche. During travel time following negative phases of mind are considered to be responsible in bringing the emotional imbalance. While traveling, many of us face some of those common problems. All such negativities can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy.

Frequent Motion sickness (-vomiting, nausea, feeling feverish etc.) during travel times.

Often getting quickly exerted during and after journeys.

Traveling boredom OR jetlags.

Fear of flying (Air Journey)

Finding difficulty in getting accompanied with new places owing to change in weather, environmental conditions, temperature, food, meals etc.

During travel times; tendency of feeling disgusted owing to dirt or dirty toilets, stations, airports, hotels, motels, lodges etc.

Getting difficulty in taking meals, passing stools, sleeplessness at relatively new places.

Nostalgic OR homesick feeling.

Negative thinking or negative approach while traveling -like habit of anticipating mishap during journeys like accidents, traffic jams, robberies etc.

Feeling of suffocation at public places like crowds, metro stations, Airports.

Often unnecessarily concerning over relatively future planning during travel times. Such as getting worried over forthcoming connected services, feeling of uncertainty about various co-related things etc.


All such negative phases of mind can be effectively controlled with the Bach Floral Therapy.

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-continue to the part 2 of Negative Emotions

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |
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