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Problems in Teenagers and Adolescents owing to Emotional Imbalance:

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Reigning Negative Emotions over a period of time can badly hamper the psyche of teenagers or adolescents. Persistent emotional imbalance displays following common symptoms in them. All such behavioral negativities can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy.

persistent mental tension, excessive concern of loved ones, fear or worry about a person or situation, may bring abnormal heartbeats or abnormal respiration, fluctuating body temperature, irregular working of pituitary glands etc.

Auto erotic tendencies.

Lack of adolescence symptoms even at proper age.

Easily prone to exertion, even after doing a trifle work.

Tend to confining problems to themselves.

Habit of displaying abnormal body language for no apparent reason thereof, like constant blinking and winking, gesticulation, nodding, hiccups, itching, rheumatism, habit of frequent urination, may be a result of persistent 'emotional imbalance'.

Despondency owing to guilty feeling OR inferiority complex, often due to considering ourselves to be the worst person in the world. e.g. adultery happened in past may develop self-reproaching OR guilty feeling approach towards life.

Find difficulty in getting adjusted with new occupation, residence, country, religion etc.

Find difficulty in adjusting with changing weathers, seasons, foods etc.

Inclined towards doubting their own capabilities.

Electra complex.

Relying unnecessarily upon artificial memory enhancing OR body building techniques like brain tonic, memory pills, capsules etc.

Excessive stress and strain on mind and eyes due to uncontrolled habit of netsurfing, chatting.

Uncontrolled desire of chatting on net.

Excessive concern of dearer one, lover. -think of them, at all the time.

Fatigue as a result of mental and physical exhaustion.

Fear of known origin -such as fear of father, teacher or professor, fear of examinations etc.

Feeling lethargic, shilly-shallying tendencies.

Forgetfulness, habit of repeating mistakes, Sharp in dilatory tactics, dawdling, dodging, finding excuses and often try to avoid the assigned work, jobs  -very slow in grasping, escapism, absentmindedness etc.

Loquacious prattler.

Homesickness / nostalgia while staying away from parent and that may affect concentration in studies and work.

Impediments during puberty.

Irregular routines such as waking up late or at odd times, taking meals at irregular timings, etc.

Often their confidence crumples at the performance stage.

Lack of confidence due to anticipation of failure that may result in despondency. e.g. even after preparing thoroughly for competition examinations, live competitions or stage shows, anticipation of failure spoils the performance finally.

Lack of interest in present circumstances, sleepy-headed, habit of building castles in air or daydreamer type of personality.

Melancholia owing to terminally ill member in family.

 Exertion at both the mental and physical level.

Mind occupied with the memory of lost friend(s), past lover(s)  pets etc.

Narcissistic tendencies at teen ages.

Getting nervous over trivial issues coming ahead.

Fear of unknown origin -often occurs in girls- at their puberty or adolescent stage, which may result in palpitations, nightmares etc.

Oedipus complex.

Over excited state of mind often results in confusion and forgetfulness at performance stage.

Paranoid tendencies at adolescence.

Physical ailment  or ill-health condition as a result of envy, spite, malice, jealousy, rivalry, suspicion, comparison or unhealthy competition etc. e.g. frustration may be a result of unhealthy contest, comparing results with competitors etc.

Physical ailments may trigger owing to negative approach, bitterness towards life.

Exertion as a result of long and grievous illness.

Prolongation of puberty than expected normally.

Reluctance in getting out of bed, brushing tooth, taking bath or all irregular habits of taking food, passing stools etc..

Suicidal tendencies.

Frustration owing to failure even after working at level best and delivering the finest service.

Uncontrolled, delayed or irregular menses.

Uncontrolled desire of bad habits -such as smoking, masturbating, drinking, drugs addiction, adultery, incest at adolescence in teenagers.

Uncontrolled desire of stealing money or things.

Unhealthy competition OR hostile surrounding may increase the level of emotional imbalances.

Weak OR delayed decision making, indecisiveness.

Avaricious tendencies.

Flirting and dating with no. of partners at a time.

Frivolous nature and never serious about the future.

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-continue to the part 2 of Negative Emotions

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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