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Emotional Imbalance: Negative Emotions and  Student's Psyche

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Persistent reigning "emotional imbalance" over a period of time can badly hamper students' psyche. Usually students face following general symptoms (problems) of emotional imbalances; in teenagers or adolescents, often those symptoms occur as more prominent. All such negativities can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy.

Apathy towards study.

Mind gets blank due to over excitement at performance stage. i.e. while attempting examinations OR participating in an elocution competition etc.

Often getting confused while selecting a proper stream of academics that is suitable to their intellectual capabilities.

Unable to judge our own limitations and capabilities and easily influenced by the others' ideas, principles, uncommon lifestyles etc.

Frequently changing moods, therefore unable to concentrate the studies.

Storming mind, that often mislead them in selecting best option available.

Confused state of mind, which may delay decision making.

Escapism tendencies, often owing to non-interesting stream of academics; forcibly imposed by the parents.

Fear of exams.

Feeling pain and sweat in fingers while writing exam papers. Feeling thirsty and uncomfortable while attempting the papers.

Getting blank while attempting the exam papers and unable to recall it again.

Flickering minds, due to guilty feeling of past unfortunate memories that do not allow them in concentrating into studies.

Fluctuating-hesitant decision making tendencies, often at crucial times like selection of careers

While attempting the examination papers, often getting exerted in a short duration of time.

Habit of anticipating failure, even before starting work on the task.

Habit of finding excuses, so as to avoid studies on that pretext; also very slow in grasping.

Habit of seeking unnecessary advice from others.

Inattentiveness during classes due to flickering mind.

Inferiority complex, developed owing to various reasons such as cast, race, poverty, social and financial status etc.; communication apprehension.

Getting Intolerant OR violent over trivial issues.

Lack of self-confidence while appearing for exams, competitions.

Habitual in lagging behind during examinations on the pretext of lack of time.

Lethargic tendencies.

At times, occasional feeling of inadequacy.

Despondency owing to guilty feeling OR inferiority complex, often due to considering ourselves to be the worst person in the world. e.g. adultery happened in past may develop self-reproaching OR guilty feeling approach towards life.

Often over confidence may lead to excited stage or elation whereby smart students can commit mistakes.

Self-disgust feeling due to immoral act done in past.

Swinging moods; suddenly switching over tendencies from one topic to another i.e. while attempting mathematics paper the student is concerning about tomorrow's history paper!

Taking excessive tension of forthcoming examination.

Excessive addiction of Internet chatting.

Uncontrolled desire of cheating, copying, duplicating on tests, examinations.

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-continue to the part 2 of Negative Emotions

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Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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