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Negative thinking, Negative thoughts OR Unwanted Thoughts (Part 2):

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

Often common behavioral negativities (like frustration, inferiority complex, mental instability, communication apprehension, poor will power, low grasping, absentmindedness etc.) nourish on disagreements and misunderstandings, which on accretion develop negative imagination. Negative imaginations means imagining all kinds of unpleasant things, torturing our-self, imagining all the negative thinking pattern that might happen to you or to other people. On persistent negative thinking or imagination, negative instinctive functions (-like persistent hate, jealousy, gloominess, recession, loss, sorrow, sadness or gloom) generate negative emotions. 

Negative emotions take up very much energy and can mold your entire thinking-pattern in a wrong direction.
Our behavioral negativities can entrap our mind quicker even than the thoughts. You may not be able to check them at first, but you can remember them afterwards and realize what has happened. This makes it possible to know them in advance. Unfortunately, most of the "emotionally imbalanced" people remain unattended for most of the time of their lives.

Persistent wrong way of thinking, often talking and imagining negative, always thinking bad for others, scandal, gossiping, excessive distrust and doubting; such type of mental make-up destroys the positive force of the work in you and exhausts your resources gradually.  

It is a form of
hara-kiri or self-deceit and gradually it destroys the strength of mind. If we waste so much energy on being negative by this way, then we will have none left for nurture of our 'inner-self'. What is mean by this "innerself"? Take a simple example: While traveling, if you find your co-passenger has forgotten his wallet during journey, how would you react? Your one mind would say, "you are lucky! Grab that wallet. Get the money and enjoy!" Yet another mind would say, "No way! This is wrong. I must return that wallet or else deposit it to a police station." Here the mind, which asks you to grab that wallet is your 'false-self' and the another one is your 'inner-self' and the conflict between them will decide your overall nature. Therefore we can say that,' Inner self' is the instinctive source of life; the spiritual, rational, and immortal part in man; that part of man which enables him to think, and which renders him a subject of moral government.  'Inner-self' nourishes self-esteem. While 'False self' is your working and representing mind that represents your notion of emotions at every moment. It is a prejudiced mind, wherein your 'ego' is involved. A mind that may be bigoted by your negative instinctive feelings like arrogance, doubts, fears, guilt and shame. 'False-self' is a true representation of gradual accretion of all type of emotions since our birth like joy, elation, gratification, contentment to sadness, depression, agitation, fear of loss, anxiety, worry etc. Obviously false-self nourishes Negative emotions at all the time that's why we do not have the energy and attention to get into higher parts of centers, as we waste it on nurturing negative emotions. 

To stop that energy leak --by expressing negative emotions at most of the time-- we must know the ways of purging negative emotions. We can take some precautionary measures like avoiding negative imaginations, stay away from negative talking etc. Yet we must be aware of the fact that, instinctive feelings like pleasant/unpleasant sensations, indifferent sensations, the 5 basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, emotional sensations / perceptions / impulses, instinctive desires of hunger, sleep or sex are primarily responsible to instigate negative emotions. If we are tired, or hungry, or in pain, those inner sensations can often be converted into negative emotions by way of our negative imagination.

While seeing in other people exactly what we dislike about ourselves would often instigate negative feelings towards others. We need to remember that
expressing negative emotions is a normal part of life and virtually all of us express and accept them as the normal. So we should not be surprised when people are negative, and should not condemn them for it. We are all negative. 

Every situation has a certain amount of power. Sometimes you are in other's control and sometimes the person you are dealing with is in your control. We should not become negative when we discover people using power; rather we should learn the rules of the game, and play it intelligently!

When we are "emotionally imbalanced", there is a corresponding blockage in the flow of energy through the meridian system of our body due to gradual accumulation of negative emotions. When such blockages are eased and released by purging negative emotions from the core of psyche, the emotions come into balance.

Once you are "emotionally balanced" and have developed a pragmatic attitude towards life, you cannot get upset about the "same" past incident or circumstance, no matter what life throws at you! The memory of "that" past incident or circumstance remains there but the charge will have gone. Typically, the result is lasting and your awareness usually changes in a positive way as a natural result of the healing.

The Benefits of Purging Negative Emotions

Purging Negative emotions improves coping ability, as well as mental and physical health.

It boosts innate latent ability of a person to face life situations courageously.

Emotionally balanced person is easily adjustable to different persons as well as situations.

Suppressing behavioral negativities (-negative emotions) is the harsh way of handling them!

We push them to the back of our mind, hold back them up, and ignore them. The problem with repression is that those negative feelings really never go away from the core of psyche. They build up and fester deep inside, over their gradual accumulation causing more "emotionally imbalanced" nature, which eventually impel us into such a behavior that either we don't like, or which is beyond our control. e.g. many people drink or smoke at this stage. This can be harmful also because suppressing emotions requires lot of energy. Complete exhaustion impedes our coping ability, impairs our immune functioning, and prevents us from reappraising the associated maladaptive cognitions.

The consequences of not getting help for eliminating behavioral negativities can be serious. Untreated negativities in behavior often continue and become worse, and new problems may occur. For example, someone with chronic frustration might begin drinking too much alcohol with the mistaken hope that it will help relieve his or her trauma.

Often, the people having behavioral negativities --accumulated at the core of their psyche-- don't get the help they need, simply because they do not know where to turn. When you're "emotionally imbalanced" due to reigning negative emotions --in any form like frustration, guilt, shame, inferiority complex, persistent negative or unwanted thoughts-- then it can be a struggle to take the necessary steps to help yourself get better. However if fracture is detected in one of the bones in your leg, you wouldn't let it go untreated. Often yet, many people ignore their concerns about those behavioral negativities, accumulated at the core of their psyche thinking they will "endure it," or that they are something to be ashamed of. Such kind of thinking prevents people from getting the help they need. Sometimes getting help is a matter of changing your thinking process!

What is the purpose of life? OR HOW to eliminate Behavioral Negativities?

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Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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