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Negativities OR Negative thought Patterns or emotions at Mental Level:

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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Following are the common Negative Emotions at the mental or psyche Level, which are considered to be responsible for triggering the emotional imbalance. All such behavioral negativities can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy.


Aloofness tendencies. 

Tendency of the anticipating failure, even before starting on the work assignment. 


Apathy towards life. 

Motion sickness during journeys. 

Communication Apprehension. 

Avaricious tendency. 

Uncontrolled anger.

Bitterness owing to surrounding hostile environment. 

Mind getting Blank at performance stage. 

Changing frequent moods (swinging moods) tendencies. 

Hesitating mind while making any decision.

Convulsions, for no reason thereof. 

Social apprehension.

Criticizing or quipping others tendencies. 

Dawdling, Dodging tendencies. 

Day dreaminess. 


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Disdain towards a situation or person you hate. 

Disdainful nature and attitude. 

Weak in decision making (Various phases) 

Self Distrust. 

Domination (either dominated by others or try to dominate others) 

Doubting others. 

Doubting own capabilities. 

Dread of doing some grisly act after losing self control. 

Dread of some known or unknown source like ghost, tremor or hurricane. 

Drowsiness, excessive mental stress for no apparent reason thereof. 

Habit of dwelling upon regrets, sorrows of past. 

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-continue to the part 2 of Negative Emotions

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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