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Negativities OR Negative thought Patterns at Mental Level:

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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Following are the common Negative Emotions at the mental or psyche Level, which are considered to be responsible for triggering the emotional imbalance. All such behavioral negativities can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy.

Easily influenced by the ideas OR life principles of others.

Eccentric or weird behavior. 


Electra complex tendencies. 

Envy, Spite, Malice, Jealously for others. 

Escapism or shilly-shallying tendencies. 

Excessive possessiveness or avarice of power and money. 

Excessive self-concern. 

Excessive shame, guilt, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, fear

Over self-pride. 

Exhaustion (at both the mental and physical level). 

Extreme mental tortures. 

Extreme panic and terror of unknown cause, like witch or ghost for child. 

Failure to learn out of life experiences. 

Recurrence of faintness, drowsiness for no reason thereof. 

Fatigue due to mental exertions/exhaustion. 

Fear of dark future ahead, hopelessness. 

Fear of dread things. 

Fear of known / unknown origin. 

Fear of losing control of the mind. 

Feeble will power. 

Feebleness (at both; mental and physical level). 

Feeling suffocate for no explainable reason thereof. 

Flickering state of mind while making decisions. 

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Forgetfulness/ absent-mindedness. 

Frustration tendencies. 

Getting excited quickly over trivial things. 




Guilty feeling due to past memories. 

Habit of sudden wakening with fear due to nightmares. 

Hatred tendency. 

Hesitancy of mind ("To be" or "Not to be"). 



Hot tempered nature; may be owing to persistent mental tortures. 

Hypertension tendencies. 




Inferiority complex. 

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Instability of mind. 





Job dissatisfaction. 

Lack of interest in present situation or lifestyle. 

Lack of mental peace. 

Lack of observation, in general. 

Lack of self-confidence. 

Lethargic tendencies, laziness. 

Loquacious prattler tendencies. 


Megalomania complex. 


Mental anguish or mental instability. 

Mental arguments with self. 

Mental exertion in short duration of time. 

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Mental fatigue. 

Mental imbalance. 

Mental shock. 

Mental torture. 

Motion sickness during journeys. 

Narcissistic tendencies. 


Negative approach towards life. 

Nervous breakdown 


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Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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