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Major Negative Emotions Responsible to bring about the Depression phase:

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Following are the Negative Emotions OR negative phases of mind, those are considered to be primarily responsible to push a person into a Depression phase of mind. All such type of depression phases can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy.

Depression owing to memories of unfortunate incident happened in the past.

Depression owing to rivalry, malice, spite, suspicion, doubt finding, hatred etc. 

Depression owing to persistent recurring thought on the same subject. 

Depression owing to mental shock. 

Depression owing to hostile surrounding circumstances.

Depression owing to anticipation of failure, even before starting work on the task. 

Depression owing to anxiety and worry of others' betterment. 

Depression owing to apathy towards life. 

Depression owing to bitterness and negative approach towards life. 

Depression owing to blankness of mind at the performance stage. 

Depression owing to dejection or deep-rooted sorrow. 

Depression owing to despair or hopelessness. 

Depression owing to desperation or despondency. 

Depression owing to domination (either being dominated by others or try to dominate others). 

Depression owing to surrounding disgusting factors like dirty toilets in trains, during travel time etc. 

Depression owing to extreme mental anguish / torture. 

Depression owing to failure in dominating and influencing others. 

Depression owing to resignation of monotonous lifestyle. 

Depression as a result of persistent failures. 

Depression owing to fear or phobia of known or unknown cause. 

Depression owing to feeling of self-inadequacy and doubting own capabilities, while performing the scheduled tasks. 

Depression owing to impatient or cranky behavior. 

Depression owing to chronic indecisiveness or lingering tendencies. 

Depression owing to lack of self-confidence.

Depression as a result of melancholia. 

Depression as a result of mental torture and undue influence of others. 

Depression owing to traveling boredom like motion sickness during journey.

Depression as a result of nausea and disgustful feeling about surrounding circumstances. 

Depression owing to negative approach towards life. 

Depression owing to over enthusiasm, over-straining on nerves. 

Depression owing to over excited state of mind. 

Depression owing to pessimistic approach towards life. 

Depression owing to repentance of past memories. 

Depression as a result of resentful and eccentric or weird behavior. 

Depression owing to Self-denial or Self-martyrdom approach towards life.

Depression owing to self-egoistic nature. 

Depression owing to self-reproaching tendencies. 

Depression as a result of undulating / swinging / unbalance moods or vacillation mentality. 

Getting Depressed over trivial and petty matters. 

Depressions as a result of nervous breakdown. 

Depressions owing to complete  exhaustion (mental OR physical). 

Depressions owing to failures -even after working hard at a level best. 

Homesickness or nostalgic depression. 

Depression on the verge of nervous breakdown; -mainly due to of persistent mental torture and physical agony. 

Temporary phase black depression or gloominess for no reason thereof. 

Xenophobia may cause disdainful attitude towards others', which may result into depression by way of guilty feeling, shame or self-reproach.

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Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |
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