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Childhood Negativities OR Negative Emotions in Children:

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Reigning Negative Emotions can also hamper the psyche of child badly. Often the children display following common symptoms as a result of their persistent 'emotional imbalance'. These symptoms of behavioral negativities can be lessened with the help of our specialty consultation in Bach flower therapy

Children may easily prone to general diseases, even on the slightest alteration in the surrounding environmental factors, like change in weather, season etc.

Children, those often find difficulties in getting adjusted with new places or surroundings.

Children, those confront to numerous --trivial to serious-- problems during teething, walking and talking stages.

Aloofness tendencies in some children sound like they are hiding a deep-rooted grief. Such children often hesitate to mix with other children -even of their own age group.

Children those hesitate to mix with other children of their age group.

Scary children -often getting scared due to deadly fear of known or unknown cause.

Children habitual to late night sleep.

Children with adamant nature like slapping mother-father or other family members.

Children having bedwetting tendencies.

Children having by-birth ailment or ill-health tendencies like convulsions, giddiness or faintness.

Children having by-birth weakness and showing reluctance in taking food.

Children with tendencies of faintness or unconsciousness.

Fearful child by nature, in general  --may be due to a known or unknown cause(s) thereof -like fear of ghosts, witch, fear of darkness, fear of security guard, watchman etc.

Child having habit of self-loquacious prating during solitary times.

Child having habit of sudden waking up -may be due to fear of nightmare or for no reason thereof.

Child having habit self-conversation or dialogue while playing alone.

Child having hereditary problem(s) since birth, which might have affected its psyche.

Child having (-comparatively) low grasping potentials even after repetition.

Child having problems in adjusting with new places, food, weather etc.

Child having selfish nature of egocentric ends.

Child having mentally imbalanced psyche -like unstable OR fluctuating mind, swinging moods, habits of irregular routines like taking meals, passing stools etc. at odd times.

Child having habit of getting sick during travel time  -like vomiting tendencies or feeling feverish etc. -often due to nausea or traveling boredom.

Child keeping itself aloof from the company of its age group may be due to inferiority complex.

Child is of absent minded by nature, failure to learn by experience.

Child keeping strong jealousy, spites, malice for its brothers or sisters.

Child may get resented over trivial issues.

Child of obstinate nature, stubborn or adamant, demanding for anything e.g. wanting mother or father nearby at all the time.

Child showing disdain towards servants, maids.

Child under dread of some known or unknown thing.

Child having pessimistic attitude towards life.

Child having slow grasping capacities.

Child having drowsiness symptoms, sleepy headed tendency, having no interest in present circumstances.

Hot tempered child gets angry and violent for no reason.

Selfish and self centered child.

Child with uncontrolled behavior and becomes violent over trivial issues.

Impatient, intolerant, irritating or restless child.

Child having lack of interest in present situation.

Often nightmares causing child cry and wetting beds.

Perversion of playing with genitals.

Habit of self-prattle when alone.

Reluctance in taking normal food. Demanding for delicious dishes of its likings -otherwise  on that pretext- habitual to avoiding routine meals and even prefers staying hungry.

Reluctant in getting out of bed, brushing tooth, taking bath etc.

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-continue to the part 2 of Negative Emotions

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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