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Negative Thought Patterns could instigate addiction Tendencies:

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Addiction implies a state of being "given up" or having offered to a habit or a practice or to something that is habit-forming to such an extent that its cessation may cause severe trauma. Often, people are found addicted to alcohol derivatives, narcotics, cigarettes, tobacco etc. (-substance addiction)

Bach Flower Therapy and Addiction tendencies:
Addiction tendencies OR bad habits in our innate behavior can be effectively eliminated with Bach Flower Therapy. If an alcoholic is treated with modern medicines, he may give up alcohol, but because of certain side effects he may become dull, lazy or lethargic and would be unable to concentrate discharging his routines. In this treatment, the physical body is compelled to abandon the addiction but not the mind. However, in Bach therapy, not only the physical body but his overall nature and attitude towards life would be taken into consideration in determining the mode of relieving. Principally in any addiction --say drinking or smoking-- a person does one and the same thing repetitively. On the scale of Bach therapy, such behavior reads as a negativity like 'uncontrolled desire of certain craze' may be due to either or more reasons like; mental torture, extreme grief, inferiority complex, memory of past misfortune or simply because the person is weak-willed by nature that can be easily prone to persistence of friends. By recommending certain essence combinations, addiction may be alleviated. This means that, not the physical symptoms but the cause of addiction would determine the line of treatment. There is no specific remedy for addiction in Bach system, but remedies are available on those negative emotions, which can instigate the addiction tendencies in that person. If the cause of addiction is uncontrolled desire of substance, mental torture, extreme grief, inferiority complex, memory of past misfortune or simply because the addict is weak-willed and can easily prone to persistence of friends. Then by recommending certain essence combinations that deal with those behavioral tendencies, the addiction tendencies can be corrected; sooner or later he gives up that bad habit. 

There are numerous Negative Emotions, which can be held responsible for instigating addiction tendencies in a person, few of them can be summarized as below:

Addiction as a result of extreme grief.

Addiction owing to friend circle/company. -due to persistence (often the victim is weak-willed)

Addiction owing to getting dominated by others (servility).

Addiction due to inferiority complex.

Addiction owing to mental torture / frustration.

Addiction owing to uncontrolled desire.

Addiction owing to memory of past misfortune.

Addictions owing to hate, envy, spite, rivalry, suspicion, jealously or unhealthy competition.

Fluctuating (-recurring) addiction habits due to storming minds or recurring mental imbalance.

Habitual addiction (-addiction has become a part and parcel of lifestyle).

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All such addiction phases can be effectively controlled with the aid of our online consultation of Bach Floral Therapy.

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-continue to the part 2 of Negative Emotions

Negativities: Mental | Physical | Student | Childhood | Teenager | Depression | Addiction |

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