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Useful Instructions that you need to know before you proceed to order the online consultation.

Imp. Hints Way of Consultation Treatment Time Dosage Norms Success Rate

Our Way of Assessment:
Online consultation is conducted with some modifications, due to a physical absence of client. When you enroll with us, we try to decode your body language on the basis of your 'overall nature' and 'general attitude towards life'. As both of us - CharmingHealth and you- are equally unfamiliar with each other, naturally you can share your views more freely and unbiased. (We think so :-)) By way of a simple survey, we take general information addressing all aspects of the your life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). This information is a test of your behavior, existing circumstances and your overall attitude towards life. On that basis, we work out the customized essence plan, suitable to the your health needs at that time. Your essence plan comprises of the list of selective Bach essences and their efficacious combinations tailored to your personal needs along with all the basic instructions, suggestions, guidelines and expertise; means everything that you need to know to get started, run and maintain your essence program. 

We believe, every mistake we have made in this field was a more knowledge gained. Behind each mistake that we made in suggesting erroneous essence combinations, there is always a lesson to be learnt. It is those lessons that have given us the insight to understand number of unique personalities thoroughly and inspired us to convert those individual observations into more perfect consultation next time. The result was to formulate a perfect foundation. You can now benefit from our expertise, by making use of this especially designed online program. 

Normally in live sessions people remain shy in sharing their subtle personality traits, behavioral secrets, various facets of their weird nature (ex. perversions, laziness-sloth, greediness, absentmindedness etc.) before the caregiver for various reasons. But they will respond openly to 'online friend', while accessing the Internet from their P.C.- perfect sense! Usually, people tend to 'browse' or 'chat' according to their own taste. Our research concluded that the probability of telling truth about 'real' nature (-using the P.C.) is much greater than in cases of physical interaction. Further, we learned that, the caregiver across table may not collect as much as information we can collect via net in all aspects like reliability, fact-finding, perfection, honesty, etc. Admitting perversions, behavioral negativities before your personal computer is just like a confession in an enclosed confessional! This honest, open information that is collected via net forms an integral part of our assessment, so as to arrive at the best essence plan.

To have a most accurate evaluation of your health concerns, keep in mind those simple instructions given below:

Do not mislead: Please be very honest. Fill in the questionnaire (survey) carefully; please do not conceal or veil any fact or truth that may mislead us in selection of suitable essence plan. Just say, whatever you want to say. 

Share your views freely with us: Please do not shy in sharing your weird personality traits, behavioral secrets, various facets of your nature (-like perversions, laziness-sloth, greediness, absentmindedness etc.)

Take your own time: Fill out the survey when you are relaxed and cool. Think a while before replying each ticklish question. Also note that flower essences seem to work most effectively if you deal with fewer issues at a time -so mark your priorities. Treat the main feelings you have now, and when the remedies have dealt with these, you can then move on to the issues that were in the background. Think of your goals or dreams you have for the future.

Oops I forgot!: If you find some of the important information has been skipped or forgotten, while submitting the survey profile -in that case- you can email us separately describing those details to be included in your profile. Please arrange to send them at the earliest. Normally we start working on your profile, after 12 hours of its receiving. Always send it as a direct email rather than as an attached file, since this saves time and reduces any risk of computer viruses. We do not open attachments and you too, should never open them. If we could not incorporate this supplementary info. in generating your essence program, in that case this info. will be included in the next follow-up course, if you carry on the consultation service. 

Side by Side...: The Bach Flower Therapy can be continued side by side with your ongoing mode of treatment in any branch of medicine or treatment modality. It has neither hindrance nor overlapping properties with any other treatment modalities. But in NO case, Bach remedies to be mixed with those medicines and there should be at least 15 minutes time lag between 2 doses i.e. the dosages of Bach essences and that of your another ongoing treatment. (See Dosage Norms)

Feedback and FREE Follow-up consultation: After the initial course of 4-6 weeks, we solicit your feedback, so as to address the changes over period. Your basic essence plan can and do work magnificently --but it is unrealistic to expect a single course will resolve all your life issues. So as the initial issues are resolved, new insights or goals or issues might come up that you wish to work with. On the evaluation of your feedback, we may repeat several of the essences in the first program that were particularly helpful for you in our opinion. Explore new essences that were not in the first program and are attractive to you after assessment of your feedback. Seldom, we may take some "time off" between programs to evaluate your experiences on the first session. However, for more accurate evaluations, you should freely share your feelings with us. You should openly talk about your behavioral traits, perversions etc. You can write frankly like the essences are not working in the way I thought they should! Such statements may be helpful in suggesting the more perfect "Follow-Up" course. 

Although, we are sure about the results that you will derive with your essence program starting from day one, still we advise you to maintain the regularity in dosage schedule - as you are well aware of the basic that the Flower Therapy doesn't demand any diet and regimen - still it anticipates constancy & consistency in your routine schedule of essence-taking!

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Imp. Hints Way of Consultation Treatment Time Dosage Norms Success Rate

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