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Get Well Corner : 

General Instructions that you need to know before you proceed to order the consultation Program.

Imp. Hints Way of Consultation Treatment Time Dosage Norms Success Rate

Welcome to Get-Well Corner Of CharmingHealth.Com and see how we work out your personalized essence plan. Our online consultation does not demand any hands-on examinations or lab-testing(s). It is solely based on the general assessment of your inherent behavior and mental make-up. We collect your general information through a simple online questionnaire (survey). The output of this questionnaire (survey) enables us to accurately assess your overall nature and attitude towards life, without having to physically examine you.

Please carefully read the following instructions before you proceed to fill out the survey.

Whether your health concerns are related to your physical, as well as mental health, the course of essences that we recommend for you is by far the most effective. As we have tested this essence program with number of clients, we already know the success you will achieve using this program, however quality of essences and punctual dosage schedule are the decisive factors in achieving best results. We appeal you to purchase guaranteed essences, created by Julian and Martine Barnard, FES or Nelson Bach and try to maintain regularity in your routine dosage schedule to derive best results. You can purchase the essences locally at any homeopathic pharmacy or a health food store and can save a lot of money that way.  (Click here to see the average market cost of essences we recommend.)

We set up your essence program on the basis general information that we collect from you with the help of our specially designed simple questionnaire (survey). Obviously the way you reply to those simple questions plays a decisive role in achieving perfection, while concluding the essence program. So spend reasonable time and think a while before you proceed to choose the most appropriate option available there. This personality profile percolates through subject experts including modern medical sciences, if necessary. Bach therapy involves analysis of an individual's inherent behavior and mental make-up as a map for consultation, so it does not demand any case papers in anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc. Bach therapy concentrates more on your behavioral traits rather than physical symptoms, naturally the essences we recommend and their efficacious combinations are truly personalized and specific. Person for whom they are recommended should use them. Do not share these them with friends, family etc even for the same symptoms or ailment.

Please Remember... Your contentment is our goal. Accurate selection of remedies, their efficacious combinations followed by your prompt dosage schedule is a key to release  emotional bonds and achieve personal goals. Your amiable, honest and open-minded support may help us in selection of best possible essence plan that synchronizes to your nature.

Our Way of Consultation:
This is a personal consultation via email starting at just $49. All orders are processed on a 100% Secure Server. See Rates and shipping policy for detail info. Consultation includes in-depth analysis of your personality profile and recommendation of personalized essence program tailored to your personal needs. It consists a list of selective essences, their efficacious combinations customized to your health concerns (-to be taken over for approx. 6-8 weeks.) with necessary instructions, suggestions, guidelines and expertise - the works. We have boiled down our proprietary expertise in this field and with our guidance you will get real-life mentoring from someone who cares about your health success.

Usually it takes around 24 hours for an accurate assessment of client's behavior to actual delivery of personalized essence plan in their e-mail basket. 

Please note that we do not entertain any enquiry or provide any information, explanation or justification about the recommended essence formula like why we suggested the particular essence(s) or essence combination(s), commentary, justification, reason(s) or purpose(s) of recommendation of a particular essence(s) or blend(s) etc. because this is not possible on our part for various reasons or you can make it out as our trade secret! What you need is relief, and we make every possible effort in that direction while generating your essence plan. 

Normally we recommend 5-9 essences depending upon the behavioral complexities.
Then we classify them into three sub-groups. These sub-groups are marked as 'Morning',' Afternoon' and 'Evening' dosage in your essence plan. Permutation(s) and combination(s) of essence(s) that fall within a particular sub-group and their advisory plan is collective outcome of our software program and manual efforts. You can easily make your customized doses, simply by mixing different essences in a glass of water, as per our directions. Each dose is purely personalized and catered according to personal health needs, based on the unique behavioral traits of an individual. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.

Availability of Flower Essences:
Bach Flower essences or Bach Remedies are easily available throughout the world. Check out their availability at your nearby homeo-pharmacy or a health food store. All Homeopathic pharmacies maintain the stock of Bach Remedies, as they are frequently demanded by the homeopaths. Although general audience may not be that much aware about Bach Flower essences, but  many leading homoeopaths are successfully administering Bach remedies in their practice, since 1930.
Click here to learn about how some people could manage to offer personalized essence bottle at just $24.99 on their site?

What is the "Cost of Essences" involved?
Buying Bach essences across the counter at homeopathic pharmacy or a health food store can save a lot of money. Earlier our services were inclusive of dosage kit, however selling essence kits online is found to be a costly affair  for various reasons: Bach essences -like homeopathy medicines- are preserved in alcohol, which is volatile in nature. Many times, due to shippers' mishandling or negligence, essences evaporate during transit. Apart, handling delicate items like small glass bottles, their droppers, check them for leakages, shipping them carefully, handling frequent refunds, returns, charge-backs, frauds is somewhat cumbersome. Returned essence kit -customized for a specific person- cannot be used again for another person. That's why online prices of Bach essences are pretty high (almost double or more). For example, Nelson Bach charges $14.45 for 20ml and a dealer of Julian and Martin Barnard sales 30ML at $10.80 and 7.5ML at $6.60 online. Cost of shipping seems excluded in most of the cases. The usual minimum UPS charge is around $8.00 for standard ground delivery. Obviously, the online deal would be indeed prohibitive. Apart, some shippers run those floral essence packages through the x-ray scanner, which may diminish their healing effect. So it is always advisable not to purchase them online, unless no other option has left. 

Homeopathic pharmacy is the best place where you will find fairly low rates. A best deal can be found at your nearby homeo pharmacy, since pharmacies offer products to homeopaths at competitive rates. (B-to-B model of business!) Big homeopathic pharmacies offer floral essences at very low rates, as their volume of business is big; normally wholesaler charges a 30ml (one ounce) essence bottle for $4.99 to $6.25 and retailers' sale them across the counter at $5.99 to $10.80. Similarly a 20ML essence bottle costs (-in wholesale) just $3.99 to $5.50 and you can have it at $4.50 to $6.50 across the retail counter. 

Obviously, buying Bach essences across the counter at homeopathic pharmacy is recommended.

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Useful instructions that you need to know before you proceed to order the consultation

Imp. Hints Way of Consultation Treatment Time Dosage Norms Success Rate

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