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Level of Your of Health and Happiness and Your Mind and its Power Co-relation:

Concept of BFT Mind & Its Power Harmony Bet'n. Body & Mind Health Obstructions 

-continued from the part III of How the harmony between Mind, Body and Soul is maintained? >>>

How do you react to a particular life situation? --of course in a definite manner. During hot summer, your outer skin would start sweating, so as to sustain the body temperature with the surrounding environment and gradually the body would get tuned with that outer hot surroundings. This process of sweating is spontaneous and instinctive. Also, in fever the body temperature would increase to resist the outside parasitic attack. Similarly, if you come across with a fatal accident or horrified event on your way, in a fraction of second, your body systems would adapt themselves to cope with that critical situation. 

It is our natural ability to mold our innate systems in accordance with our existing circumstances. It is our instinctive mind that would decide how to deal with good as well as bad life situations. This means that, if we really want to create change or improve our life then we must learn to exploit our mind capabilities. Exploring the power of our mind will help us in shaping our innate nature and modifying the attitude towards life in accordance with our existing circumstances while facing the life challenges. This power of mind can also be used in eliminating the behavioral negativities from the core of our psyche. Lessening negative emotions can tranquil our mind and develop our instincts -- or Intuition -- while eliminating stress-strain, tensions, worries etc.

If we could 'manage' our innate nature --ultimately the Mind-- and could alter our attitude towards life by eliminating the accumulated behavioral negativities from the core of our psyche, we may accomplish those goals we never dreamed possible.

There are hundreds of books, courses, personal coaches, software programs, subliminal tapes and short-term solutions out there that promise to change our life. But none of them work, simply because they could not mold our basic nature in the preferred manner, they could not alter our attitude towards life, since every person, his behavior and his existing circumstances forms a unique combination. Unless those programs would be customized to the unique needs of an individual, all such programs would be futile.

Health is a birthright of every living creature. Health is also an indication of happiness.

The ultimate aim of our life is to achieve health and happiness, throughout the life we work in that direction. If we ask ourselves, what is the purpose of my education? Why do I like to play Golf? Why  do I invest  money in stocks, shares? Why I am marrying? Why I am a rearing children? And like that! All those questions would ultimately lead to the same answer - just to derive more and more happiness throughout the life!

When we admit that, the real source of happiness lies in our innate nature and  in our attitude towards life, means we also admit that happiness could never be gained from outside sources, rather it could only be achieved by reshaping our innate nature and by altering the attitude towards life. If we are emotionally balanced, we shall be happy, regardless of our external circumstances, but if we are "emotionally imbalanced", we shall never be happy, no matter how much we try to change our external conditions. When we feel happy from inside, we do our work better and take more pride in it. Obviously, the maintenance of good health primarily depends upon the level of happiness. Naturally prevention of 'health obstructions' implies nothing but the process of 'restoration of happiness' by way of eliminating 'Behavioral Negativities'. 

Each of us is a self-organizing autonomous system of consciousness. Each of us is an energy system. Energy flows through our Being, and is directed by our consciousness. This energy is in a state of movement, it flows, and in a healthy organism this energy flows smoothly. When the flow of this energy is blocked or interrupted, it is experienced by our inner-self as an "emotional imbalance", and it is the inner-self's instinctive tendency to return to balance so as to return to health.

Normally we tend to manage emotions by two ways -either by suppressing them or by expressing them! For that, We resort to anything from anti-depressants, anti-hypertensives, drugs, alcohol to exercise, meditation, yoga or even entertainment too- means everything that we think could be helpful in lessening the pain that we carry inside due to "emotional imbalance". If we can't carry it, it may explode in the form of drastic reaction, ranging from petty crime to murder. By venting emotions in any form (constructive or destructive; constructive such as listening music, meditation OR destructive may be like bullying or abusing others) makes us relieved for a time being. 

Venting out the feelings is a natural reaction. We could manage the explosive negative emotions skillfully like a steam management mechanism in pressure-cooker. The pressure-cooker mechanism uses steam for cooking food as well as it releases the excessive to avoid hazards. In same manner, we could manage the exploding emotions. Expressing negative emotions at times is a natural part of normal life, if managed properly; emotions can be canalized in a manner to avoid hazards, as well as dominate life situations. Our capacity of "managing emotions" would determine our level of success in life. Not our intelligence or I.Q., but our ability to dominate life situations plays important role while surviving in today's unique world. Majority of the successful celebrities are identified by their one or more ruling feature that demonstrates their either of the unique behavioral traits -either constructive or even pervert too-  which is attributed to their innate nature, -like self-martyrdom, workaholism, obsessiveness, homosexuality, paranoid, adulterous or narcissistic tendencies- rather than their GPA or scholarly features!

Bach Flower therapy is a gentle way of purging negative emotions. It acts at vibrational level by allowing us bypass the rational mind and literally to get to the root cause of negative emotions. By getting to the 'root cause' of negativity and pulling out the distortions in our belief systems is the first step towards healing those deep-rooted negativities. While reaching at our inner-self, it can bring about real changes in our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual being. Correcting "emotional imbalance" involves releasing trapped and discordant behavioral traits, attitudes and decisions.

Bach Flower Therapy could change our attitude by stimulating awareness within us. Self-understanding, recognizing inside feelings -as it happens- is the key to manage the innate nature and to modify the attitude towards life. This ability to monitor our basic behavior helps us gain better awareness of what we are feeling. Bach flower therapy gives us a road map to our emotions and effective tools to deal with them. Being aware of our emotions helps us to make better decisions avoiding inappropriate emotional responses that affecting our judgment.

Bach Flower therapy can tap into the inner power of our mind.

It can remove blockages in the body's energy flow.

It can help, diffuse and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions.

It can stimulate healing.

It can improve your overall performance.

It may help us to take better decisions.

Bach Flower Therapy therapy can provide:

A more challengeable, interesting and enjoyable life.

A feeling of inner peace.

Achieving the personal best at stage, sports or hobbies.

Radiant health at physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

A positive effect on people around us.

A greater capacity to understand life and things around us.

Improve your life significantly.

Bach Flower Therapy is aimed specifically at widely distinguished states of negative emotions, obviously Bach essences cure more subtle. The healing vibrations that releases from Bach essences harmonizes with vibrations of your innate nature and transform the behavior gradually, which ultimately leads to complete healing of body and mind. Bach essences stimulate mind's positive potential, which then release to counterbalance and cure the specific unbalanced emotional state of mind. Bach Flower Therapy will fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right. You will be able to think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others. Remember our destiny changes with our thoughts; we shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do, when our habitual thoughts correspond with our desires.

It is our natural instinctive tendency to return to balance, so as to return to our natural state of health through healing. The process can be done either alone or if you wish; with the help of another. Your mind is a sacred enclosure into which no one can enter except by your permission, however when healing is concerned, it is always better not to go at it alone. Healing is a combination of helping yourself and letting others help you. Comfort and support is a form of help. 
If it is with the help of another one, why not with CharmingHealth?

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What are the various Health Obstructions? and How do we prevent them?

Concept of BFT Mind & Its Power Harmony Bet'n. Body & Mind Health Obstructions

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