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How the Harmony Between Body & Soul is Maintained? Power of the Mind

Concept of BFT Mind & Its Power Harmony Bet'n. Body & Mind Health Obstructions

-continued from the part II of Concept of Health, happiness and Emotions >>>

Power of the Mind:
The Mind is the very powerful organ of our body. It represents our emotions, feelings, thoughts, memories, and intellect. Every good and bad feelings or sensations first come into mind and thereafter the physical body starts responding accordingly. When the body is inflicted with pain, it is the mind that suffers.

Memory is the most important component of mind. Memory teaches us an experience from which we base our reaction to a recurrent incident. The child who has been burnt by fire will be very careful of the next fire, he comes across. Similarly, the memory of the hot chilly will warn the diner to go slowly on the chilly in the next meal. Therefore we can say that our present behavior is an outcome of our past memories. Past memories of joy, contentment or satisfaction sends positive vibrations to mind and mind reciprocates happy moments, conversely past memories of sorrow, regrets or agony generates negative vibrations and mind reciprocates negative emotions like melancholy, insomnia or hypertension. This means that, when we are in happy phase, our body systems will be perfectly tuned to our mind (-emotionally balanced state of mind) and they will work as per standard parameters and will remain in harmony with each other so that their basic involuntary action will not be altered or hampered. The entire working can be outlined in following diagram. 

Our mind, with the help of past memories guides us at all the times, simply because it possesses the exceptional thinking ability. Our thinking ability makes us differ from animals.

Animals do not have a thinking ability as we have. Thinking ability in animals is restricted to the extent of their basic survival needs; means hunger, sleep, sex, fear and defend. Their mind aptitude can only think of their basic fundamental needs. When they are hungry they eat. When they are tired, they sleep. The zebra does not plan the night before to avoid the cheetah the next day! The deer has memory of the tiger eating up its fellow deer and therefore it is running away from the tiger as fast as it can. After escaping from the tiger the deer goes about doing its usual things with no plans about the next attack. While running away from the tiger, it does not worry whether it will succeed or not. It just runs. The animals do not worry about what will happen when the next drought hits them.

We are different from animals because we have the exceptional thinking mind, but it does not mean that what our thinking mind guides us is always correct. Why? simply because our present thinking mind is an outcome of conflicts between our 'inner-self' and 'false-self'

If our mind is finely tuned to our 'true-self' OR is least hampered by the 'false-self', obviously we will be able solve the personal problems by the use of our finest intellect. Only the 'true-self' can be creative and only the 'true-self' can perceive real. The true-self is the inner, most sacred part of each person and is a true representation of their soul. Personalized Bach essence formulations tailored to unique needs of an individual, may help them in finely tuning their soul to their 'true-self'. It will enhance their grasping potentials due to positive vibrations, ultimately lead them towards radiant health. Bach Flower essences work at vibrational level and mold the innate nature of a person in a way to tune with their 'true-self'.

Attack of microbs

Happy mind

Positive vibration
Increase in vital force
Good health
Attack of microbes
Happy mind
Positive Vibrations
Continuous increase in vital force
Good Health

During life journey, sometimes we may not be able to acquire those things that we have dreamed before for wealth, position or respect, which makes us unhappy. At such pathetic state of mind, something like fear, phobia, uncertainty, doubting nature, irritability, anger or any other factor could soar up, leaving us miserable. When those negative emotions dominates psyche; triggers emotional imbalance.  This "Emotional imbalance" travels via nerve paths to all parts of body or lodge in a certain organ to cause pain or damage; like uncontrolled anger can raise blood pressure, remorsing past memories may lead to insomniac or melancholic tendencies, depression may cause hyperacidity which may convert into stomach ulcer in its later stage. The doctor may prescribe some antiulcerants (omeprazole, rannitidine etc.) for availing temporary relief from ulcer, however it is evident that such illness can only be removed by eliminating their root cause from the core of the mind and not just treating their "side effects" on the basis of  the symptoms. 

Likewise, on hearing a shocking news like a death of close relative or associate, how would the mind react with such incident? What would happen? The mind would react immediately. That reaction would set off negative vibrations into soul, those negative vibrations would trigger several hormonal secretions. Those secretions would help the body systems to cope with that event. It would continue till the restoration of normal health. Over the period of time, most of the people would get adjusted with their circumstances -because it is our natural instinctive tendency to return to normal life, so as to return to our natural state of health- still few of them could not be able to cope with such incidents. Their mind would remain lingering in their past regrets and sorrows. They would seem 'dead' in their present circumstances and their interest in life ahead would be lost. For them, the mind would cause disharmony between body and soul. Their innate nature would start emitting negative emotions causing "emotional imbalance",  this "Emotional imbalance" -as mentioned above- would bring about an ailment or ill-health condition like loss of appetite, loss of interest, aloofness etc.

In this way, our 'inner-self' repels or attracts the negative emotions at all the time.

When the 'Life-force' gets weaken, it would make the body easily prone to various diseases. It is indeed not necessary that the health impediments -that invite negative emotions- would be of long lasting nature and would necessarily affect the psyche for a longer period of time, even the simplest thing can piss you off. Take for e.g. -If the wallet is picked during journey, A. C. is not working in running train. Such trivial incidents are also capable of disturbing your normal phase of mind, which in turn would disturb the functioning of Normal health parameters by making you unhappy. Persistent unhappy phase of mind would provoke the disease-producing microbes leaving your body unhealthy. Persistent negative emotions like jealousy, rivalry, paranoid nature etc. would certainly trigger disturbances like hypertension, sleeplessness, piles etc. at your body level. A jealousy between in-laws would adversely affect both of them and may bring about an unhealthy conditions like blood pressure, insomnia, melancholy etc. If such emotional imbalances continues over a longer period of time then it may turn into a chronic disorder in future.

Attack of microbs
Unhappy mind
Negative vibration
Declination in vital force
Ill health
Attack of microbes
Unhappy mind
Negative Vibrations
Declination in vital force
ill Health

Our mind has memory of every event that we've experienced in life. Our overall nature and attitude towards life is an outcome of our emotions, our beliefs, our understanding of reality and our feelings expressed at good or bad times. Invisible mind is controlled by invisible illusions, lies, as well as absolute truths, intuition and inner wisdom, which makes one's personality. Often our pains, conflicts, unresolved issues in our lives or even pleasures in excess (elations) can become a source of chronic uneasiness, blocked growth and even physical illness. Such deeply embedded negativities could become a core of many problems that we experience in life, even though we seem to have a clear intellectual understanding of them. Many times, those behavioral negativities resist healing until they are addressed and finally purged from the core of our innate nature.

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Concept of BFT Mind & Its Power Harmony Bet'n. Body & Mind Health Obstructions

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