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Differentiating Bach Flower Therapy with Homeopathy:

BFT - History BFT - Uniqueness BFT - Allopathy BFT Homeopathy Why Flowers?

(BFT - Bach Flower Therapy)

Although Bach flower therapy is considered to be an offshoot of homeopathy, still it has its unique approach to healing rather than the usual Homeopathic way.

In homeopathy, there are thousands of medicines with different potencies. Obviously, selection of specific medicine with a specific potency, for a specific type of personality is a difficult task. It is really a tedious and time-consuming process to search a particular remedy with particular potency, which synchronizes with the personality of particular nature. This art of pinpointing the exact classical remedy is pretty cumbersome, that's why the percentage of successful homoeopaths is very low. Whereas, Bach therapy represents a limited number of essences, wherein their combinations are being advised on the basis of the behavioral traits and mental make-up rather than the symptoms of diseases or ill-health conditions. 

In some of the homoeopathic medicines with higher potencies, a possibility of side effect cannot be overruled. However with Bach essences no side effects have been noted so far.

According to Dr. Hahnemann, (father of homeopathy) mixing of homeopathic medicines shall be avoided, in general. He opined that it is an art that examines the skill of successful homoeopath to pinpoint the exact remedy, which should synchronize with the mind of the patient. The exact number of doses and potency has to be chosen under his guideline and supervision. Whereas in Bach Flower Therapy the mixing of essences is an integral part of therapy, so as to have a perfect blend for Bach essences that should synchronize with the specific nature of a person.

Homeopathy aims at curing the overall symptomatology of body, mind and emotions, however Bach Flower therapy aims more specifically at releasing "emotional imbalance" -irrespective of the disease or ill-health symptoms. It is observed that, Bach essences work more deeply and lastingly than homoeopathic medicines. 

The concept of Bach Flower Therapy insists on the study of overall nature and attitude towards life of a person and Bach remedies are being prescribed accordingly, however the homeopathy examines symptoms expressed by the vital force at three levels such as mind, emotions and body. It is too complicated system to co-relate the medicine with the previous case history of the patient, his heredity, the previous incidents that might have affected his psyche and accidents of his life. Several factors - at both the physical and mental level - are to be taken into consideration in determining the homoeopathic mode of treatment. 

The "healing essence" of homoeopathic remedies is release through initial preparation of medicines and resulting into progressive dilutions and succussions so that the "healing essence" is carried over to the medium after Avogadro's Number. However Bach flower healing essence is stimulated during potentization or boiling of plants and it is released into the water by means of an assumed carrier. This process brings out the essences' full healing potential, making progressive dilutions and succussions avoidable like homeopathy. 

Homoeopathic medicines are being derived from the numerous sources such as plants, animals, geographic matter up to chemical compounds, whereas Bach flower essences are derived from the purity of nature like wild flowers, bushes, trees and a special source of water. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.

Why the use of Flowers in Bach Flower Therapy?

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BFT - History BFT - Uniqueness BFT - Allopathy BFT Homeopathy Why Flowers?

(BFT - Bach Flower Therapy)

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