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Concept of Bach Flower Therapy Part - 2: Health, happiness and Emotions

Concept of BFT Mind & Its Power Harmony Bet'n. Body & Mind Health Obstructions

-continued from the part I of Concept of Health as per Bach Flower Therapy >>>

Although the inherent behavior OR basic nature of  a person does not possess any existence on a physical scale, still we think of a behavior first, while thinking about a particular person. Person and personality are the two sides of a coin wherein person refers to a physical body and personality comprises of a general behavior and mental make-up of that person.  Behavior of a person cannot exists without emotions. Our personality is a true representation of our character as well as mental make-up. 

The root of all happenings is our innate nature. It rushes after experiences and ingenious in the games of deception. Our ancient belief says that our innate nature originates out of the soul and the soul governs all of our emotional activities. Invisible soul is supposed to be an integral part of every living creature while representing them as live! -means every living creature possess soul and body as a unified unit, wherein body is hardware and soul is a software program of that living "machine". 

According to science, mind is the consciousness that originates in the brain and directs mental and physical behavior of a person, this means that, mind is a perpetual representation of the soul and the soul is a spiritual principle of our thoughts that governs our choice and actions. The immortality of the soul is based on the notion that it is a purely spiritual activity and must itself be purely spiritual and able to survive even after the loss of physical body. Soul is the real spiritual substance created by God  -The higher consciousness or force within us and the collective thought of all creation-  which is unified to body and constitutes a person. It is a spark of God, and soul can see, know, and perceive all things. It is the creative center of its own world.

Even though we say, our mind is governed by the soul but scientifically the existence of a soul cannot be verified, still we cannot deny the existence of soul merely for the reason that it is not yet scientifically proved. Some contemporary examples can support the existence of invisible soul. Can we imagine sugar without sweetness? If it is sugar, then it must possess the characteristic of sweetness. Although its sweetness has no existence on any physical scale but sugar always remains unified with that sweetness otherwise it would not be a sugar! Same thing as in the case of flowers, their fragrance is unseen but it can be sensed. We can say that, sweetness and fragrance are the souls of sugar and flower respectively, unified to their carriers like how the personality is embedded in a person. There are many things in this nature having no existence on physical scale, they are integrated uniformly with their carriers and their carrier possesses the existence on a physical scale.

Now we can say that, while treating a person for an ailment or condition, if the soul is ignored merely for the reason of its non-appearance on a physical scale, no treatment can be initiated to that person  -because a body without soul signifies a dead body! We cannot represent a dead body with the name of that person but we identify it as the "mortal remains" of that person. How we can anticipate a dead body to respond a treatment? We look for its disposal at the earliest. This is because the dead body starts decaying and it cannot be preserved for a longer time. The process of its decaying starts due to the attack of microbes, bacteria, virus, moulds etc. Why, then those micro-organs don't attack the live people? Yes, they do attack on all the living creatures, however the immune system present inside the living beings resists their assault with the help of antibodies (like White Blood Corpuscles) inside them. This process remains continue at all the time and the balance between immunity and susceptibly maintains the health. When immunity dominates outside attack, radiant health is maintained but if outside attack dominates immunity, that weakens susceptibly and ill-heath appears. In this way the heath is sustained. It is now evident that body and soul combined with each other act as the constraints for a radiant health. The dead body cannot resist the attack of microbes, because the antibodies inside them which could have resist that attack became dead. Still after the death of those antibodies, the physical weight of that body does not alter and remains the same. This leads to the conclusion that those antibodies were working under some unknown and immaterial force, having no existence on any physical scale. We may term it as the "Life force", which is required in survival of all living things. At the end of our life span, this life force gets withdrawn from the physical body. This "Life force" means unseen, subtle latent energy by virtue of which we can survive, make movements and face the life situations that we come across. In Bach flower therapy, this "Life force" is referred as "vibrational energy" and "vibrational healing" implies a process that bolsters life force to maintain the survival and keeps us alive in healthy and radiant manner. Vibrational healing means a nature-guided way of survival that looks after subtle soul rather than the physical body. Although we wanted to revive a dead man by putting life forces like air, water or sunlight, so as to restore vibrational energy in him, there isn't a chance, because the internal life force or vibrating energy, that in fact would have responded and synchronized to outside treatments and which is supposed to be responsible to sustain and continue life has already been left in that dead person.

A perfect tuning between body and soul implies radiant health and ultimate Happiness.

While listening to beautiful music or watching a sunset. How do we react? Definitely in a positive gesture! Vibrationally, that takes us by the hand and lifts us up to a higher rate of vibration -out of the darkness, out of blue mood, out of negative emotions, out of the exhaustion- which tunes our body and mind in a perfect harmony, (-emotionally balanced state of mind) so that we can realize that 'perfected state' at its peak, for that particular moment. That keeps our body and soul in harmony and naturally the life force for survival will also remain up, obviously it will enhance our grasping potentials due to positive vibrations and will ultimately lead towards radiant health. The music that we hear is in the form of waves, having no physical existence, however owing to the emotionally balanced state of mind, it is capable of awarding radiant health and happiness within us. 

Another example: - A waft of a your favorite Pizza, Chinese dish across the roadside is sufficient to pulls you inside the hotel. In fact the wafting (-or that whiff) has no physical appearance, but it is capable of mouth watering, which is a physical change derived out of gratification. 

Therefore, "positive life force" is necessary ingredient of radiant health. The more the gain in vital "life force", the more is the compatibility between body and soul, more you are in the emotionally balanced state of mind. On physical scale, we can represent this emotionally balanced state of mind (-stage of gratification), wherein a person having perfect harmony between his body and soul, as per the following health parameters: 

Standard parameters of radiant health for the emotionally balanced person:

When the heart is beating at normal rate i.e. 72 beats per minute.

Lungs are respiring at normal rate i.e. 14 -16 times per minute.

Blood pressure at systolic and diastolic level is normal i.e. 125/80 mm.

Sugar level in blood and urine is normal.

Good resistivity to parasitic attacks like viral/bacterial etc.

These are some simple parameters that can easily be applied to any person so as to judge their state of health. Their functioning is controlled by the vital "life force" present in our body, which acts as a catalyst in every activity.

we come across a critical life situation, our instinctive nature prepares our psyche for either 'fight' or 'run away' in that situation. During this phase, our mind stimulates the body to secrete lots of chemicals and hormones (e.g. adrenaline, cortisone and sugars), so as to cope with that crisis. During that 'fight' or 'run away' phase, all those chemical body secretions would have been used up. However, if we prefer to choose a different option other than those available -'fight' or 'run away'- options, means decide to keep that critical issue unresolved or pending over the period of time. Then the chemical  or hormonal secretions which otherwise would have been used up, start accumulating inside the body. Over the period of time, their accretion reflects in the form of  -trifle to serious- health disturbance, which may again lead to severe ill-health conditions if those symptoms persist over a longer period of time. It happens, because our "default" mental make-up has been programmed for definite options -either fight with opposing factors or run away from them but never choose an option other than what the nature prefers.

Researchers have also proven that accumulated negative emotions at the core of your psyche, which replicate as behavioral negativities, is the number one cause of many ailments and ill-health conditions. "Emotional imbalance" travels via nerve paths to all parts of body or lodge in a certain organ to cause pain or damage; like depression may cause hyperacidity and may convert into stomach ulcer in its later stage. Uncontrolled anger can raise blood pressure, remorsing past memories may lead to insomniac or melancholic tendencies etc. 

Being "emotionally balanced" means that your perceptions and feelings are functioning correctly, such that you do behave in a normal manner. But achieving that goal can be a challenge due to outside obstructions and your own destructive attitudes that makes you emotionally imbalanced at all the time. Taking care of your faulty, negative and pessimistic attitude before it debilitates body and psyche should be your utmost priority.

Bottling up inner feelings or negative emotions can create more problems since all the emotional imbalances are abnormal expression of one of the two basic instincts- pain or pleasure.
A pain or pleasure, either in excess or dearth generates negative emotions. A particular negativity can be overcome by replacing that pain with its associated pleasure. Hate can be replaced with love. It is not a question of whether it can be possible, but rather how it can be possible. Within our Being is the ability to love. We have a potential for infinite love at the core of our inner-self, which can replace the hate in us.

Any "emotional imbalance" can be released by our consciousness. Every symptom has a certain "way of being" with which it is associated. In order to release a symptom from its root, one must release the "way of being" associated with it. Thus, the process of healing implies a process of transformation. Personalized Bach essence combinations that we recommend, act at vibrational level. While acting, their healing effect can help us to break through the limitations of our conscious mind, freeing our unconscious to assist in resolving emotional issues. Through the exploration of the subconscious mind, symptoms will begin to disappear gradually, as they are brought into the light of our awareness and transformed. The power of our own mind helps us to transform painful emotions, attitudes into creativity, joy and energy.

All ailments or ill-health conditions implies blockages or interruptions at the core of our psyche due to "emotional imbalance" and we all have the innate ability to sense those imbalances at our inner-self, we can detect them, and heal them. There is a basic law that, 'like attracts like' naturally negative thoughts will attract negative emotions. Conversely, if a person thinks optimistically and hopefully, he activates life around him positively and thereby attracts to himself positive results. His positive thinking sets in motion creative forces and success instead of eluding him flows toward him. 

If you resort to Bach Flower Therapy under our guidance, you'll generate astounding results in just a few weeks' period. By suggesting a suitable course of essences, tailored to your emotional health concerns, we ( -at Charming may help you in eliminating negative emotions so as to get your mind working efficiently for you, so you can create the things that you want in life -- while eliminating those behavioral negativities that you don't want!

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Concept of BFT Mind & Its Power Harmony Bet'n. Body & Mind Health Obstructions

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