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Few Facts about Bach Flower essences, Bach remedies and the Bach Flower Therapy:


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Although the Bach flower therapy is considered to be an offshoot of homeopathy, still it has its unique approach to healing rather than the usual Homeopathic way. It represents 38 wild flower essences, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach between 1930 - 1936, having  scientific basis, for correcting behavioral negativities. Bach Flower Essences are approved by the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and listed in the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (approved by the FDA). There are no known side effects of Bach remedies. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.

Over the past 70+ years, the Bach flower therapy has established itself to be a potent and effective means of alleviating behavioral negativities and achieving personality development and self-improvement. Several independent studies have confirmed the usefulness of personalized Bach essences. Bach Therapy is renowned for its simplicity, efficiency, simple concept and rapidity of observable results. Those general health parameters, which are considered to be decisive in determining the level of health and happiness, can be achieved at ease with Bach Flower therapy.

Bach flower therapy is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease, rather it offers simple technique of alleviating behavioral negativities; those were accumulated at the core of your psyche over the period of time. Elimination of negativities from the core of your psyche will make you "emotionally balanced". If you need medical attention, please consult your medical practitioner. We are sure that, most of the practitioners would attest our opinion that being in "emotionally balanced" state of mind can only support whatever medical treatment you initiate and may signify the difference between success and failure.

Bach Therapy consultation is a truly personalized experience wherein the mode of consultation is determined after studying the sufferer's state of mind, their inherent nature and their overall attitude towards life. Naturally each person is handled differently in this therapy. In other words, for the same ailment, symptoms or ill-health condition, every person may be measured differently with separate flower essence combinations. For this reason, formulations of Bach Flower essences for specific ailments or ill-health conditions cannot be prepared and marketed like the branded medicines in allopathy.

38 Bach remedies are more than enough to deal with every personality on this earth because millions of permutations and combinations of selective Bach essences along with their corresponding doses are feasible to deal with every unique personality.

Bach flower therapy is meant to mold the inherent nature of a person, in a way to face every life challenge. Obviously we often advice our clients to keep a diary to record their insights, attitudes, impressions, and any changes in patterns of sleep, dreams, eating, exercise, and interactions with others, including family, friends and co-workers. This info. plays vital role in determining the line of treatment towards perfection.

Bach Flower therapy is working on the principle of harmonious balance between body and soul. Bach flower essences do not bring ecstasy, nor do they expel pain and clashes. They work by stimulating awareness of our clashes and challenges and they strengthen our ability to work through the obstacles to natural health and growth. Therefore, at times, taking flower essences may stimulate little discomfort and awareness of pain or conflict. Occasionally the symptoms for which the person is taking the remedy can become more intense for a day or two. This is part of the healing process and in fact it is called as a 'healing crisis.' It is not a bad sign, rather it is an indicative symptom of the healing that will soon follow. This is a normal sign on the way of the journey towards wellness, and can lead to a complete state of health.

Basically, Bach Flower Therapy is not meant to treat ill-health conditions like flu, cough, cold, viral fever, etc. It is often recommended for the personality-related issues or where one believes that his (or her) current ill-health condition is an outcome of optimal emotional status deterioration, over the period of time. Suitable Bach essence combinations work best in many cases of acute as well as chronic ill-health conditions, wherein state of mind is primarily responsible for the fading health condition.

This therapy uses the approach that every individual is a unified blend of body and soul -means person and personality- which remains united until death. Bach therapy deals with the overall nature and mental make-up of a person. Obviously, Bach therapy does not deal with the symptoms of ailment, rather it addresses the complete personality for developing strength of mind and gradually lead to a state of better health.

Personalized Bach remedies cannot cure the diseases or conditions directly. They act on behavior, mold the innate nature gradually and elevate self-energy in a manner to dominate the existing circumstances. According to its principle, an unhealthy state or ill-health condition is a result of disharmony between physical body and eternal soul. As soon as emotional status strengthens, ill health disappears.

Recommended Bach essence combinations are extremely personalized. An "essence combination" suitable for a person in lessening paranoid tendencies may be useful to another in alleviating absentmindedness!

Bach remedies are health regulators rather than medicines.

The term "Flower Essence" may conjure up thoughts of sweet fragrances but flower essences actually have no scent at all and should not be confused with "aromatherapy" or "essential oils." Flower essences contain the life-force energy released from flowers in the peak of their bloom.

The floral essences are those that have been given the power to help us maintain our well-balanced personality. Each essence corresponds with either of the behavioral traits; its purpose is to strengthen that character so that the personality may rise above the mistake that is the particular sticking point.

It is a common belief that homeopathy or Bach Flower Therapy are slow acting as compared to allopathy. However, it is not a correct version, many times, a single dose may be sufficient to obtain the desired result.

Bach essences are natural remedies, consisting of subtle traces of flowers, plants and bushes. There are no known side effects. A 'prescription' of Registered Medical Practitioner is not required to buy them. Bach essences are non-toxic, non-addictive, have no side effects, and can be used without professional guidance.

Although Bach flower therapy is an simple, action-oriented form of therapy, but careful attention to the selection of the correct essences formula can make a difference between successful results and failure of therapy. Accurate selection of remedies followed by proper dosage is a key to release your emotional bonds and achieving personal goals.

In common parlance, it is believed that, 'Behavior is treat less' and no direct remedy is available for the weird personality traits like jealousy, rivalry, self reproaching tendency, bitterness, uncontrolled anger, mental tensions etc. But flower therapy can effectively alleviate such negative traits of our behavior.

It is believed that, the essence combinations act on mind at the vibrational level and add vigor to our life force, which increases the tolerance capacity and gradually shapes the entire personality in a manner to dominate life situations. Negative emotions in behavior are being replaced with positive and a positive frame of mind is obtained.

While we feel confident in the benefits that can be derived from the personalized essence formulations, that we recommend; we must also recommend that by proper diet and adequate exercise even greater benefits may be experienced. If one continues to eat the junk food that is harmful to them, they are really creating roadblocks for the essences to conquer. Even though there are no known side effects of Bach essences, but it is possible for anyone to be allergic or react to anything at anytime.

As we are constantly reiterating that Bach Flower Therapy is a personalized healing modality, simply because Dr. Bach also stressed on sufferer's active participation in his (or her) relieving process. If the sufferer is forced to try Bach essences against his expressed will or sufferer seeks instant relief and/or does not have a patience to wait for relief, then there is a possibility that the best consultation could fail to award relief. -just because, the obstructing or doubting behavioral tendencies would dominate over the relieving process.

Bach Flower therapy is specifically aimed at releasing emotional imbalance. Not only the Bach Flower Therapy but also modern medical sciences -through psychosomatic correlation studies- has established connection between emotions and body during ill health. Bach Flower Therapy is the only healing modality wherein symptoms are secondary, rather subtle behavioral traits and mental make-up become the center of concentration in determining the line of healing.

During crisis management, personalized essence combinations are able to mold our thinking process, in a manner to act tolerant without losing the mind control, even after the normal stretched limit of endurance has over. Such states may help us in building relationships during odd situations and facing new or/and challenging projects. Which ultimately teaches us, how to take the stress, pressure and disappointment while setting goals and achieving them.

Bach therapy doesn't demand any special diet or regimen nor it insists on the mediation or yoga, but it anticipates faith in this system and requires constancy and consistency in your routine schedule of essence taking. Often, in sensitive person effect is almost instantaneous. People with open mind and do not have an enmity to those essences, often response quickly. However people with pessimistic approach and doubting this system are slightly slow in responding, that is why we advise our clients to continue the essence program for at least 3 months to find positive results in definite direction.

If you feel some of the behavioral negativities are accumulated at the core of your psyche then kindly enroll with us and experience the positive result. Please feel free to contact us anytime for any further advice.
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