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Exaggeration and Pretentiousness tendency in behavior :

Some people while interacting others project false, overwhelming and pretentious behavioral pattern of excessive emotional attachment and attempts to get attention in strange and unusual ways. This tendency is more common among women. Normally they pose such behavior during times of extreme stress or external pressure as a result of responsibility. At times, such symptoms can gain strength and seriously interfere with their ability to function adequately. In modern psychotherapy such exaggeration and pretentious behavioral pattern is identified as 'histrionic personality disorder'.

Persons posturing Exaggeration and pretentiousness in behavior, often linked with some of innate peculiar characteristics, such as:

They found themselves uncomfortable in situations wherein he (or she) is not the center of attention.

Desire to coerce, manipulate, and deceive others into giving help and to establish and maintain dependency

Displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions

Interaction with others is often characterized by provocative behavior

Consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self

Has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail (shallow)

Shows self posturing, pretentiousness, and exaggerated expression of emotion; shallow personality

Easily influenced by others personalities, ideas or circumstances

Considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

Normally this exaggeration or pretentiousness becomes innate part of their personality due to many reasons like person's parental upbringing, their personality and social development, as well as genetic and biological factors. While the exact cause is not yet known, it is understood that this Exaggeration and pretentiousness in behavior often manifests during increased times of stress and interpersonal difficulties in the person's life. 

Such personalities always calling attention to themselves; they are lively, and overly pretentious. They are overly touchy, and minor situations can cause wild swings in their emotions. They easily become bored with normal routines, and yearn for new, novel situations and excitement. In relationships, they form bonds quickly, but the relationships are often shallow and not long lasting.

Persons posturing Exaggeration and pretentiousness often face difficulty achieving emotional intimacy in romantic or sexual relationships. They may seek to control their partner through emotional exploitation (blackmail) or seductiveness and on the other hand they display a marked dependency on them. They often become depressed and upset when they are not the center of attention or found someone taking their place. These individuals are often intolerant of, or frustrated by, situations that involve delayed gratification, because their actions are often directed at obtaining immediate satisfaction. Although they often initiate a job or project with great enthusiasm, their interest may wrap quickly over the period while coming across practical difficulties. Longer-term relationships may be neglected to make way for the excitement out of new relationships. As mentioned earlier emotional exploitation (blackmail) is their main asset to impress and then exploit other, so they remain at increased risk for suicidal gestures and threats to get attention and coerce better care-giving. 

'Negative emotions' that are linked with Exaggeration and pretentiousness tendency in a person:

Chronic negativities like anxiety, fearfulness, tension, irritability, anger, dejection, hopelessness, guilt, shame 

Uncontrolled behavior and found difficulty in inhibiting impulses: for example, to eat, drink, or spend money

Illogical beliefs

Unrealistic expectations

Perfectionistic demands on self,

Superfluous pessimism;

Baseless somatic concerns;

Helplessness and dependence on others for emotional support and decision-making.

Low Extraversion

Social isolation

Interpersonal detachment

Lack of support networks

Lack of joy and zest for life

Reluctance to assert self or assume leadership roles

Social inhibition and shyness.

Preoccupation with fantasy and daydreaming

Lack of practicality;

Eccentric thinking

Belief in superstitions

Social rebelliousness and nonconformity that can interfere with social or vocational advancement.

High Agreeableness


Indiscriminate trust of others; excessive candor and generosity, to detriment of self-interest; inability to stand up to others and fight back; easily taken advantage of.

Low Conscientiousness

Shallow intellectual or artistic potential

Poor academic performance relative to ability

Disregard of rules and responsibilities can lead to trouble with the law; unable to discipline self (e.g., stick to diet, exercise plan) even when required for medical reasons; personal and occupational aimlessness.

Specific Affects

Exaggerated, shallow emotions; enthusiasm, anger, boredom, hysteria; sadness, jealousy, disappointment, fear, boredom, overly dramatic, reactive, and intensely expressed behavior; strident and superficial emotionality, emotional storms, constant attention-seeking, sexually seductive behavior, emotional behavior, submissiveness, eagerness to please, ruthless willfulness. Affectation, overreaction, stimulus-seeking, intolerance of inactivity, impulsiveness, pretentiousness, flirtatiousness, demandingness, attention-seeking, exhibitionism 

Emotional manipulation, seductiveness; demands for constant attention; cravings for novelty, stimulation, and excitement; suicide gestures and threats.

Exaggeration and Pretentiousness tendency and Negative Emotions co-relation.

Often the causes of "Exaggeration and Pretentiousness tendencies in behavior" are more mental than physical. A bad relationship, poor self image, a history of abuse, stress, frustration and many other factors can change your overall attitude towards life which may directly impede your overall performance. Such tendencies are deep-rooted in mind and nurtured by excessive Negative Emotions.

It is needless to mention that these negative emotions are tremendously powerful. They can debilitate lives extremely quick by causing disparity in energy system, which triggers a sequence of emotional imbalance (i.e. frustration, melancholia, persistent agony, mental instability, uncontrolled anger, inferiority complex etc.), which ultimately culminates in ill health.

Lessen "Negative Emotions" in psyche. (i.e. frustration, uncontrolled anger, bitterness, excessive shame, guilt, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, fear, suspicious nature, inferiority complex, persistent agony or melancholy, mental instability, escapism or shilly-shallying tendencies, communication apprehension, poor will power, low grasping, absentmindedness, sloth, laziness, dawdling, dodging etc.) boost latent inner ability Mold the inherent behavior in accordance with the existing circumstances and surrounding conditions get rid of worries, tensions and sufferings achieve peace of mind and bring the Ultimate Happiness!

"Balancing Emotions" will purge Negative Emotions in psyche and shape your innate behavior in a way to face every life challenge by avoiding pessimistic approach towards life; whilst you will be able to derive maximum life pleasure from whatever resources are available with you!

For correcting "emotional imbalance" we offer personalized consultation. Through this online consultation, we thoroughly analyze your overall nature, your general attitude towards life with the help of our specially-designed simple online survey and then recommend a proprietary plan of Bach flower essences -a course of natural homeopathic remedies- customized to your unique health needs. This prescription-like essence plan consists of a list of selective Bach remedies (-available worldwide) along with their efficacious combinations, especially tailored to your unique personality. We send you this simple course via email. This consultation program is specially developed and designed for Internet users! It contains a list of personalized essences, recommended efficacious combinations, dosage schedule and some simple norms along with basic instructions, suggestions, guidelines and expertise; means everything that you need to know to get started, run and maintain the essence program. This novel concept is highly acclaimed by our worldwide clients. 

This revolutionary essence program is based on the principles of Bach Flower Therapy, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach between 1930-1936. The Bach Flower therapy (pronounced as 'Batch' ) is an innovative healing modality, which is considered to be an offshoot of Homeopathy. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease as on the lines of modern medical science, rather it offers a simple system of eliminating behavioral negativities by taking into account your overall nature, personality traits and attitude towards life -irrespective of your disease or ill-health condition. 

Reigning behavioral negativities --like frustration, guilty feeling or jealousy-- which accumulate at the core of our psyche over a duration of time --as in the form of "negative emotions"-- and incessantly make us "emotionally imbalanced", are considered to be the root cause of all our sufferings.

According to Bach Flower Therapy, often any ailment or ill-health condition --at most of the time and in majority of the cases-- is the result or expression of persistent "emotional imbalance" that takes place at the core of your psyche and persists over a period of time due to gradual accumulation of numerous
Negative Emotions, those originates either from your mind itself or from your surrounding circumstances. As soon as your mental state improves the physical trouble disappears. Therefore a person --which implies his overall nature, his general attitude towards life and his inimitable surrounding circumstances-- is more important than his disease or ill-health condition. -learn more about Bach Flower Therapy

As every behavior is as unique as DNA, obviously every essence plan that we advice is unique and exclusive, created especially for your unique personality, based on that exclusive information, which we collect from you by taking a simple online survey. Compare our service with our competitors.

Due to worldwide availability of the Bach Flower essences, the suggested selective essences can be purchased at any place from any homeo-pharmacy or health food store. Bach Flower essences that we recommend are not 'prescription drugs'. Anyone can purchase them freely without having a prescription for it. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.
Why Should I purchase the essences separately?

Under our professional guidance, you can easily make your doses even without having a knowledge of Bach Flower Therapy and essences. Simply prepare the doses as advised, take them regularly and forget all your worries, tensions and sufferings! Personalized essence combinations tailored to your health needs will tune to your psyche and act delicately on your innate nature, mold your innate nature gradually, and synchronize your self-energy in a manner to dominate the life situations. 

Within four weeks you can see improvements. Personalized formulations of natural Bach remedies can significantly improve your will-power, power or resistance, endurance limits, courage, faith and hope. They act gently on your mind tapping your natural ability to release negative emotions and restore well being that was previously within you! Over the time, you will find that all areas of your life have been radically improved.

Bach Flower Therapy does not demand any special diet or regimen and never creates dependent relationship on it. It has No known side effects since its invention. Moreover, it is compatible with all lifestyles, treatment modalities and diet plans. Children to older adults, anyone can employ it, without having to learn Bach Flower Therapy... It works with anyone, anywhere, and even in today's challenging times. 

This simple, effective and reliable system of eliminating common behavioral negativities -like fear, shame, guilt, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, phobia and many others like that- is considered to be one of the easiest and most powerful tools of self-improvement, which also nurtures innate nature of a person by eliminating 'negative attitude and pessimistic thinking' from the core of psyche.

Backed by the powerful concept of Bach Flower Therapy, our Online Consultation is trusted worldwide for its simplicity, efficiency, and noticeable results. The results will often seem pretty miraculous and far beyond than you could ever achieve with any other tool or training available today for eliminating behavioral negativities from the core of psyche.

We guarantee you the Complete Privacy and Confidentiality along with the best possible service! 

So get ready to shape your innate nature in accordance with your existing circumstances and surrounding conditions..Simply portray your psyche-sketch by filling in the online survey, send it to us and take the suggested essence combinations as advised, that's all! Before you order the essence program do not forget to read the General Instructions where you will find some important guidelines to enhance your performance.

So read those Simple Instructions and Order your essence program TODAY!

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