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End of a Relationship : An emotional conflict

As a part and parcel of society, we are part of rich and poor, diverse and complex community. Our relationships with each other are likely to be a large and important part of our life experience while we are surviving in this unique world. While nurturing relations, stress is an innate and unavoidable part of it. There are times when stresses and conflicts arise, even with the best of intentions. When we are out of control, we tend to vent our uncontrolled feelings in form of harsh reaction like rage, resentment, abuse or swearing or firing our colleague without thinking that it would hurt their inner feelings. Possibly they would keep mum, but the emotional distance would grow greater. Each confrontation would continue to widen that distance. The relationship would deteriorate finally. Haven't all of us seen or even been a part of such situation? While reacting such situation we forget a principle that is found in the Bible. "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." or "Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing.." 

If such incident happens we must proceed to restore the relationship, so as to undo the consequences of a 'wrong act' that was done previously, out of control. Our few good words can restore relationship that was broken by our few bad words. In most of the cases our wrongdoings, out of our impulsive mood, puts our relationship with our colleague at risk. So we must take the first step toward reconciling that broken relationship because creating relationships is not so easy, it require energy for them to be nurtured and sustained. Now it's up to your colleague to respond. The colleague would either ignore us or scream, "I hate you!" and go on doing 'appropriate'; leaving the relationship broken. 

Normally "end of relationship" situations arises because of the following common reasons:

Lack of proper Communication:
Communication barriers frequently contribute to built a stress in relationship. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we say one thing and communicate another. Sometimes people communicate that they are listening when they are not. And styles of communication vary: the message intended may not be the message received. Frequent lack of proper communication --misunderstandings-- is one of the prominent reasons of "end of relationship".

Tensions can develop when people have different ideas about who is responsible for what. Different ideas about who is responsible for what can cause stress in a relationship.

Stress can arise when one person is more dependent on the other. The dependent person feels disappointed or angry when the other doesn't come through with what is expected. The depended-upon person feels resentful of the expectation, and of the pressure that it exerts may lead him gradually towards the end of relationship .

Previously Unresolved Conflicts:
The more unresolved conflicts there are in a relationship, the greater the current ones become. A whole history of unresolved conflicts can be played out on something trivial issue.

External Pressures:
External pressures often put serious strains on relationships. They can be anything from a weak economy to lazy wife. These kinds of strains are twice difficult: they make it harder to manage stresses already in the life, and they add new ones. Often people do not realize the toll external pressures take, and they may begin to doubt the relationship itself. They sometimes realize that the focus of anger is placed on the other person rather than on the external cause. External pressures like personal problems, tight schedules, financial worries, competitive situations, housing shortages, and the demands of daily living take their toll on relationships. 

In most of the cases "end of relationship" happens in such circumstances. If you want to restore the relationship at any cost then your rejoinder shall be a cry from the heart so that it will mend your broken relationship with colleague. If you could not survive relationship and the relationship ends by choice or circumstance, or is planned or unexpected, there are likely to be painful feelings, a sense of desolation, and self-questioning. These feelings are largely due to the attachment with colleague. The loss of a relationship exposes us to a new sense of vulnerability. Self-confidence often becomes shaky. We may become irritable, lose our appetite, and are susceptible to sudden anger or tears. We may be unable to think about anything other than the lost relationship, or to concentrate on anything else. And sometimes the end of a relationship becomes an acutely painful reminder of other losses in our lives. 

The availability of new relationships can reduce the stress of loss, and significantly diminish the feelings of loneliness. The support of caring people or a new relationship can't deflect all the pain of a lost relationship, but it can provide some protection against the emotional assault of separation. Having someone to be with and who wants to be with you helps.

End of a relationship and Negative Emotions co-relation.

Often the causes of "End of Relationship" are mental than for physical attachments. A bad relationship, poor self image, a history of abuse, stress, frustration and many other factors can change your overall attitude towards life which may directly impede your overall performance. Such tendencies are deep-rooted in mind and nurtured by excessive Negative Emotions.

It is needless to mention that these negative emotions are tremendously powerful. They can debilitate lives extremely quick by causing disparity in energy system, which triggers a sequence of emotional imbalance (i.e. frustration, melancholia, persistent agony, mental instability, uncontrolled anger, inferiority complex etc.), which ultimately culminates in ill health.

Lessen "Negative Emotions" in psyche. (i.e. frustration, uncontrolled anger, bitterness, excessive shame, guilt, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, fear, suspicious nature, inferiority complex, persistent agony or melancholy, mental instability, escapism or shilly-shallying tendencies, communication apprehension, poor will power, low grasping, absentmindedness, sloth, laziness, dawdling, dodging etc.) boost latent inner ability Mold the inherent behavior in accordance with the existing circumstances and surrounding conditions get rid of worries, tensions and sufferings achieve peace of mind and bring the Ultimate Happiness!

"Balancing Emotions" will purge Negative Emotions in psyche and shape your innate behavior in a way to face every life challenge by avoiding pessimistic approach towards life; whilst you will be able to derive maximum life pleasure from whatever resources are available with you!

For correcting "emotional imbalance" we offer personalized consultation. Through this online consultation, we thoroughly analyze your overall nature, your general attitude towards life with the help of our specially-designed simple online survey and then recommend a proprietary plan of Bach flower essences -a course of natural homeopathic remedies- customized to your unique health needs. This prescription-like essence plan consists of a list of selective Bach remedies (-available worldwide) along with their efficacious combinations, especially tailored to your unique personality. We send you this simple course via email. This consultation program is specially developed and designed for Internet users! It contains a list of personalized essences, recommended efficacious combinations, dosage schedule and some simple norms along with basic instructions, suggestions, guidelines and expertise; means everything that you need to know to get started, run and maintain the essence program. This novel concept is highly acclaimed by our worldwide clients. 

This revolutionary essence program is based on the principles of Bach Flower Therapy, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach between 1930-1936. The Bach Flower therapy (pronounced as 'Batch' ) is an innovative healing modality, which is considered to be an offshoot of Homeopathy. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease as on the lines of modern medical science, rather it offers a simple system of eliminating behavioral negativities by taking into account your overall nature, personality traits and attitude towards life -irrespective of your disease or ill-health condition. 

Reigning behavioral negativities --like frustration, guilty feeling or jealousy-- which accumulate at the core of our psyche over a duration of time --as in the form of "negative emotions"-- and incessantly make us "emotionally imbalanced", are considered to be the root cause of all our sufferings.

According to Bach Flower Therapy, often any ailment or ill-health condition --at most of the time and in majority of the cases-- is the result or expression of persistent "emotional imbalance" that takes place at the core of your psyche and persists over a period of time due to gradual accumulation of numerous
Negative Emotions, those originates either from your mind itself or from your surrounding circumstances. As soon as your mental state improves the physical trouble disappears. Therefore a person --which implies his overall nature, his general attitude towards life and his inimitable surrounding circumstances-- is more important than his disease or ill-health condition. -learn more about Bach Flower Therapy

As every behavior is as unique as DNA, obviously every essence plan that we advice is unique and exclusive, created especially for your unique personality, based on that exclusive information, which we collect from you by taking a simple online survey. Compare our service with our competitors.

Due to worldwide availability of the Bach Flower essences, the suggested selective essences can be purchased at any place from any homeo-pharmacy or health food store. Bach Flower essences that we recommend are not 'prescription drugs'. Anyone can purchase them freely without having a prescription for it. Bach remedies are colorless, tasteless and odorless in nature.
Why Should I purchase the essences separately?

Under our professional guidance, you can easily make your doses even without having a knowledge of Bach Flower Therapy and essences. Simply prepare the doses as advised, take them regularly and forget all your worries, tensions and sufferings! Personalized essence combinations tailored to your health needs will tune to your psyche and act delicately on your innate nature, mold your innate nature gradually, and synchronize your self-energy in a manner to dominate the life situations. 

Within four weeks you can see improvements. Personalized formulations of natural Bach remedies can significantly improve your will-power, power or resistance, endurance limits, courage, faith and hope. They act gently on your mind tapping your natural ability to release negative emotions and restore well being that was previously within you! Over the time, you will find that all areas of your life have been radically improved.

Bach Flower Therapy does not demand any special diet or regimen and never creates dependent relationship on it. It has No known side effects since its invention. Moreover, it is compatible with all lifestyles, treatment modalities and diet plans. Children to older adults, anyone can employ it, without having to learn Bach Flower Therapy... It works with anyone, anywhere, and even in today's challenging times. 

This simple, effective and reliable system of eliminating common behavioral negativities -like fear, shame, guilt, arrogance, envy, jealousy, greed, phobia and many others like that- is considered to be one of the easiest and most powerful tools of self-improvement, which also nurtures innate nature of a person by eliminating 'negative attitude and pessimistic thinking' from the core of psyche.

Backed by the powerful concept of Bach Flower Therapy, our Online Consultation is trusted worldwide for its simplicity, efficiency, and noticeable results. The results will often seem pretty miraculous and far beyond than you could ever achieve with any other tool or training available today for eliminating behavioral negativities from the core of psyche.

We guarantee you the Complete Privacy and Confidentiality along with the best possible service! 

So get ready to shape your innate nature in accordance with your existing circumstances and surrounding conditions..Simply portray your psyche-sketch by filling in the online survey, send it to us and take the suggested essence combinations as advised, that's all! Before you order the essence program do not forget to read the General Instructions where you will find some important guidelines to enhance your performance.

So read those Simple Instructions and Order your essence program TODAY!

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